Yesterday's News Cat Litter Review: Is It Effective? (2023)

After trying over 15 types of cat litter, we bring you our honest reviews of yesterday's cat litter for the safety and comfort of you and your kitty.

Pet parents are switching to natural cat litter alternatives, and one of their best choices is paper. It's safe, soft and known to be highly absorbent to absorb urine and moisture in your cat's crate.

One such product we came across is Purina Yesterday's News Cat Litter. It's safe, non-toxic, chemical-free and very gentle on your cat's paws. It is available in 3 natural variants and is very economical if you use the litter box multiple times. Plus, yesterday's news comes from the pet-friendly brand itself -Purina.

So we decided to give the product a try and provide our honest and unbiased reviews of Purina Yesterday's News Paper Cat Litter for the litter box.

Yesterday's News Cat Litter Review

Yesterday's news Cat litter comes from the well-known and respected pet food and product brand Purina. Yesterday's News was introduced in 1987 to offer cat owners a natural and environmentally friendly alternative.

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Yesterday's News' range of bonded and non-agglomerated cat litter takes materials normally discarded as litter and recycles them to their full potential. The range of paper cat litter offered by Purina Yesterday's News is highly absorbent and will not clump.

However, Yesterday's News is suitable for various sandboxes and those who are environmentally conscious and want to save money by spending a few bucks more. The range of news from yesterday is diverse. They are:

  • News from yesterday Original Formula cat litter
  • Yesterday's News Softer texture smell for cat litter
  • Yesterday's News Sand for cats with a softer texture and no smell

Yesterdays News Paper Litter is well suited for cats who love soft surfaces and are very gentle with their sensitive paws. It is also best for cats who have had declawing or major surgery.

It may not be very effective in controlling odor, but the scented variety of paper pellets can effectively reduce the smell of the dirty litter box. Also, they don't form clumps, which can make cleaning and digging difficult. But putting all that aside, they're extremely easy to use, lightweight, and lighter in your pocket.


Having tried and tested all 3 types of cat litter yesterday, here are the qualities that we think stand out:

Safe and dust free

Yesterday's News paper inserts are extremely safe and designed for families prone to allergies and respiratory problems. Kitty litter is known to cause digestive blockages and breathing difficulties in both cats and humans.

Yesterday's News is very safe and dust-free, which is more suitable for sensitive cats and cat owners. There are no chemicals or toxins involved. Paper balls only!

High absorption

It's quite surprising to see that paper granules absorb more than clumped clay litter. It instantly absorbs the urine and moisture in the litter box, leaving your cat with only solid pellets to ingest.

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In addition, the high absorption makes the large granules durable and does not require frequent replacement. This also helps to save costs.


Not much can be said about its anti-odor properties. However, Yesterday's News' scented version of paper pellets is very effective at containing and masking the strong ammonia smell coming from your cat's crate. It's not overpowering and smells pretty fresh and natural with no toxic chemicals or perfumes.

No tracking and dust free

Yesterday's newspaper grains are quite large, unlike clay grains, which are tiny particles. This makes them easy to spread and cling to your cat's long hair. Since the particles are very small, they can easily spread on the ground or in the air and cause dust allergies.

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Paper pellets, on the other hand, stay in the box and won't track your cat's paws. It is well known that paper has poor tracking properties.


Yesterday's News is very easy to use as it is lightweight, making it a suitable option for older cat owners. Lifting and shoveling heavy lumps every time while cleaning and managing multiple boxes isn't easy.

Therefore, Yesterday's News is suitable for use in various litter boxes as it weighs almost like a feather without causing spills or cleaning problems.


By choosing Yesterday's News, you respect the environment and produce less waste in landfills. Paper that comes from fallen trees or is about to be recycled into logs that are used to extract the paper.

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Paper is also biodegradable and does not create dust or pollute the environment, unlike clumped clay particles.

Indicated for everyday use

Daily, frequent use of the litter box requires something highly absorbent and durable. Luckily, Purina's Yesterday's News Paper cat litter is super absorbent, absorbing up to three times its weight in moisture and urine, keeping the litter box clean and dry.

Even if your cat uses the box to pee frequently, Yesterday's News pellets will be absorbed almost quickly without making a mess. Solid waste, on the other hand, can be collected daily and easily separated from the paper pellets.

Gentle on the cat's paws

Whether it's a little kitten or a cat that was recently adopted, injured or declawed, Yesterday's News meets the needs of all cats as it's very gentle and gentle on your cat's paws. The texture is almost feather-like, making it a comfortable experience for your kitty after use.

pocket friendly

Paper is the cheapest alternative to junk, so it's very inexpensive and inexpensive. Because of their high absorption, the pellets last longer than any other type of conventional litter. Therefore, frequent changing is not necessary and you save huge bags of garbage every month.

Types of cat litter from yesterday's news

Yesterday's News Cat litter comes in 3 wonderful varieties. They are:

1. Original formula cat litter

ÖNews from yesterday Original Formula cat litterIt is the most used and appreciated by all cat and feline parents. It is made from 100% natural and recycled newsprint. It comes in the form of large granules that are very gentle on your cat's paws.

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The original formula is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, making it suitable for use as compost. It's three times more absorbent than clay, doesn't dust and is hypoallergenic.

This makes it a safer alternative to clay litter. It is 99.7% dust free, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for homes prone to respiratory problems or those with asthma.

Pellets leave no ecological footprint. However, when it comes to odor control, they do a pretty good job, but they're not very effective at containing strong odors. Will not track or stick to your cat's paws.

2. Cat litter with a softer texture and no smell

Some cats are very demanding when it comes to choosing the ideal litter for them. For cats who have a hard time transitioning from one type to another, theYesterday's News Softer texture without perfumePellets are a good alternative. It is also made from recycled paper, only the pellets are softer in texture.

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This makes them as soft and smooth as clay and almost the same feeling when your cat comes into contact with the pellets. These pellets are thin and small to suit your kitty's interests. They are about half the size of the original formula.

Softer textured paper pellets are less likely to be rejected as they are very gentle on cats paws. If your cat is picky and you're experimenting before your cat has settled on a particular type of litter, switch to Yesterday's News' smoother texture unscented cat litter.

It has no chemicals or artificial fragrances, just softer and smoother paper balls, for the most restless and demanding cats.

3. Cat litter with a softer and more fragrant texture

ÖSand for cats with a softer and more fragrant textureVariant is very similar to the above type, with the only difference being that it has a mild odor. Sometimes picky cats don't prefer scented litter options, but Yesterday's News is different.

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It doesn't have an overpowering smell, but it activates as soon as your cat comes into contact with the pellets in the box. The fragrance is simply activated with your finger. The light scent is strong but will not irritate your cat.

Sand does not build up and contains no chemicals to reduce odor. Therefore, a strong scent for odor elimination is always appreciated.

When the box is not in use, the smell remains dormant and does not fully spread throughout the room. When your cat is done with her business, she will usually move her feet around to dig in the litter. The sliding action causes the pellets to release a burst of scent that envelops your cat's cat business.

The scented pellets are much better than the unscented versions as they help reduce odor more effectively compared to the other variants. Also, it differs from the other types of clay particles that contain toxic chemicals to control odors that can cause allergies. The smell isn't very strong either.

How it works

The litter box needs to be filled no more than 2 to 3 inches deep with plenty of pellets to burrow and cover the feces. Be careful not to overfill the crate as it would be difficult to sift through the solid waste in the crate later.

Liquid waste is absorbed almost immediately as paper granules are very absorbent. When they reach their full capacity, the pellets expand and eventually crumble into paper pulp. Then you know the paper is dirty and needs to be replaced.

Soil and waste must be picked up daily, while pellets must be replaced almost weekly.

News from yesterday reviews of cat litter

While cat litter is natural and safe for kittens and cat households, we give you an overall rating in yesterday's Litter for Cats newspaper:

  • Absorption:4/5
  • Odor control:2/5
  • binding effect:0/5
  • Cost-Benefit:4/5
  • Security:4/5
  • Not dusty:4/5
  • Suitable for different cats:2/5

Overall rating for yesterday's cat litter:3,5/5

News from yesterday cat litter | Is it efficient?

Yesterday's messages are definitely effective and contain no harmful chemicals. The paper balls are gentle on your cat's feet and have high absorbency. However, each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages. See below to find out:

Yesterday's News Cat Litter Review: Is It Effective? (8)


  • Eco-friendly and safe for your cats
  • Hypoallergenic, non-marking, dust-free cat litter
  • Soft and gentle on cat paws
  • The scented version works well to reduce strong odors
  • cost-benefit

In contrast

  • Controls non-dirty urine and ammonia odor
  • Not suitable for households with several cats
  • Picky cats may not switch to litter as easily.

frequently asked questions

  1. Are paper pellets better than clay cat litter?

    Yes! In terms of safety and absorption, paper pellets are much better than clay litter.

    Paper litter is known to absorb up to three times its weight and is very gentle on your cat's paws. However, paper is not as effective in terms of odor control and caking.

  2. Is Yesterday's News Cat Litter Good For Multiple Cats?

    NO! Yesterday cat litter is suitable for use by a single cat and a single litter box.

    However, if you have separate litter boxes for multiple cats in your home, you can use the paper litter for each of the boxes, depending on your cat's preference.

  3. Is Yesterday's News cat litter safe for kittens?

    Yes! Yesterday's News Cat litter is completely safe for kittensBecause it contains no harmful chemicals, it's non-toxic and gentle on your sensitive paws.

  4. Is Yesterday's Cat Litter Washable?

    NO! Yesterday's News Cat litter cannot be washedand must be disposed of in the trash can.

  5. How Often Should You Replace Waste Paper?

    Once a week is the ideal recommended time interval for replacing paper waste. This depends on how often the litter box is used and how many cats use the litter. Solid waste must be picked up daily.

  6. How do I buy cat litter from Yesterday's News?

    Yesterday's cat litter is available atAmazon or Chewyor can be purchased fromPurina Tidy Cats official websitefor pet products.

final verdict

Yesterday's cat litter is definitely a good choice for people who are environmentally aware of the consequences of clay litter and want to opt for natural alternatives.

Paper pellets also offer high absorbency and last longer than any other form of litter. This makes it cost-effective as you don't have to replace and clean the case frequently.

If you are looking for a product that offers effective clumping and odor control, this product may not be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking to save on your budget and reduce landfill waste from litter, Yesterday's News is the best cat litter and the safest option to switch your litter to.


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