Top Texas SBA Lenders | SBA loan in Texas (2023)

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Top Texas SBA Lenders | SBA loan in Texas (2)

Last update:December 20, 2022

A Note About These Texas SBA Lenders – We are often asked if any of the above banks are 1) on the Texas Preferred Lender List, 2) are an approved Texas Lender, or 3) participate in the Texas SBA Express Loan Program . These questions all revolve around whether a particular SBA bank makes SBA loans to Texas small businesses and whether they can process SBA loans quickly. The answer is, of course, yes. These are not the small banks that make only a few SBA loans a year and don't understand the SBA 7(a) lending program. These are the banks that have made the most SBA loans in Texas. We review thousands of SBA loans each year and rank lenders based on recent activity. We provide commercial lending activities to borrowers in the states as well as major Texas metropolitan markets.Austin,,Stage,Houston, esaint anthony.

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We'd be missing out if we didn't mention that while many banks only lend in certain regions, there are a handful of extremely aggressive state SBA lenders that lend everywhere. These lenders understand the SBA program as well as anyone and are moving very quickly, so we recommend not limiting your search to your home state. If you use ourLender-Match-Toolwe can find suitable SBA banks based on your region, industry, company and size free of charge and without obligation to save your valuable time.

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TX-RangTexas-BankBank agencies# of TX loansaverage interestTexas average loan
1Central West Bank Savings BankFrom Graff, Ohio3305,9%332.284 $
2Wells FargoSioux Falls, SD2557,6%236.521 $
3PNC-BankWilmington, DE2007,7%554.152 $
4live oakWilmington, NC1665,3%1.571.260 $
5Comerica-BankDallas, Texas1134,8%580.128 $
6Newtek Small Business FinanceLake Success, NY1086,0%782.458 $
7FrostbankSan Antonio, Texas1015,3%858.416 $
8Bancorp South BankTupelo, MS965,4%620.348 $
9celtic bankSalt Lake City, Utah625,6%1.864.452 $
10independent bankMcKinney, Texas584,4%922.173 $
11JPMorgan Chase BankColombo, Ohio555,7%367.702 $
12bank of hopeLos Angeles California544,9%669.209 $
13Veritex Community BankDallas, Texas524,7%1.607.462 $
14first bank ICdoraville, georgia514,5%1.390.755 $
fifteenTexas National Bank of AmericaTerell, Texas474,9%699.960 $
16citizen bankElizabethton, Tennessee455,7%784.928 $
17Byline-BancoChicago, Illinois445,9%1.539.477 $
18Readycap Lending, LLCBerkeley Heights, Nova Jersey445,3%1.581.886 $
19Plains State Bankhumble, texas435,1%2.159.442 $
20first bank of the houseSaint Petersburg, FL425,6%408.429 $

Companies that received the largest loans from the Texas SBA in recent years

Company NameSBA LoanCityIndustryjobsApproval
Dallas West Hospitality LLC5.000.000 $DallasHotels (except casino hotels) and motels4415.01.2021
Space506 LLC5.000.000 $websterHotels (except casino hotels) and motels144.2.2021
Holiday Inn Express5.000.000 $AllenHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1407/02/2021
DGW Worldwide LLC5.000.000 $websterinvestment advice418.02.2021
Vantage716 Inc.5.000.000 $WinnsboroConstruction of industrial buildings222.03.2021
Whisman Services LLC5.000.000 $interiorSupport activities for oil and gas operations6712.04.2021
JBCR Inc.5.000.000 $Tomballrental and leasing of office machinery and equipment2215.04.2021
CASH & FORBES INSURANCE GROUP5.000.000 $Houstoninsurance agencies and brokers129.04.2021
Fairfield Inn Schertz5.000.000 $JokeHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1808.05.2021
Trinity Bluff Hospitality LLC5.000.000 $Fort WorthHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2021.05.2021
Anatha Properties LLC5.000.000 $HoustonMerchants from other builders1004.06.2021
BFKM MGMT CO LLC5.000.000 $katyAutomotive oil change and lubrication workshops409.06.2021
Premiere Surgical Arts PLLC5.000.000 $Houstondentist offices1117.06.2021
HNL MGT I LLC5.000.000 $ZedernparkHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1118.06.2021
Peregrino Enterprises LLC5.000.000 $GranburyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers3422.06.2021
Vijay Hospitality LLC5.000.000 $san angeloHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1923.06.2021
CORSAIR DEVELOPERS LLC5.000.000 $Leandrotechnical services56.7.2021
ABSF LLC5.000.000 $TomballServices for seniors and people with disabilities20014.07.2021
Empresa Ganesha Gainesville5.000.000 $GainesvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1720.07.2021
Hotel Ultimate Vision LLC5.000.000 $IrvingHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen29.07.2021
EZ Werks Self Storage LLC5.000.000 $TomballRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units404.08.2021
HILLSIDE SELF STORAGE LLC5.000.000 $GelbOwners of residential buildings and apartments1212.08.2021
RiverCity Woodwork LLC5.000.000 $AustinManufacture of wooden kitchen cabinets and worktops3613.08.2021
6225 Landmark LLC5.000.000 $Fort WorthHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1418.08.2021
BBKN LLC5.000.000 $katyAll other personal services3526.08.2021
UAASR LLC5.000.000 $wooded hillHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1627.08.2021
Burleson Inn Inc5.000.000 $DallasHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1231.08.2021
GOLDTX Lodging LLC5.000.000 $TylerHotels (except casino hotels) and motels5101.09.2021
Infinity Capital Assets LLC5.000.000 $HoustonWholesale of sports and leisure items and accessories101.09.2021
OTR Fleet Service LLC5.000.000 $HoustonGeneral car repair9313.09.2021
Voortrekker Properties LLC5.000.000 $magnoliasCommercial and industrial machines and installations (except automotive and similar)213.09.2021
Primrose School at Rancho Sien5.000.000 $Georgetowndaycare services3216.09.2021
Waxman Sales LLC5.000.000 $AustinMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer3517.9.2021
Limited Liability Oasis Auto Spa5.000.000 $McKinneycar washes2023.09.2021
BALAJI PLANO LLC5.000.000 $planoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2023.09.2021
Baytown Hotels LLC5.000.000 $BaytownHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1023.09.2021
TLC Staffing LLC5.000.000 $Victorytemporary employment services5327.9.2021
GUEST STAY MCKINNEY LLC5.000.000 $McKinneyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1728.09.2021
Fabric Metal Products Inc.5.000.000 $alvinmechanical workshops5830.09.2021
Industrial Thermal Services L5.000.000 $the netherlandsAll other specialist trading companies9707.10.2021
Haraye Namah LLC5.000.000 $PecosHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1208.10.2021
ELP Lomaland LLC5.000.000 $West El PasoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1423.11.2021
Maverick Well Service LLC5.000.000 $KilgoreSupport activities for oil and gas operations8012.09.2021
CJM RODRIGUEZ ENTERPRISES LLC5.000.000 $arlingtoncar washes729.12.2021
PEARL CONTINENTAL LLC5.000.000 $IrvingHotels (except casino hotels) and motels4306.01.2022
3GS LLC5.000.000 $MercedesAll other support services1010.01.2022
DIWAN HOSPITALITY PARIS LLC5.000.000 $ParisHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1319.01.2022
B. G. Técnica Inc.5.000.000 $sugar countrySupport activities for oil and gas operations2620.01.2022
Sorrent Holdings LLC5.000.000 $Wichita FallsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2121.01.2022
AUSTIN AREA MOBILE VET5.000.000 $Austinveterinary service2531.01.2022
vacations House5.000.000 $Port ArthurHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2608.02.2022
Alta Frontera LLC DBA High Fro5.000.000 $Fort DavisHotels (except casino hotels) and motels682.9.2022
SIX GUN CORRAL LP5.000.000 $StageCafeterias, grill buffets and buffets8115.02.2022
Frisco Emergency Pet Care PLL5.000.000 $Friscoveterinary service7117.02.2022
FOUR POINTS PACT LLC5.000.000 $Austindaycare services6823.02.2022
Beda Enterprise LLC5.000.000 $katydaycare services415.03.2022
Pantex Ennerflo Systems Inc5.000.000 $HoustonManufacture of industrial valves2021.03.2022
Renegados Holding Group LLC5.000.000 $RichardsonFitness centers and recreational sports1223.03.2022
Tak Hospitality LLC5.000.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1407.04.2022
Corporate Fitness Solutions LL4.996.000 $Carolltonindustrial washing machine454.3.2022
Bayview Drive Property Inc.4.994.000 $BaytownGas stations with convenience stores727.9.2021
Pro Care Schertz LLC4.983.000 $FloresvilleAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers3612.02.2021
SATOP Hotel LLC4.975.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen14.04.2021
JESKA Property LLC4.975.000 $Federdaycare services5012.02.2021
Outdoor Hospitality by Katy LL4.970.000 $RosenbergRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)1125.03.2021
Arlington Stor-More LLC4.965.000 $BurlesonAll other entertainment and recreation industries18229.04.2021
The Fifth Gasthaus u. Suite4.960.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1808.07.2021
WILDCAT GOLF CLUB L.P.4.950.000 $Houstongolf courses and country clubs9014.12.2021
SANDHU GAINESVILLE STATION LL4.924.000 $GainesvilleGas stations with convenience stores2112.01.2022
Owned by the Zwillinge Jang family4.905.000 $HoustonWomen's, children's and children's clothing and accessories Merchant Wh2721.07.2021
Luminous Children Montessori LLC4.900.000 $Fort Worthdaycare services2123.08.2021
Sai Athens LLC4.900.000 $AthensHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1031.12.2021
Wig Baytown LLC4.870.500 $BaytownHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2230.09.2021
HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL4.862.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1930.09.2021
Peak Fertility PLLC4.854.000 $planoDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)810.06.2021
Avendelle Assisted Living DFW4.850.000 $Eulenlosnursing homes1916.09.2021
Apricity LLC4.842.100 $katysporting goods stores3322.05.2021
Nouveau Investments LLC4.840.000 $sugar countryHotels (except casino hotels) and motels273.3.2021
HILLLAND BUILDINGS LLC4.820.000 $Pflugervilledaycare services3412.05.2021
VE Realty Holding LLC4.819.500 $MansfeldManufacture of aluminum sheets, plates and sheets7112.11.2021
Holiday Inn Express & Suites4.816.900 $long termHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1417.08.2021
SAI 75 HOSPITALITY LLC4.808.000 $DallasHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2024.9.2021
Hamilton Capital Partners LLC4.800.000 $WallerRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)123.08.2021
BEAUMONT ANIMAL CENTER4.800.000 $Beaumontveterinary service1920.09.2021
FIRSTEX INDUSTRIES INC.4.782.500 $great prairiehardware manufacturing1016.08.2021
Alliance Oftalmologia PLLC4.760.000 $Fort WorthDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)4807.05.2021
RJM EDUCATION PROPERTIES LLC4.740.000 $Federdaycare services2230.03.2021
McMinn Partners LLC4.712.000 $Lubbock209.05.2022
ELP WEST LLC4.675.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2511.06.2021
2K Financial Services LLC4.665.000 $Van Alstyneinsurance agencies and brokers1117.06.2021
Culvers von Fulshear4.663.000 $VollscherLimited service restaurants6123.09.2021
Johnny B Electric Inc4.657.300 $Gelb.electricians3013.04.2022
KATY'S CHILD'S LIGHTHOUSE4.650.000 $katydaycare services3514.06.2021
barbecue supplier4.650.000 $AustinAll other retailers to miscellaneous stores (except tobacconists)2222.11.2021
MAHAVIRA HOSPITALITY LLC4.640.600 $CorinthHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1324.01.2022
Comfort Suites University4.640.000 $AbileneHotels (except casino hotels) and motels3530.07.2021
Gray Fox Holdings LLC4.630.000 $Georgetowndaycare services3119.08.2021
McAllen Hospitality Group LLC4.625.000 $ProfessorHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2523.03.2021
FAXON ENTERPRISES INC4.620.000 $saint anthonyManufacture of all other miscellaneous metal products2529.07.2021
Texas LLC BMA Formation4.600.000 $wildlife parkdaycare services219.04.2021
Round rock from the best western4.600.000 $round stoneHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1029.11.2021
Comfort Suites4.596.300 $GranburyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels610.11.2021
Wingate por Wyndham New Braunfe4.585.000 $Neu BraunfelsHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen17.05.2022
Stubbs e McLewis LLC4.560.000 $Vollscherdaycare services2712.09.2021
New Caney Properties LLC4.545.000 $New CaneyRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units229.01.2021
LaSalle Storage LLC4.535.000 $wacoRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units323.11.2021
WONMK Investment LLC4.518.000 $Irvingcar washes1309.06.2021
Stafford Hotel Incorporated4.516.000 $StaffordHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1229.07.2021
Texas Department of Industrial Equipment4.500.000 $CarolltonElectrical appliances and equipment, wiring accessories and related equipment209.06.2021
DFW Smiles Dentist Team PLLC4.500.000 $Friscodentist offices526.07.2021
Balaji Gainesville LLC4.496.000 $GainesvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen09.06.2021
CAD Assets LLC4.496.000 $IrvingHotels (except casino hotels) and motels817.06.2021
Golden Gate Texas LLC4.471.000 $Friscofull service restaurants2623.09.2021
Kiddie Academy of Creekside an4.447.000 $Federdaycare services1719.03.2021
Om Namah Hotel LLC4.445.000 $LewisvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen21.9.2021
Texas Star Hotel LLC4.425.000 $JacksonvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1225.04.2022
Erin Gustafson DDS-PC4.400.000 $ModestoLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)10122.07.2021
Mango DS LLC4.385.400 $Houstonfurniture store219.05.2021
Blue Door Hospitality LLC4.360.000 $PortlandHotels (except casino hotels) and motels713.05.2021
Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry &4.360.000 $Gelbdentist offices8404.05.2022
hotel management company HMC4.360.000 $cypressHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2112.05.2022
Synott Bellfort Investments LL4.359.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores2127.9.2021
Vesuv Holdings LLC4.348.500 $AledoOffices of other holding companies571.11.2021
EVOLUTION SALT CO4.345.000 $AustinDistributors of other groceries and related products1310.01.2022
143 Business LLC4.340.000 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores84.11.2021
Virk Heritage Hospitality LLC4.332.000 $TexarkanaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2430.04.2021
GAO Ventures LLC4.320.000 $Missouri cityprimary and secondary schools2631.08.2021
TOOR REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LL4.317.500 $Jersey-DorfGas stations with convenience stores169.9.2021
Hampton Inn San Antonio Stein4.300.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1226.04.2021
Summer Creek Dentistry4.280.000 $Modestodentist offices1713.05.2022
Rai & Sodhi Inc.4.270.000 $CantorGas stations with convenience stores812.02.2021
2K Hospitality LLC4.264.100 $BudaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1026.08.2021
SAGRADO 153 INC4.250.000 $Fort WorthBeer, wine and liquor stores1329.07.2021
Liebe Real Estate Holding LLC4.216.000 $SealyFitness centers and recreational sports1221.11.2021
Old Trinity Partners LLC4.210.000 $DallasOther personal care services8417.9.2021
BNR Store 5 LLC4.205.000 $Rowlethardware stores2712.03.2021
HILLTOP VIEW INC4.205.000 $long termHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1609.11.2021
Investimentos P&N Sandhar4.200.000 $BeaumontGas stations with convenience stores161.4.2021
4740 Katy Holding LLC4.200.000 $Houston324.03.2022
Megawash Real Estate LLC4.166.600 $saint anthonycar washes2428.09.2021
Court Clearing House4.164.000 $HoustonAll other professional, scientific and technical services1807.10.2021
Nebula Real Estate Inc.4.160.000 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)304.08.2021
Turf Solutions Texas LLC4.156.000 $KrügervilleAll other specialist trading companies2616.02.2022
A Quinta Inn4.152.500 $KilleenHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2704.06.2021
Great Plains Equipment Rentals4.150.000 $LubbockRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations1801.06.2021
Hampton Inn & Suites4.150.000 $GelbHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen17.9.2021
Direct Textile Store LLC4.143.000 $ColleyvilleOther durable goods wholesalers129.07.2021
FH VENUE HOLDINGS LLC4.139.000 $MontgomeryAll other personal services1717.08.2021
Habib Hold LLC4.138.000 $saint anthony51.3.2022
Best Western Plus Spring Inn &4.125.000 $FederHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2408.10.2021
Management GmbH4.125.000 $sea ​​pathOffices of all other various naturopaths3513.12.2021
LOGISTIK BLUE RIGHTNING4.120.000 $Fort WorthGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck1930.07.2021
Sona Development LLC4.100.000 $Houstonlaundromats and dry cleaners403.06.2021
CONCHO PEARL INC.4.100.000 $san angeloHotels (except casino hotels) and motels3524.06.2021
Scruggs Distribution LLC4.082.000 $HoustonWholesale of cars and other motor vehiclesfifteen12.09.2021
PHAM TA LLC4.071.000 $vinecar washes616.07.2021
Ledlow Holdings LLC4.066.000 $KompfortWholesale of lumber, plywood, sawmills and wood panels530.03.2022
SAI KRUPA HOSPITALITY LLC4.065.000 $san angeloHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2103.02.2021
Priority emergency service4.064.300 $OdessaAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers3814.05.2021
Uncle Funky's Daughter4.064.000 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)2028.09.2021
VENSHA GROUP PROPERTY LLC4.054.000 $Richardsondaycare services212.04.2021
EFG do Texas Inc.4.050.000 $Dallasinvestment advice141.4.2021
West Texas Sucata Inc.4.050.000 $Dallasvaluables wholesaler3030.09.2021
Peak Building Materials LLC4.043.000 $HoustonMaterial recovery facilities510.09.2021
J Williams. Hospitality LLC4.029.000 $PecosHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1910.03.2022
Neuline Health Management LLC4.015.000 $McKinneyDiagnostic Imaging Centers3129.12.2021
Epley Capital LLC.4.010.700 $HurstRental of electronics and appliances4726.06.2021
U90C Management Group LLC4.010.000 $planoOrganizers of performing arts, sports and similar events with Faciliti1821.9.2021
3400 Remington Drive LLC4.007.000 $FriscoOther activities related to real estate2029.03.2021
Eroplacements LLC4.000.000 $vineOther electronic parts and devices wholesalers3115.07.2021
1736 Sawdust Corporation4.000.000 $FederGas stations with convenience stores502.08.2021
Jai Maa Bhagwati Krupa LLC4.000.000 $McKinneyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1826.08.2021
Broadcat LLC4.000.000 $DallasAll other legal services1717.12.2021
Get Clean Services LLC4.000.000 $McKinneyjanitorial services30006.01.2022
InterConnect LLP Wiring4.000.000 $Fort WorthOther computer related services16121.01.2022
NORSE TECHNOLOGIES INC.4.000.000 $Fort WorthMachines and Equipment for Construction and Mining (except Oil Wells) Merc1028.04.2022
TridentYM Holdings LLC3.978.400 $cypressprimary and secondary schools22.9.2021
Katy Hospitality Ventures LLC3.966.400 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen16.03.2021
Palm Coppell Operations Inc.3.960.000 $coppelldaycare services5212.08.2021
Kendall & Gengel Longview prop3.944.500 $long termdentist offices411.06.2021
BL Evers RE LLC3.937.000 $Modestodaycare services323.07.2021
Elite Recovery Systems LLC3.926.000 $BaytownSupport activities for oil and gas operations1110.02.2021
AADHYASHIVANSH HOSPITALITY LLC3.925.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen08.09.2021
Siddhihi LLC3.920.000 $Pflugervillecare facilities111.12.2021
Shri Sai Ram LLC3.914.900 $gonzaesHotels (except casino hotels) and motels207.03.2022
DELUXE WELDING SUPPLY LLC3.908.500 $body of christWholesale of industrial machinery and equipment1910.02.2022
Blue Sapphire Hospitality LLC3.900.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen23.09.2021
the car wash3.897.000 $arlingtoncar washes626.01.2022
KT Hotel Group LLC3.880.000 $KilleenHotels (except casino hotels) and motels225.06.2021
AW Broadband3.870.000 $Gelb16220.02.2021
John & Jeremiah I Company3.870.000 $GelbCafeterias, grill buffets and buffets7017.9.2021
Hodges Commercial Real Estate L3.869.800 $DallasManufacture of all other general purpose miscellaneous machines2806.05.2021
Lokale Yocal LLC3.866.600 $McKinneymeat markets2531.01.2022
DunnRight RV Park LLC3.858.000 $goalkeeperRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)506.05.2021
THE AMERICAN HEALTH FOUNDATION3.842.000 $Missouri citycare facilities7611.04.2022
Landscaping and Design of the Fire Department3.838.000 $Lewisvillelandscape architecture services8813.04.2022
SFB Texas Ventures LLC3.830.200 $EnnisProduction of perishable ready-to-eat meals624.11.2021
FermForgeName3.800.000 $Tischwineries1619.04.2021
HH&S HOSPITALITY LLC3.800.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2022.9.2021
Peter Petschenig Springreiten3.786.800 $CollinsvilleSupport activities for animal production1703.02.2022
Sparkys Autowäsche McKinney LL3.786.300 $McKinneycar washes1114.01.2022
JMN GROUP INC3.780.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores415.9.2021
Pecos Hospitality LLC3.760.000 $LubbockHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1017.9.2021
TIDWELL STORE INC3.736.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores627.07.2021
Promotions Zirandaro Inc.3.730.000 $HoustonAll other entertainment and recreation industries514.9.2021
Aadarsh ​​Cedar Hospitality LLC3.727.500 $ZedernparkHotels (except casino hotels) and motels3321.9.2021
LAKSHMI DT LLC3.725.000 $McKinneyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1328.08.2021
A9 Hotelgesellschaft3.715.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen30.07.2021
Shree Austbhuja LLC3.711.000 $Neu BraunfelsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels73.3.2022
Cyber ​​Marshall Lodging LLC3.710.000 $marshalHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen19.11.2021
Raymondville Hospitality LLC3.700.000 $RaymondvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2328.06.2021
Sivken Enterprises LLC3.699.000 $StaffordGas stations with convenience stores416.04.2021
Complex healthcare properties3.688.600 $arlingtonAll other outpatient care centers2523.08.2021
EDUCARE ASSOCIATES IV LP3.684.500 $Kellerdaycare services6410.09.2021
Shree Rang Hospitality Inc.3.680.000 $Port ArthurHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1111.03.2021
Gosling Development Inc.3.676.100 $FederGas stations with convenience stores1328.4.2021
To be. Health and wellness for women3.666.000 $FriscoDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)431.03.2021
JD HUNT CUSTOM HOMES INCORPORATED3.664.000 $AustinNew construction of single-family houses (except construction companies)306.08.2021
Frisco School Property LLC3.664.000 $Friscodaycare services3109.08.2021
National Automobile Program3.660.000 $Austininsurance agencies and brokers217.02.2021
Lindermann Investment LLC3.660.000 $IndustryGeneral Line Grocery Wholesalers3514.06.2021
B&N Corporation3.650.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores304.05.2021
360 HEALTH AND WELL-BEING SOLUTIONS3.645.000 $ZedernparkAll other health and personal care stores821.05.2021
Lakhart Holdings LLC3.642.000 $HoustonMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer10513.08.2021
Almeda Realty Group LLC3.640.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores1030.09.2021
Dois Oaks Inc.3.628.400 $Port Arthurinsurance agencies and brokers828.06.2021
Die Agenda LLC3.625.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants5010.08.2021
FWP Texas LLC3.625.000 $Carolltonflorist6012.09.2021
PSWR LLC3.622.000 $Dallasdaycare services3227.04.2021
ETS Environmental Testing Service3.609.000 $HoustonPrüflabre5015.9.2021
Cultive Foundations LLC3.600.000 $town of HaltomConcrete foundations and contractorsfifteen10.09.2021
Homefoods Properties LLC3.591.200 $HoustonGeneral Line Grocery Wholesalers326.05.2021
PCSFW Operations LLC3.586.800 $Fort Worthfull service restaurants2429.05.2021
Jaguar Fueling Services LLC3.585.000 $ModestoOil and derivatives wholesalers (except Bulk Sta1012.02.2021
LW Local & Market LLC3.537.900 $planoSupermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).6227.12.2021
Patel Global Group LLC3.523.500 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels203.06.2021
601 Hospitality LLC3.508.000 $it fallsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1312.08.2021
MNS Hotelpartner LLC3.500.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels601.06.2021
Kush Vidhi L.L.C.3.500.000 $IrvingHotels (except casino hotels) and motels806.08.2021
BRASWELL SERVICES LLC3.500.000 $Nova BostonRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors1001.02.2022
K9 Entertainment LLC3.490.000 $AustinLimited service restaurants2221.03.2022
HBSC Hospitality LLC3.485.000 $LivingstonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels202.9.2021
SV Hospitality College-Station3.473.400 $College-StationHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1012.08.2021
UV Zoll LLC3.453.000 $alvinrecreational vehicle dealers228.4.2021
GO BRAND INC3.450.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2710.05.2022
Atharva LLC3.430.000 $saint anthonymedical laboratories1820.07.2021
CARE+ EMERGENCY CENTER LLC3.430.000 $RichmondDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)11012.04.2022
NU DIMENSION TECH VENTURES LLC3.425.000 $HuffmannManufacture of surgical and medical instruments3701.09.2021
DTA LLC3.420.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1322.9.2021
Fletcher Hardware LLC3.416.800 $Pottsborohardware stores1219.01.2022
Lusk Zwiebel Co3.413.000 $DalhartOther vegetables (except potatoes) and melon cultivation1603.05.2021
NAP Resorts LLC3.402.500 $GilchristHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1213.05.2021
Arriba Investimentos LTDA.3.400.000 $LaredoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2315.04.2021
JAI JALA HOTEL LLC3.400.000 $LewisvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen21.9.2021
3JAMM VENTURES LLC3.390.000 $Rock wallfull service restaurants113.04.2021
Kaufman Car Wash LLC3.384.400 $Dallascar washes1424.06.2021
Barnes Schmuck LLC3.382.300 $Gelbjewelry stores1228.09.2021
Red River Logistics LLC3.365.000 $KellerCargo Transportation Contract205.04.2021
Platinum Sapphire Hospitality3.360.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2823.06.2021
Brueggen Dental Implant Center3.348.000 $Houstondentist offices811.02.2021
Georgetown Hospitality LLC3.340.000 $GeorgetownHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1022.9.2021
ACare Coordinators LLC3.338.000 $Hitchcocknursing homes1830.08.2021
Almeda Swift LLC Properties3.320.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores418.02.2021
Great Eastland Hotel Group Inc.3.315.000 $EastlandHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2309.07.2021
SARINA HOTÉIS INC.3.300.000 $AliceHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1928.09.2021
Anjali Accommodation LLC3.295.000 $mother of pearlHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1223.01.2022
Omkishan LLC3.288.200 $VictoryHotels (except casino hotels) and motels515.9.2021
Synetek Group Inc.3.275.000 $Irvingdesign services for computer systems2827.4.2022
Pearland Animal Cancer and Ref.3.273.000 $Federveterinary service701.02.2021
Circle 7 Molkerei LLC3.270.000 $DublinDairy cattle and milk production3102.08.2021
Iron Horse Real Estate LLC3.260.000 $saint anthonyGeneral car repair1315.12.2021
Preston Park Montessori-Akademie3.255.000 $Bedforddaycare services2329.07.2021
KINDER USA MONTESSORI MCKINNEY I3.249.000 $McKinneydaycare servicesfifteen20.09.2021
COYOTE RIDGE GOLF CORPORATION3.240.000 $Carolltongolf courses and country clubs4005.03.2021
REMA INVESTMENT GROUP LLC3.240.000 $The colonycar washes3409.03.2021
Medallion Investments IV Inc.3.233.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1329.07.2021
CharlieUniformTango L.P.3.232.000 $DallasProdução de filmes e vídeos4121.10.2021
Gruene Gables Pet Resort LLC3.229.000 $Neu BraunfelsPet grooming services (except veterinarians)1603.05.2021
Texas RTO Investments Inc3.218.000 $Tiki-InselRental of electronics and appliances2927.4.2022
HELICOPTER CENTRO AÉREO INC.3.217.500 $BurlesonPlanned passenger transport24414.03.2022
Waterview Real Estate3.217.000 $planooptometrists offices605.08.2021
JDJ PARK LLC3.212.000 $Roteichecar washes520.09.2021
HKTK PROPERTIES LLC3.208.900 $Carolltondentist offices630.07.2021
Yippee Store LLC3.200.000 $Conroeconvenience stores815.06.2021
Williams Investment Fund Inc.3.200.000 $IndustryMerchants from other buildersfifteen6.7.2021
Storage and more from Seguin LLC3.186.600 $FollowingRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units724.05.2021
SMMART Pinemont Investments L3.179.000 $Houstonfloor layer427.05.2021
Casa Vallarta LLC3.175.000 $Austinfull service restaurants4011.02.2022
Purevida L water technologies3.174.000 $TylerWholesale of toys and hobby items and accessories344.3.2022
AH & JP Inc3.170.000 $IrvingLimited service restaurants2521.4.2021
ZAVAIR MANAGEMENT LLC3.160.000 $CollinsvilleGas stations with convenience stores812.02.2021
MoPrin Enterprises LLC3.159.100 $BeaumontGas stations with convenience stores317.11.2021
REHABILITATION AND ANGLETON WELL3.155.400 $AngletonOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapistsfifteen20.08.2021
Shiv Sai SJR LLC3.155.000 $ClevelandHotels (except casino hotels) and motels728.09.2021
KD Carbon Capture LP3.150.000 $Austin218.03.2021
Lakha Alojamento Group LLC3.150.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen20.05.2022
SUPER 83.120.000 $brenhamHotels (except casino hotels) and motels132.9.2021
Jones & Associates Consulting3.105.000 $FederConsulting services in administrative management and general management1922.9.2021
NO 1 MADE CONSTRUCTIONS LLC3.100.000 $Addisonhome appliance stores407.05.2021
Kaurinas LLC3.100.000 $DallasWholesale of packaged frozen foods2927.9.2021
UNIC CLINIC AND HEALTH SERVICE3.087.000 $HoustonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)2303.02.2021
SMRK Property LLC3.087.000 $san angeloHotels (except casino hotels) and motels242.3.2022
PRODIGY INSURANCE GROUP LLC3.080.000 $magnoliasinsurance agencies and brokers1004.08.2021
Lee's fundamental investment3.060.000 $planodentist offices1702.08.2021
InchBug LLC3.060.000 $AustinElectronic and mail order purchasing companies1127.01.2022
DOROTEA HOLDING CO. LLC3.060.000 $saint anthonyMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer211.03.2022
Jaago Capital Group LLC3.050.000 $LeandroOffices of real estate agents and brokers1029.4.2022
The Arkenstone Ltda.3.046.500 $RichardsonOther direct selling businesses1110.12.2021
Sai Infinity LLC3.030.000 $JacksonvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1422.10.2021
Kaura Energy Inc3.028.000 $GoodrichGas stations with convenience stores315.03.2021
SPI BLUE SKY3.025.800 $South Padre Islandsporting goods storesfifteen01.02.2021
Akshardharm LLC3.024.000 $InglesideHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2019.08.2021
To the moon and back Enterprise3.020.000 $Richmonddaycare services830.12.2021
Jardin Corona Mexican Restaurants3.015.000 $Austinfull service restaurants1016.04.2021
Mahajyoti LLC3.010.000 $EnnisHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1208.06.2021
OM Shanti ARP LLC3.000.000 $Fort WorthHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1209.03.2021
Door Hospitality Austin LLC3.000.000 $AustinHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1217.06.2021
JERRY KACHEL CONSTRUCTOR INC.3.000.000 $FederConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings1306.08.2021
TRC Advanced Technologies Inc3.000.000 $katySupport activities for oil and gas operations63.11.2021
Triple B Foods Inc.3.000.000 $RichardsonWholesale of meat and meat products712/06/2021
Lithic Industries Inc.2.992.000 $FlorenceDimension stone mining and quarrying2514.9.2021
Grace Movers L.L.C.2.985.000 $Fort WorthTransportation of used household and office supplies2010.12.2021
FINE LINE METAL MANUFACTURERS IN2.979.900 $TerrellManufacture of all other miscellaneous metal products297.7.2021
Saiksna Hospitality LLC2.960.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen21.9.2021
RUDRA LLC2.950.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels4420.08.2021
Cybershield do Texas2.950.000 $LufkinManufacture of other electronic components3928.11.2021
water station2.946.800 $Federvending machine operators211.08.2021
Learn 'N' Grow Stem Preschool2.944.800 $Friscodaycare services429.07.2021
Ama Orange Properties LLC2.939.700 $OrangeGas stations with convenience stores713.09.2021
Curant Health Group Inc.2.935.000 $Houstongeneral clinical care1718.10.2021
Austin Waterjet Inc2.934.000 $Austinmechanical workshops2128.07.2021
6511 N. Wayside Property LLC2.932.000 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)126.05.2021
ZMK Ventures LLC2.931.000 $FriendswoodGas stations with convenience stores612.03.2021
Westbound LLC2.926.400 $mansionAll other personal services531.03.2021
Emerald Hotel LLC2.920.000 $AustinHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1004.08.2021
EGR VENTURES LLC2.900.000 $ConroeRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units1328.4.2021
ELP Cielo Vista LLC2.900.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1301.07.2022
Landschaftskunst Inc.2.895.000 $league citylandscape architecture services8713.09.2021
VS & SS Inc.2.893.500 $katycoffee and tea production2024.9.2021
Agile OFIS Solutions L.P.2.893.000 $Houstoninterior design services71.4.2021
pope's farms2.885.000 $centerChickens and other meats216.02.2022
W&W Grain Company - Abernathy2.883.600 $Abernathystorage and conservation of agricultural products1029.09.2021
G exclusive partner insurance2.870.500 $Dallasinsurance agencies and brokers1001.05.2021
MOORE OPERATIONS LLC2.860.500 $TerrellGas stations with convenience stores529.11.2021
Meera Hotels Inc.2.853.300 $texas cityHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1008.02.2021
Astro Equipment LLC2.850.000 $HoustonRental of machinery and equipment for construction, mining and forestry427.08.2021
Evolve Technologies LLC2.840.000 $Dallaselectricians123.12.2021
RAMARSR ENTERPRISES 2 INC.2.830.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores705/02/2021
South Austin Microendodontia2.830.000 $Austindentist offices1327.08.2021
GRAND MISSION ACADEMY LLC2.829.800 $Richmonddaycare services3131.08.2021
Richardson Dentistry PLLC2.825.000 $Richardsondentist offices2528.05.2021
ALAMO UMWELT INC.2.823.000 $saint anthonysanitation services13526.9.2021
Harrods Eastbelt Ltda.2.815.200 $channel previewHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1131.08.2021
J.R farms Pope2.809.000 $NacogdochesChickens and other meats230.12.2021
Bailey Ventures LLC2.802.000 $OtterHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2819.12.2021
DEV-DEVI LLC2.800.000 $PalestineHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1123.09.2021
RGMA LLC2.800.000 $GunterGas stations with convenience stores609.03.2022
Sitton Oil and Marine Company2.797.400 $BeaumontGas stations with convenience stores616.07.2021
Overkill Motorsports LLC2.794.000 $DallasOther Auto parts manufacturing2501.07.2021
GDJ Interests Inc.2.788.000 $HoustonAll other furniture stores3519.01.2022
AP Hotel LLC2.780.000 $LufkinHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1309.02.2021
Holiday Inn Express (Kleeblatt2.780.000 $CloverHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen04.05.2021
2JM Manufacturing LLC2.779.500 $HoustonOther agricultural products Commodity traders Wholesalers122.3.2021
New Smile Dental Implant Center2.775.000 $Houstondentist offices616.09.2021
see with2.775.000 $Houstoninvestigative services1127.12.2021
DON RAY GEORGE & EQUIPE I2.762.500 $Austintechnical services121.08.2021
bauer aviation2.760.000 $HochlanddorfTraders of transport equipment and accessories (except automobiles).215.07.2021
Brownwood Hospitality LLC2.756.000 $BraunholzHotels (except casino hotels) and motels717.05.2021
Creditor X LLC2.750.000 $Southlakeeditor software2016.04.2021
LLC Cloud Storage Portfolio2.750.000 $HoustonRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units419.04.2021
Zagsa Investments dba Zagsa In2.748.000 $BeaumontHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1024.05.2021
All Star Hospitality LLC2.730.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2022.02.2021
Wilderness Oak - Excellent School2.724.000 $saint anthonydaycare services2909.06.2021
Nagulmash Enterprises LLC2.720.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores824.9.2021
AWA GROUP LLC2.718.000 $Fort WorthGas stations with convenience stores321.9.2021
Armaan Sandhu LLC2.715.000 $Granburycar washes58.3.2021
Limited Company NNPC2.704.000 $SpringstadtGas stations with convenience stores708.04.2022
Team ABC Ltd.2.700.000 $planopest extermination and control services22606.04.2021
MY MES INC2.700.000 $FollowingWholesale of medical, dental and hospital equipment and consumables710.05.2021
Translation and Interpretation N2.700.000 $Fort Worthtranslation and interpretation services1427.05.2021
Swachan GmbH2.700.000 $arlingtonGas stations with convenience stores704.08.2021
Nick's plumbing and sewer service2.700.000 $HoustonHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1215.9.2021
SUPPLY OF BOERNE CARS AND TRUCKS IN2.695.000 $loadedAuto parts and accessories stores222.02.2021
Victoria10 Hospitality LLC2.693.000 $VictoryHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen17.05.2022
RAS Hospitality Group LLC2.680.000 $LaredoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1805.04.2021
FCT Holdings Inc.2.662.200 $Fort WorthGeneral cargo transportation, local12.2.2021
Apel Construction Services Inc.2.659.300 $DallasAll other specialist trading companies1019.11.2021
Our Country LLC2.659.000 $HutchinsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1227.08.2021
Texas & Texan Investments Corporation2.650.000 $FederGas stations with convenience stores1229.07.2021
WLTT Investments LLC2.650.000 $HoustonRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units627.9.2021
Areel Holding LLC2.649.300 $BacliffGas stations with convenience stores224.9.2021
JNA Realty LLC2.647.400 $Richardsonfull service restaurants4229.07.2021
Pineda Hotels NASA LLC2.645.000 $SeebachHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1406.08.2021
Bhavihayan Hospitality LLC2.640.000 $GelbHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1705.08.2021
Grand Trip LLC2.625.000 $Balch SpringsGas stations with convenience stores219.02.2021
CWC Consulting LLC2.625.000 $wacogeneral clinical care309.03.2021
Koli-Bri SS Co2.619.000 $DallasMerchants from other builders1227.9.2021
Super 8 - Wichita Falls2.615.000 $Wichita FallsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1023.09.2021
OCW Holdings III LLC2.613.800 $Fort Worthcar washes1703.09.2021
No Funny Business LLC2.607.200 $arlingtonwomen's clothing stores522.03.2021
Sugar Land Imaging Center LLC2.604.700 $sugar countryDiagnostic Imaging Centers519.08.2021
CJR Lucky Inc.2.602.200 $flushedLimited service restaurants14423.12.2021
MENA'S DOWNTOWN LLC2.600.000 $Carolltonfull service restaurants3501.02.2021
J&M Irrigation LLC2.600.000 $SeminoleWholesaler of agricultural inputs1330.04.2021
CHRISTOPHER & CHRISTAL II CORP2.600.000 $Austinfull service restaurants4028.07.2021
Connector Operating LLC2.600.000 $DallasPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)2021.9.2021
JPY TX LLC2.595.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1331.03.2022
Texas Patrones LLC2.592.300 $Fort Worthfull service restaurants829.10.2021
All service air conditioners and2.587.000 $JokeHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2522.06.2021
Christine Manning-Stiernberg2.583.400 $Houstondentist offices2009.03.2022
Silverstone Hospitality LLC2.582.000 $WeatherfordHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2130.07.2021
4 Guys Business LLC2.580.000 $Georgetowncar washes1216.04.2021
HARIISHWAR LLC2.580.000 $LivingstonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1614.02.2022
trinity pharmacy2.573.000 $Carolltonpharmacies and drugstores123.09.2021
Village Vision Center PLLC2.570.000 $Lewisvilleoptometrists offices2020.04.2021
Lamberti's Market LLC2.570.000 $Irvingfull service restaurants753.3.2022
VT Education Inc.2.567.000 $Forneydaycare services3013.05.2021
Property Management by Three Wishes2.565.000 $springs drippingLessors of other properties2809.07.2021
Cannect LLC2.563.300 $RichardsonRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units415.11.2021
Advance Management Inc.2.563.000 $Allenflorist1417.9.2021
Ark Financial Group LLC2.560.000 $Austininsurance agencies and brokers330.03.2021
Elmont Food Mart Inc.2.560.000 $cypressGas stations with convenience stores823.04.2021
Shree Mataji Corporation2.555.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1022.06.2021
Hatch Hounds LLC2.550.000 $RoanokePet grooming services (except veterinarians)1008.02.2021
RSKK Stone Realty LP2.550.000 $hill of flowersLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)612.05.2021
BRAMERSON INC.2.550.000 $San Marcosfull service restaurants5024.05.2021
Stay a Little RV Park LLC2.550.000 $MurchisonRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)325.06.2021
JM Carter Plumbing Inc2.550.000 $GunterHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers219.07.2021
Kishan Investment Corp2.540.000 $AbileneHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1320.07.2021
Creek Ranch Inc.2.537.000 $NovoSlaughtering of animals (except poultry).2528.4.2021
House of Kuipers LLC2.535.000 $AustinOther durable goods wholesalers101.03.2021
TEXMAR GROUP LLC2.530.000 $DaytonRental of machinery and equipment for construction, mining and forestry52.9.2021
Sedadent Anesthesia Services2.525.000 $round stoneDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)3227.04.2021
DAS TRUCKING LLC2.520.000 $HoustonGeneral cargo transportation, local32.9.2021
Rosewater Nutrition LLC2.520.000 $garlandAll other grocery stores259.9.2021
Elizabeth ChristianPublic Relations2.518.500 $Austinpublic relations agencies2522.9.2021
LNS Texas Investments LLC2.516.000 $AustinGas stations with convenience stores309.06.2021
SP Hurst Development LLC2.512.500 $HurstLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)5028.05.2021
AL-Kabeer Investment LLC2.510.000 $texas cityGas stations with convenience stores322.9.2021
Ameripac Pennsylvania LLC2.506.000 $DFW Airportpackaging and boxes3103.06.2021
Lancy Equities LLC2.505.000 $interiorAll other traveler accommodations1021.9.2021
Arish Fortune LLC2.501.000 $West ColumbusGas stations with convenience stores522.06.2021
Micro USA Investment LLC2.500.000 $BaytownLessors of other properties32.3.2021
Mallini Transport LLC2.500.000 $ModestoGeneral cargo transportation, local1114.06.2021
Scribe Media LLC2.500.000 $Austinbook publishers5029.07.2021
Gigante Auto Group LLC2.500.000 $Dallasused car dealerfifteen18.08.2021
Wild Frog Logistics Inc2.500.000 $DallasGeneral cargo transportation, local3721.9.2021
Ozonics LLC2.500.000 $Lago JacksonWholesale of sports and leisure items and accessories1115.12.2021
Halcyon Home LLC2.500.000 $Austingeneral clinical care1420.12.2021
FAMOSO GOLD INC2.500.000 $HoustonWholesale of jewelry, watches, precious stones and precious metals1319.01.2022
G&S GAS LLC2.493.000 $DallasGas stations with convenience stores603.02.2021
Die Twin Hill Marina LLC2.487.300 $Bridgeportmarinas1213.10.2021
Silence Keller Inc.2.481.100 $Kellerfull service restaurants3030.07.2021
CVR Commercial LLC2.480.900 $StageOffices of real estate agents and brokers1712.01.2022
Century Holding Investment LLC2.480.300 $texas cityGas stations with convenience stores529.07.2021
Pearl Sapphire Hospitality LLC2.480.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels824.03.2021
Midland Tapelu LLC2.480.000 $interiorHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1020.08.2021
AJ 35 Holding LLC2.468.000 $AustinGas stations with convenience stores1123.09.2021
RK Hunter Property LLC2.450.000 $San MarcosGas stations with convenience stores63.3.2021
SAI PRASANTHI LLC.2.450.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels618.08.2021
T.L.R. & Sons Hydraulics & Des2.448.300 $MidlothianCommercial and industrial machines and installations (except automotive and similar)3722.06.2021
KCS Greenleaf LLC2.440.000 $FederRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units312.02.2021
Taylor Child Care Limited2.432.000 $Stagedaycare services3027.9.2021
Redcroft Investments LLC2.429.000 $ConroeManufacture of machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields1130.08.2021
3E & J LLC2.427.000 $AustinServices for seniors and people with disabilities2810.08.2021
P&A OBASI FAMILY L.P.2.425.800 $planoOffices of all other various naturopaths1315.04.2021
ASL JUNSUR MARTIAL ARTS LLC2.425.500 $Allenphysical education and leisure education1604.08.2021
Saxena Real Estate LLC2.425.000 $Austindentist offices821.4.2022
Gulshima Inc2.422.500 $katyGas stations with convenience stores928.4.2021
Ganpati Sai Hospitality LLC2.413.000 $wildlife parkHotels (except casino hotels) and motels22.3.2022
TYLEX INC.2.411.200 $Tylernatural gas distribution314.06.2021
HARSHA INVESTMENTS LLC2.410.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2718.03.2021
BD SHIV HOSPITALITY LLC2.410.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels216.08.2021
LEGACY EYELIDS AND AESTHETIC SURGERY2.407.000 $planoDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)324.02.2021
Intex United Inc.2.406.400 $Richmondmake signs6621.07.2021
The Emporium Banquet & Special2.400.000 $saint anthonyAll other personal services112.03.2021
JAYPRABHU WICHITA FALLS LLC2.400.000 $Wichita FallsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2022.07.2021
Brah LLC2.400.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants3010.02.2022
DFP Fire Services LLC2.400.000 $town of HaltomHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1717.02.2022
STORM-TEK INC2.400.000 $HoustonConstruction of power and communication lines and associated structures9026.4.2022
TriDigital LLC2.388.000 $planoadvertising agencies529.04.2021
Texas Auto One LLC2.388.000 $Greenvilleused car dealer2629.04.2021
Siripi WST LLC2.386.000 $Irvingvending machine operators109.07.2021
Bengala Anna LLC2.381.000 $WellBeer, wine and liquor stores1010.05.2021
Hansa Hospitality LLC2.380.000 $SeegovilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2104.06.2021
FROM Centro-Sul2.380.000 $StaffordSecurity systems services (except locksmith)2525.08.2021
JNJ FUEL INC2.380.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores424.9.2021
VNTX LLC2.376.000 $Dallascar washes701.03.2021
1. HANDEL INC2.370.000 $Fort WorthBeer, wine and liquor stores729.07.2021
Munawar Properties LLC2.367.000 $sugar countryfull service restaurants211.01.2021
Cristina De La Pena OD PA2.366.100 $Houstonoptometrists offices2223.02.2021
AADARSH CEDAR LLC2.364.000 $ZedernparkHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1604.08.2021
Prikha Hospitality LLC2.363.000 $texas cityHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1010.02.2021
Red Bear RV Resort2.357.000 $will pointRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)429.07.2021
Pushcorp Inc.2.357.000 $garlandManufacture of all other general purpose miscellaneous machinesfifteen09.03.2022
Hurst Operations Inc.$ 2.355.400BurlesonGas stations with convenience stores3819.08.2021
Hopse Health LLC2.350.800 $saint anthonyAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers1609.04.2021
ARCHSYS INCORPORATED2.350.000 $AvenidaOther computer related services132.11.2021
Shree Madhav Mukund Inc.2.350.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels426.4.2022
Say Plastics Inc.2.349.000 $JacksonvilleManufacture of all other plastic products1304.11.2021
FERSAT INTERNATIONAL TRADE2.347.000 $planoAll other miscellaneous manufactures1031.08.2021
humanity incl.2.346.000 $HoustonWholesale of bricks, stones and related building materials4625.05.2021
St. Ives RV Resort LLC2.345.900 $alvinRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)419.02.2021
SAI SHYAM HOTELS LLC2.340.000 $san angeloHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1316.09.2021
North Dallas Properties LLC2.335.000 $RichardsonGas stations with convenience stores1229.07.2021
PCT Hospitality Inc2.335.000 $DallasHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1612.08.2021
Sai Matha Inc.2.329.000 $mineral springsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels908.09.2021
HEMPHILL WASHATERIA INC2.325.000 $Fort Worthlaundromats and dry cleaners410.08.2021
Randhawa Brothers Inc.2.315.000 $carthageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1329.06.2021
JMG Management Group LLC2.314.000 $Austinelectricians6801.06.2021
NORTHGATE HOSPITALITY INC2.310.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1308.09.2021
Garland Super Lavatory2.307.000 $garlandlaundromats and dry cleaners407.03.2022
Bayside Solutions Inc2.304.300 $body of christgeneral clinical care404.06.2021
Toltec Enterprises LLC2.304.000 $saint anthonymetal service centers and other metal wholesalers1325.04.2022
Mayday PLLC law firm2.301.000 $Houstonlaw firms814.9.2021
JOTS Rentals LLC2.300.000 $long termRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations3529.03.2021
J&S Kitchenette LLC2.300.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants3616.07.2021
Plum Stores Inc.2.300.000 $ClevelandGas stations with convenience stores1230.08.2021
Nilkanth Hospitality LLC2.300.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1024.9.2021
AP Sapphire Hospitality LLC2.300.000 $LagerHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1428.09.2021
HT Hospitality LLC2.300.000 $BrookshireHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1027.01.2022
Betty Roses Holdings LLC2.288.000 $AbileneLimited service restaurants5626.08.2021
PAWS LANDING LLC2.282.600 $LeandroPet grooming services (except veterinarians)607.08.2021
JC Groups Investment Corporation2.278.800 $Houstonlaundromats and dry cleaners311.04.2022
ARK 786 Investments LLC2.273.600 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores606.05.2021
QPL Inc.$ 2.272.500FollowingGeneral storage and retention2031.08.2021
ROESCHCO CONSTRUCTION LLC2.271.100 $FriscoConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings2012.02.2021
MOSELEY MACHINE CO INC2.270.000 $HoustonGeneral car repair1023.09.2021
GC Carrier Pkwy LLC2.270.000 $great prairieLimited service restaurants2107.02.2022
German Shepherd Response LLC2.251.000 $ZedernparkAll other different schools and classes116.07.2021
AJ 290 Investment LLC2.251.000 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores524.08.2021
Origins Birth Services PLLC2.250.500 $KellerAll other miscellaneous outpatient health services1731.08.2021
Federal JMB LLC2.250.000 $Oak Ridge Nordfull service restaurants6813.08.2021
Encore Communications LLC2.245.000 $long termadvertising agencies2020.04.2022
Lettuce Sauce Glass LLC2.241.000 $HoustonFlat glass manufacturing5615.9.2021
CENTURICA VENTURES LLC2.240.000 $AustinOther computer related services406.04.2022
MUNOZ AGUIRRE GROUP LLC2.236.400 $StageGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck1129.07.2021
FCH OpCo 1 LLC2.236.000 $Dallasmake signs2109.03.2022
MUB Holdings LLC2.232.700 $vineDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)110.05.2021
Ayala Partner LLC2.230.000 $Houstoninsurance agencies and brokersfifteen28.4.2021
Bluebird Acquisitions LLC2.225.000 $GranburyLimited service restaurants5906.08.2021
RECORDS CONSULTANTS INC.2.215.000 $saint anthonyConsulting services in administrative management and general management5023.02.2021
VNC REALHEALTH PLLC2.214.000 $mother of pearlDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)416.08.2021
BG Leasing LLC$ 2.212.300planofull service restaurants481.12.2021
PRAYOSHAM GREENVILLE LLC2.210.000 $GreenvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1023.03.2021
SAMTX BHYC Marina LLC2.210.000 $free portOther activities related to real estate717.08.2021
Petro Space LLC2.208.000 $CrowleyGas stations with convenience stores220.07.2021
TFR Wealth Management LLC2.200.000 $planoinvestment advice222.11.2021
KIRKPATRICK CPA AND CONSULTANT2.200.000 $Austinaudit offices813.01.2022
Scarborough Trilica & Wood LLC2.196.000 $Austinaudit offices71.11.2021
SONIA 8 REALTY LLC2.195.000 $league cityfull service restaurants2023.06.2021
KRIPA SAI LLC2.185.000 $TylerHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1428.09.2021
Cravotta Studios Inc2.181.000 $AustinAll other furniture stores628.03.2022
TX SB Group LLC2.180.000 $Carolltoncommercial screen printing3021.02.2021
Rosehill Restaurants LLC2.180.000 $cypressfull service restaurants28022.9.2021
NORTHGATE HOSPITALITY INC2.180.000 $OdessaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1427.01.2022
GC 360 LLC2.180.000 $great prairieLimited service restaurants1013.04.2022
Prime MD Geriatrics PLLC2.178.000 $coppellDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)219.04.2022
Red Roof Inn2.177.500 $HuntsvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels324.01.2022
R&J Foods Inc$ 2.175.100planoGas stations with convenience stores424.9.2021
CENTRIC ADVISORS LLC2.175.000 $Houstoninvestment advice1602.08.2021
Xpress Autowäsche Hurst TX Inc2.174.000 $Hurstcar washes501.05.2021
Pinones-Anand Group LLC2.174.000 $FederFitness centers and recreational sports5816.02.2021
Dante Caravaggio LLC2.173.000 $katySite preparation contractor1205.03.2021
CHESTER ASSETS LLC2.168.600 $katyDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)24.11.2021
Mega World Builder Corp2.165.000 $HoustonRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations1030.09.2021
CARWASH SPA & DETAIL2.163.300 $Midlothiancar washes1326.07.2021
ASMK Investments Inc2.160.000 $HoustonAll other miscellaneous food production208.02.2021
Jan Hurr Inc.2.157.300 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores1009.11.2021
Harzand Investments LLC2.150.000 $saint anthonyLessors of other properties430.03.2021
T's Travel Plaza Inc.2.150.000 $NeedvilleGas stations with convenience stores621.06.2021
SAL LALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM LL2.148.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1111.03.2021
Parque Urban Air Adventure - Spr2.146.000 $FederAll other entertainment and recreation industries6012.07.2021
Mamabear Properties LLC2.144.500 $long termoffice equipment wholesaler207.03.2022
take and go2.141.000 $LewisvilleGas stations with convenience stores804.03.2021
786 SA INVESTMENT LLC2.140.000 $texas cityGas stations with convenience stores510.09.2021
Hawthorne Global Logistics in2.138.500 $HoustonCargo Transportation Contract2112.04.2021
Murad Holdings LLC2.136.100 $Houstondaycare services1825.02.2022
L&S GAS LLC2.135.000 $DuncanvilleGas stations with convenience stores603.02.2021
ARX ​​FIT INC.2.127.000 $AustinManufacture of sports and athletics articles931.03.2021
Whiskywoods LLC2.125.000 $ok rosefull service restaurants6009.08.2021
1 Perfect choice2.125.000 $arlingtonfurniture retail wholesaler1211.03.2022
XORIO Inc2.123.500 $Dallaspublic relations agencies3627.01.2022
PEARL OPERATIONS LLC2.120.000 $Granbury312.04.2022
AMBE LLC Seminar2.116.000 $Fort WorthBeer, wine and liquor stores312.02.2021
Maahi LLC2.115.000 $SouthlakeBeer, wine and liquor stores504.08.2021
Centra Realty LLC2.115.000 $IrvingOffices of other holding companies226.08.2021
Shree Ganesh Hospitality LLC2.114.500 $ModestoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels523.06.2021
TEXPRESS Autowäsche Stephenville2.114.100 $Stephenvillecar washes2012.02.2021
KKCDS Odessa LLC2.107.000 $OdessaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels617.05.2022
NuSky Group LLC2.105.000 $CloverHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2812/06/2021
C&I TRUCKING INC.2.102.000 $LaredoGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck1016.03.2021
Manasiya Investment LLC2.100.000 $free portHotels (except casino hotels) and motels516.09.2021
Patwary Investment LLC2.092.500 $Dentonlaundromats and dry cleaners1422.06.2022
TRADEMARK OF KARENS2.090.000 $ConroeGift, novelty and souvenir shops1371.5.2022
Shop Rite RVs and Boats2.089.000 $Santa FeRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units520.11.2021
CounterCommon LLC2.084.000 $Bellairebreweries3620.04.2021
Beeville Enterprise LLC2.080.000 $BeevilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels2028.4.2021
Shashami Investment LLC2.080.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores522.9.2021
Acme air conditioning and heating2.076.000 $long termHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1310.11.2021
Aseel & Nail Properties LLC2.075.000 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores631.08.2021
ARMS OF AMERICA LLC2.072.500 $garlandOther durable goods wholesalers1019.10.2021
Nobel Property Holding LLC2.069.900 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores521.9.2021
E.D. Miller Service Co LLC2.066.000 $DallasHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers4117.12.2021
EMPEROR AND SONS INC.2.064.800 $AustinRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors2616.08.2021
Morace Cattle Company LLC2.062.000 $Clevelandlivestock and livestock1405.04.2022
H&U Kirby Investments LLC2.056.000 $Houstondaycare services2003.09.2021
Classical Rehabilitation Inc.2.052.000 $BedfordOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists4209.08.2021
AB SAN MARCOS LLC2.050.000 $San MarcosFitness centers and recreational sports1414.04.2021
ITALUX Holdings LLC2.047.500 $Alvarado1117.02.2022
SoLa Dental PLLC2.040.000 $Austindentist offices903.06.2021
Zmatrix Automotive Group LP2.040.000 $Houstonused car dealer1112.08.2021
Mirror Lake Designs Inc.2.040.000 $Federlandscape architecture services1030.08.2021
West Austin Paisagismo LLC2.040.000 $Pflugervillelandscaping services2527.9.2021
HIS Investments LLC2.039.000 $EnnisMerchants from other builders1010.02.2021
Savvy Distribution LLC2.035.000 $IrvingAll other automotive repairs and maintenance926.01.2022
JAI BHAVANI HOSPITALITY LLC2.030.000 $DickinsonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels414.04.2021
Sahel Foods Inc.2.025.000 $LivingstonGas stations with convenience stores102.6.2021
NDE Labs Holdings LLC2.022.500 $BenbrookOther machines for the trade and service industry282.2.2021
Emerald Pacific Resources2.021.000 $Laredovaluables wholesaler226.07.2021
Vuongle Farm LLC2.020.000 $marquezChickens and other meats222.03.2021
DeZaiffe Enterprises Inc2.014.500 $great prairiehardware stores235.5.2021
Parasu Investments LLC2.014.000 $waco625.03.2022
BACKER INC2.010.000 $Wichita FallsLimited service restaurantsfifteen26.05.2021
Die Queen Ready Mix Inc.2.010.000 $HoustonProduction of premixed concrete4515.11.2021
WBM Investments LLC2.007.000 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)311.01.2022
Dhoom Production LLC2.000.000 $AustinOrganizers of performing arts, sports and similar events with Faciliti630.03.2021
Making Brazos pendants2.000.000 $will pointManufacturers of industrial trucks, tractors, trailers and forklifts8330.04.2021
Als Handy Hardware Inc.2.000.000 $Houstonhardware stores1810.06.2021
Suharish Real Estate Inc.2.000.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores724.06.2021
Sendero Business Services LP2.000.000 $DallasAll other personal services21601.07.2021
Red River Logistics LLC2.000.000 $town of HaltomCargo Transportation Contract227.7.2021
FAV Schwimmer LLC2.000.000 $heroesAll other different schools and classesfifteen23.07.2021
Integrity 1st Collision LLC2.000.000 $MurphyGeneral car repair730.07.2021
EBT Inc.2.000.000 $Fort WorthWholesale of industrial machinery and equipment1104.08.2021
SUN COMMERCIAL ROOFING INC.2.000.000 $Dallascarpenter8411.08.2021
T-DZambala Enterprises LLC2.000.000 $GreenvilleGas stations with convenience stores413.08.2021
Mega World Builder Corp2.000.000 $Houstonother builders1017.9.2021
Ashcroft Imports LLC2.000.000 $sugar countryfurniture store10027.9.2021
EVEREST VALVE COMPANY INC.2.000.000 $HoustonOther manufactures of metal pipe valves and fittings2429.09.2021
Rally Global Inc2.000.000 $StaffordOther durable goods wholesalers629.09.2021
4-M Pekannuss Co. LLC2.000.000 $StageOther agricultural products Commodity traders Wholesalers816.11.2021
J. M. Fabrication Company LLC2.000.000 $arlingtonmechanical workshops1403.02.2022
BrewDoc L.L.C.2.000.000 $HurstPet grooming services (except veterinarians)131.03.2022
KDKD LLC1.999.900 $BurlesonHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen01.09.2021
ORION ENTERPRISES INC.1.999.000 $carobGas stations with convenience stores519.07.2021
Ragin Cajun Spring Branch LLC1.990.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants5903.06.2021
FRACLINE LLC1.989.000 $HoustonSupport activities for oil and gas operations313.07.2021
Doan Kim Investment LLC1.988.000 $arlingtonfull service restaurants1218.02.2022
Lotts Appliance Express Inc.1.987.000 $GeorgetownEquipment repair and maintenance5422.9.2021
Barani Brothers LLC1.980.000 $Dallasused car dealer805.08.2021
CPM-Holding LLC1.970.700 $StageOther services for buildings and apartments2315.4.2022
SaiRam Holdings LLC1.966.000 $arlingtonGeneral car repair1015.04.2021
P V AMERICAN INC1.965.900 $Houstonmechanical workshops2405.07.2021
Lawyer for Khavari and Moghadassi1.965.000 $Dallaslaw firms515.04.2021
AHSAN BUSINESS LLC1.963.000 $channel previewGas stations with convenience stores62.9.2021
Seedub60 Enterprise LLC1.962.400 $town of HaltomLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)201.02.2021
Kingsway Estates LLC1.962.000 $StageDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)419.03.2021
KURUM E CO. HILLS LLC1.960.000 $KrumGas stations with convenience stores425.02.2021
Get good health services1.952.100 $ModestoOffices of all other various naturopaths1805.04.2021
RK DHAM CORPORATION1.952.000 $TerrellGas stations with convenience stores522.9.2021
Butler LLC1.950.000 $Houstoninsurance agencies and brokers418.06.2021
Once Grocery Inc1.950.000 $AustinGas stations with convenience stores304.08.2021
URSUMARI CORPORATION INC.1.950.000 $katyAll other miscellaneous food production2008.02.2022
granbury alcoholic beverages1.945.000 $StephenvilleBeer, wine and liquor stores411.02.2022
ODESSA SIGN SOLUTION LLC1.942.500 $Odessamake signs1227.12.2021
Sangliwala LLC1.935.000 $body of christlaundromats and dry cleaners921.9.2021
Guinn Properties LLC1.934.100 $Richland HillHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers12927.9.2021
KKCDS Fort Stockton LLC1.933.000 $Forte StocktonHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen16.05.2022
Rahnaz Investments LLC1.926.000 $DallasElectronic and mail order purchasing companies424.06.2021
Boudreaux Dental Group1.925.000 $Lumbertondentist offices926.04.2021
Sterling Home Technologies Inc1.918.000 $AustinRepair and maintenance of consumer electronics1030.09.2021
SK Hotels LLC1.918.000 $centerHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1012.01.2022
FCLC Management Company1.910.200 $Federfull service restaurants4124.06.2021
Free Play Incorporated1.908.000 $Dentonarcades8121.05.2021
Black Panther Group LLC1.900.000 $BrookshireOther road transport support activities1004.06.2021
Flin Holdings LLC1.900.000 $long termAll other furniture stores817.06.2021
AGELESS LIVING HOME HEALTH LLC1.900.000 $arlingtongeneral clinical care30024.06.2021
E&A Property Management LLC1.898.000 $Dallasused car dealer76.10.2021
Independent Waste GmbH1.892.200 $saint anthonySolid waste collection102.3.2022
Perrin Beitel Odontologia Familiar1.890.000 $saint anthonydentist offices1031.03.2022
MAAH Group LLC1.887.000 $Dentonfull service restaurants2325.08.2021
Native Station Beer Garden Café1.885.000 $royse cityfull service restaurants5419.01.2021
Kwick Pick1.885.000 $EnnisGas stations with convenience stores612.05.2021
FAIRFIELD FUEL ENTERPRISES INC1.884.000 $FairfieldGas stations with convenience stores521.01.2022
Strickland Brothers 10 minutes1.875.000 $magnoliasAutomotive oil change and lubrication workshops722.03.2021
ARS Wheel Repair Inc.1.875.000 $CarolltonRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors1701.09.2021
UNICARE BUILDING MAINTENANCE I1.870.000 $Irvingjanitorial services7518.05.2021
JACKSON LANDRITH & KULESZ PC1.870.000 $arlingtonlaw firms810.09.2021
Affinity Dermatology PLLC1.868.800 $FriscoDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)201.03.2021
Splish Splash Car Wash LLC1.863.800 $McKinneycar washes609.06.2021
Allstate Plumbing1.853.200 $AustinHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers911.08.2021
Kedareshwar LLC1.850.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels814.06.2021
Mistry Hospitality LLC1.850.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels701.07.2021
Ramm Autobad LLC1.850.000 $Wataugacar washes221.03.2022
NDE Labs Holdings LLC1.846.300 $BenbrookOther machines for the trade and service industry32.2.2021
Shreenath-Eigenschaften LLC1.845.000 $HaskellGenericNameHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1224.05.2021
Green Grove JSL LLC1.845.000 $DallasRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors722.02.2022
TEXAS NOVA-CHEM CORPORATION1.841.000 $Rock wallGeneral storage and retention4526.02.2021
Provision Automotive Inc.1.832.000 $melissaGeneral car repair73.11.2021
Kfoods Group USA LLC1.827.000 $Carolltonfull service restaurants4021.01.2022
WJP City Park LLC1.825.000 $Houstondaycare services1230.09.2021
Ace Hardware Pampa LLC1.819.000 $pampahardware stores104.2.2021
Derek W. Guillory MD P.A.1.816.700 $saint anthonyDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)521.06.2021
Motel 6 Longview Süd1.810.000 $long termHotels (except casino hotels) and motels828.09.2021
american utility company1.800.000 $Houstonelectricians2525.02.2021
Kreis L Solar Inc.1.800.000 $Fort Worthelectriciansfifteen25.05.2021
JABZAM Enterprises LLC1.800.000 $Irvingfuneral directors and funeral directors1016.07.2021
Haugen Consulting LLC1.800.000 $HoustonAll other professional, scientific and technical services1027.9.2021
Wiggle Butt Place LLC1.798.000 $planoPet grooming services (except veterinarians)1406.08.2021
Regal 5 LLC1.792.000 $Fort WorthGas stations with convenience stores517.06.2021
HFR-Holding LLC1.792.000 $Hamiltonkindergartens and garden centers1322.11.2021
Long Investments LLC1.785.000 $EastlandHotels (except casino hotels) and motels181.12.2021
like a mill1.784.500 $Iowa-ColoniesOther milling work (including floors)2419.07.2021
CRL Trucking LLC1.784.000 $HoustonGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck329.06.2021
Jonah's Movers LLC1.782.000 $TomballTransportation of used household and office supplies723.06.2021
SONNE-HARDWARE1.778.600 $Seeblick1107.02.2022
2020 Texas Investments LLC1.772.000 $SeegovilleGas stations with convenience stores830.03.2021
Paradigm Construction L.L.C.1.771.000 $TomballConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings306.10.2021
CEDAR RIDGE AVIATION LLC1.770.700 $Knox CitySoil preparation, planting and cultivation827.04.2021
Sonin Beako LLC1.768.000 $queen cityManufacture of energized wiring devices3014.02.2022
LITTLE ACORN ACADEMY L.L.C.1.765.000 $Zedernparkdaycare services1723.03.2021
Coastal Foundry 2.0 LLC1.765.000 $Houstonmetal service centers and other metal wholesalers1817.9.2021
LAL Investments LLC1.762.800 $Houstontire dealer115.04.2021
USA Baytown Laundry Inc1.760.000 $Baytownlaundromats and dry cleaners626.07.2021
DPDC LLC1.760.000 $cedar hillMetal plating, engraving (excluding jewelry and cutlery) and Allied S927.9.2021
FRIEDEN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC1.756.200 $BaytownCargo Transportation Contract612.08.2021
CMJ Engineering and Testing in1.752.300 $Fort Worthtechnical services2512.09.2021
Metro Hillsboro Shiv LLC1.752.000 $HillsboroHotels (except casino hotels) and motels825.05.2021
MILLION AUTO SERVICE LLC1.750.000 $DallasAuto glass replacement workshops1721.05.2021
The place to learn Consulting S1.750.000 $bloomPractices for non-physicians (other than physicians)2830.07.2021
Deda LLC1.749.200 $garlandContractors for cutting and sewing clothes4008.02.2021
HUDA Food Mart LLC1.740.000 $ConroeGas stations with convenience stores503.02.2021
Weinman & Associates PC1.740.000 $Budalaw firms211.4.2022
Lac Hong creche for adults1.740.000 $HoustonServices for seniors and people with disabilities2719.05.2022
Erecycler LLC1.739.400 $garlandAll other miscellaneous waste disposal services1231.03.2022
Flying X Properties LLC1.738.200 $DallasElectrical appliances and equipment, wiring accessories and related equipment3026.02.2021
Hardy Oak PVDM Holdings LLC1.737.000 $saint anthonyAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers3624.03.2021
Long Ears 2 LLC1.732.000 $vineSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2228.02.2022
South West Freeway Family Dent1.730.000 $Houstondentist offices1020.05.2021
NIHG SERVICES LLC1.730.000 $DallasConsulting services in administrative management and general management109.05.2022
KRISHN RADHE LLC1.728.000 $PottsboroGas stations with convenience stores1027.9.2021
Ray Tax Group LLC1.725.000 $town of Haltomaudit offices1024.04.2021
Enspire Learning Inc.1.725.000 $AustinEducational Support Services1015.06.2021
Bells Food LLC1.725.000 $bellsGas stations with convenience stores1019.08.2021
All Star Hospitality #2 LLC1.724.000 $ModestoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1130.04.2021
JC LSM LLC1.720.000 $BurlesonAll other personal services513.09.2021
Alliance Fencing Association L1.719.200 $HoustonAll other specialist trading companies218.01.2022
Joshua M. Knowles DDS MSD PLL1.717.000 $templedentist officesfifteen22.02.2021
LL product liability special1.716.500 $Addisoninsurance agencies and brokers223.06.2021
Black Oak Space Management1.713.300 $sulphurous springsLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)925.04.2022
Grimes Commercial Properties L1.710.400 $TomballManufacture of metallic structures4630.07.2021
AMERIFISH INC1.710.000 $Fort WorthLimited service restaurants1224.01.2022
Dois C ELP LLC1.700.000 $StageOther personal care services609.06.2021
KBP 7701 LLC1.700.000 $BonhamHotels (except casino hotels) and motels627.07.2021
IG Real Estate Inc.1.700.000 $cypressGeneral car repair1127.08.2021
Jadron LLC1.700.000 $Houstongeneral clinical care1828.09.2021
Threedev LLC1.695.400 $AtlantaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1024.08.2021
Lone Star Labels L.L.C.1.694.900 $LewisvilleAll other professional, scientific and technical servicesfifteen10.07.2021
Ka Cypress Operations Lp1.694.000 $cypressdaycare services3110.02.2022
Brock Brothers Transport Inc.1.692.500 $StaffordMail509.06.2021
NUR BBQ LLC1.689.800 $Dallascommercial rotogravure1814.02.2022
NEW WAVE AUTO SPA LLC1.689.500 $Fort Worthcar washes2427.9.2021
Thomas Grant Holdings LLC1.688.400 $FriscoOffices of real estate agents and brokers1022.07.2021
Polka Dot Dogs LLC1.685.000 $HoustonPet grooming services (except veterinarians)1323.07.2021
Filtration Solutions LLC1.682.000 $katyWholesale of medical, dental and hospital equipment and consumables814.9.2021
Gulmanash Enterprises LLC1.680.000 $PasadenaGas stations with convenience stores827.9.2021
Ausdauer FXG Logistics Inc.1.679.500 $DallasGeneral cargo transportation, local2826.04.2021
Liberty Software Inc.1.676.500 $vineRetailers of computers and computer peripherals and software222.04.2021
Pavesh LLC1.675.000 $saint anthonycar washes509.02.2021
Spark-D LLC1.675.000 $coppelldaycare services1123.06.2021
Trinity Line Investment LLC1.672.000 $coppellGas stations with convenience stores423.03.2021
Great Outdoor Sub Shop Inc.1.669.100 $RichardsonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)857.7.2021
FDXTX Inc.1.668.200 $DallasGeneral cargo transportation, local2330.07.2021
TEXUS PROPERTIES LLC1.665.500 $BedHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1026.04.2021
TrueHoldings LLC1.665.000 $templeFitness centers and recreational sports623.06.2021
R&N Investment Properties LL1.664.800 $TomballOffices of real estate agents and brokers1016.12.2021
Erzstadt Valero LLC1.660.500 $ErzstadtGas stations with convenience stores121.9.2021
D&J Business Investments LLC1.656.700 $From RioSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars3615.4.2022
Reinmann Inc1.653.200 $Houstoninsurance agencies and brokers7508.01.2021
Moore Private Wealth Group LL1.650.000 $Cleburneinvestment advice522.06.2021
DeZavala RE LLC1.650.000 $saint anthonydentist offices229.07.2021
Prasiti Water Investments LLC1.649.000 $McKinneyvending machine operators111.03.2021
Ameripac Inc.1.645.000 $Dallaspackaging and boxes30016.06.2021
B. Smittys LLC1.640.700 $Tomballmeat markets118.03.2021
C Elizabeth Jain CPA LLC1.639.000 $McKinneyaudit offices814.12.2021
S&K BROWN SERVICE COMPANY LLC1.635.000 $Richland HillHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1128.07.2021
DDKA Real Estate LLC1.634.000 $Stagedaycare services310.08.2021
Navjivan LLC1.633.500 $San MarcosHotels (except casino hotels) and motels522.9.2021
Highland Lakes Memorial Care L1.633.000 $Kingdomfuneral directors and funeral directors821.05.2021
Triple Peaks Corporation1.630.000 $Wichita FallsBeer, wine and liquor stores1401.06.2021
Unilight Industrial Inc.1.630.000 $katyfurniture wholesalers723.09.2021
Norocos Investments Inc.1.629.000 $WeatherfordGas stations with convenience stores1223.08.2021
LEGENDARY PACKAGING GROUP LLC1.628.500 $Austinpackaging and labeling services1023.02.2022
T&S Group LLC1.623.500 $Fort Worthfull service restaurants1305/02/2021
RETA VENTURES LLC1.618.000 $CleburneGeneral car repair612.09.2021
Shorelark Inc.1.615.000 $Federcountry subdivision218.03.2021
Die Good Kind Series LLC1.615.000 $saint anthonyfull service restaurants2330.07.2021
Parma-Manager LLC1.611.000 $cypresscar washes615.9.2021
Nort's Stone Edge Countertops1.610.000 $DentonFaced stone and stone product manufacturing2524.05.2021
Silverlight West 7. LLC1.608.000 $Fort WorthBeauty salons3026.9.2021
Stephen Pruitt Insurance Agency1.600.000 $carobinsurance agencies and brokers32.2.2021
ATARAM LLC1.600.000 $DallasOil and derivatives wholesalers (except Bulk Sta1819.03.2021
Shrida LLC1.600.000 $EnnisHotels (except casino hotels) and motels503.06.2021
MJPA Hospitality LLC1.600.000 $ProfessorHotels (except casino hotels) and motels209.06.2021
Environmental Fluids Inc.1.600.000 $bay cityManufacture of all other miscellaneous chemical products and preparationsfifteen29.07.2021
Jonas Bros Transfer Inc.1.600.000 $saint anthonyTransportation of used household and office supplies2028.09.2021
Loja Huddle House 1094 LLC1.599.900 $Andreasfull service restaurants2510.05.2021
NWN-Produktionen LLC1.598.000 $Austinsound recording studios521.05.2021
BECKENUSS LLC1.598.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores525.08.2021
H2IQ LLC1.596.000 $carobDry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)174.2.2022
electrical control products1.594.000 $HoustonRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations403.09.2021
Hogue Landscape Services1.592.000 $Houstonlandscaping services502.08.2021
Pups and Mutts Dog Resort und1.590.000 $KylePet grooming services (except veterinarians)2023.03.2021
RLMerrill Services 1 LLC1.585.200 $FriscoAll other specialist trading companies324.03.2022
South Josey Lane Familienzahnarzt1.585.000 $Carolltondentist offices724.02.2021
CP Nail Salon LLC1.584.000 $Dallasnail studios3510.09.2021
Queenie T. Auyeung1.583.000 $katyfull service restaurants6531.01.2022
MMV F&B II LLC1.580.000 $The colonyfull service restaurants1218.11.2021
South Texas RE LLC1.578.800 $saint anthonydentist offices117.05.2021
One Legacy Property Group LLC1.578.000 $ColleyvilleOffices of all other various naturopaths2021.03.2022
Hospitality Om Sai Nath LLC1.576.000 $LubbockHotels (except casino hotels) and motels518.03.2022
Casa Branca Rentals LLC1.575.000 $IngramHotels (except casino hotels) and motels901.06.2021
Alliance Clinical Network Inc.1.575.000 $arlington1012/06/2021
Mavericks Gymnastics LLC1.575.000 $saint anthonyphysical education and leisure education511.03.2022
N & O Holdings LLC1.572.500 $AustinLessors of other properties425.03.2021
Digitec Dental Laboratory LLC1.572.500 $DallasDentallabore1827.4.2022
Aesha LLC1.570.000 $BeaumontHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1309.04.2021
YOPRAM LLC1.567.500 $SapoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1422.07.2021
J.L. Pitcock Logistics Co.1.565.000 $HoustonGeneral cargo transportation, local103.06.2021
Ellcon Corp1.560.000 $Dallassanitation services226.04.2021
Alamo Environmental Inc.1.560.000 $saint anthonysanitation services14416.02.2022
El Campo Realty Group LLC1.556.000 $AreaGas stations with convenience stores911.06.2021
Batsios Hospitality Group LLC1.552.500 $katyLimited service restaurants7521.01.2021
LLC Fleet Repair Solutions1.551.200 $SeegovilleGeneral car repair13506.04.2021
Katy Endodontic Associates L.1.550.000 $katydentist offices204.08.2021
Lifecare-Optionen Home Health S1.550.000 $katygeneral clinical carefifteen28.09.2021
Texas Corp Servant Hands1.545.000 $Neu Braunfelsgeneral clinical care9113.04.2021
PATRICK RUEHLE DDS PA1.541.200 $Dentondentist offices1427.08.2021
Massey LLC Towing Services1.541.000 $carobmotor vehicle trailer727.04.2021
LB&S LLC1.532.000 $CorsicaClothing accessories and other clothing apparel1001/04/2021
Breenz Enterprises Inc1.530.000 $Fort WorthGas stations with convenience stores530.07.2021
Arnika Real Estate LLC1.530.000 $Friscodentist offices1205.08.2021
NOVAK MOTORCARS LLC1.530.000 $saint anthonyused car dealer62.3.2022
Q FASHION BEAUTY CARE1.525.000 $HoustonCosmetics, beauty products and perfumery1229.07.2021
Latin Advertising Inc1.524.200 $Houstonadvertising agencies431.08.2021
Moonlight Temple Hospitality L1.524.000 $templeHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1409.02.2021
Texas Karne LLC1.523.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants6030.08.2021
Seven Minds Properties LLC1.520.000 $alvinGas stations with convenience stores1324.9.2021
Hayden Trucking LLC1.513.000 $Fort WorthGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck815.11.2021
Lawrence J. Beardsley CPA PLLC1.510.000 $arlingtonaudit offices727.04.2021
Vadadada LLC1.508.000 $NacogdochesGas stations with convenience stores3013.01.2022
CML Gold LLC1.505.400 $Fort WorthGeneral car repair12.9.2021
Tritico Hospitality LLC1.502.000 $HanfstattAll other personal services618.02.2022
Watermaster Irrigation Supply1.500.000 $LubbockWater supply and irrigation systems1408.01.2021
Anmol's business investment in1.500.000 $BaytownGas stations with convenience stores72.3.2021
Northern Montessori Academy1.500.000 $Shermandaycare services1431.03.2021
RentWerx LLC1.500.000 $saint anthonyresidential property manager1029.04.2021
Wentwoods Retail Center Incor1.500.000 $planoBeer, wine and liquor stores809.07.2021
Zepol Productions Inc1.500.000 $AustinOther computer related services602.08.2021
Faithful Fidos Too LLC1.500.000 $magnoliasPet grooming services (except veterinarians)2527.08.2021
Rightworks Staffing Inc1.500.000 $Austinemployment agencies5015.9.2021
ENHANCED ENTERTAINMENT LLC1.500.000 $saint anthonyConsulting services in administrative management and general management7520.09.2021
P2 Construction Inc.1.500.000 $OdessaSupport activities for oil and gas operations772.11.2021
Go-N-Play Properties LLC1.500.000 $Conroedaycare services1612.12.2021
ELP Cielo Vista LLC1.500.000 $StageHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1301.07.2022
Squarehaus LLC1.500.000 $DallasConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings211.03.2022
Allen Academy LLC1.499.200 $Allendaycare services2027.9.2021
SRG VENTURES LLC1.498.200 $HoustonSign a carpentry contract partner2215.03.2022
RIGSBY MARKET CORP1.494.000 $saint anthonyGas stations with convenience stores1026.08.2021
First 1677 LLC1.492.000 $DallasManufacture of hygiene products1128.03.2022
Heritage Oak Funeral Homes Inc1.490.000 $Huntsvillefuneral directors and funeral directors1313.09.2021
New Dawn Gin Company Inc.1.490.000 $Bryancotton ginning5024.9.2021
Airkayaks Company LLC1.485.000 $Aledosporting goods stores426.02.2021
KIM & K DEVELOPMENT LLC1.485.000 $DallasCommercial and industrial machines and installations (except automotive and similar)3216.08.2021
HM Lodging LLC1.475.000 $weimerHotels (except casino hotels) and motels629.07.2021
Brown Enterprises LLC1.475.000 $cypressAll other entertainment and recreation industries3213.01.2022
Wine Vibes LLC1.470.000 $Missouri cityBeer, wine and liquor stores3007.02.2022
Jay Shree Krishna LLC1.465.000 $PasadenaBeer, wine and liquor stores323.02.2021
Lewis und Lafleur Holdings LLC1.465.000 $Roteichefuneral directors and funeral directors816.02.2022
Lone Star Autowäsche GVL LLC1.463.000 $Greenvillecar washes44.2.2022
PMB Group LLC1.462.000 $Friscodentist offices713.07.2021
Kyle Meason Imóveis Participações1.460.000 $McKinneydentist offices12.3.2021
DIE WILLIS LAW GROUP PLLC1.459.800 $Houstonlaw firms4117.05.2021
TM3 Holdings LLC1.458.000 $katyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers4219.04.2021
Seven Chapters LLC1.456.000 $mineral springsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels912.08.2021
HARVEY & TULLY PC CERTIFIED1.455.000 $planoaudit offices1323.04.2021
Varniraj LLC1.455.000 $brenhamHotels (except casino hotels) and motelsfifteen12/05/2021
THE REAL ESTATE VINEYARD1.453.500 $vineLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)424.9.2021
Clube Pilates South McKinney1.450.000 $McKinneyFitness centers and recreational sports8001/04/2021
Kanchan9 Hospitality LLC1.450.000 $KönigsvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels628.07.2021
sports clips1.450.000 $saint anthonyhair salons1925.08.2021
Renewed Solutions LLC1.448.000 $AddisonAll other support services1124.08.2021
Vilnation Holdings LLC1.448.000 $HoustonLimited service restaurants4524.08.2021
ASA food equipment1.445.000 $EulenlosFood machinery manufacturing247.7.2021
MASSEY'S TOW SERVICE LLC1.445.000 $Dallasmotor vehicle trailer1111.08.2021
bird tongue1.445.000 $He likesChickens and other meats110.12.2021
OM SHANTI ONE LLC1.443.000 $BeevilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels714.9.2021
Vidhi Pooja LLC1.438.900 $crossingHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1017.9.2021
Cordova at Ion LLC1.433.600 $Houstonfull service restaurants5025.08.2021
V3 Investments Inc1.431.000 $DallasGas stations with convenience stores205.04.2021
JANAKHP LTD1.430.000 $wacoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels517.12.2021
BNH Consulting LLC1.428.000 $Houstondaycare services407.05.2021
Uptown Woodforest Properties L1.428.000 $HoustonCosmetics, beauty products and perfumery729.09.2021
trinity pharmacy1.427.000 $Dallaspharmacies and drugstores4320.09.2021
Sebring Ventures LLC1.424.300 $DallasSign a carpentry contract partner2130.06.2021
Creekwood Legacy Inc1.423.100 $IrvingGeneral cargo transportation, local2522.03.2022
Protek Models LLC1.420.400 $ConroeAll other miscellaneous manufactures729.06.2021
Castenica LLC1.419.000 $Austindentist offices229.07.2021
MDA Texas LLC1.417.000 $Richardsonfull service restaurants2425.06.2021
BBSA3 Investment Group Inc.1.416.000 $BowieGas stations with convenience stores812.04.2021
Beall Service Company LLC1.415.000 $body of christHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1816.06.2021
SMART ONE MANAGEMENT LLC1.414.000 $interiorRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units224.08.2021
Cowboy Truck Stop2 Inc.1.410.000 $marshalGas stations with convenience stores921.01.2022
Jaxland Investments LLC1.406.300 $freedom hillOffices of all other various naturopaths227.04.2021
CFM-Holdings LLC1.404.400 $Fort WorthGeneral car repair1225.08.2021
HomeLey's Nursery LLC1.402.000 $Forneykindergartens and garden centers1625.09.2021
Partner Hotel Group LLC1.400.000 $DenisonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels122.2.2021
NK Investments Inc.1.400.000 $UvaldeHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1217.06.2021
Y&M Logistics Express LLC1.400.000 $cypressGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck728.02.2022
Kn.I.L.E. Zentrum LLC1.398.000 $Richmonddaycare services2203.02.2022
Series Golden Cavern Management1.397.500 $carthageoptometrists offices210.09.2021
Cooper und Lori Inc.1.391.000 $Irvingfull service restaurants2321.9.2021
SDS-MOTORSPORTS LLC1.390.300 $GranburyMotorcycles, ATVs and all other auto dealers176.7.2021
John Stearns1.390.000 $body of christinvestment advice113.09.2021
Rehmann Inc1.388.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores602.08.2021
KINETICS PLUS LLC1.386.000 $arlingtonelectricians2703.05.2022
ROZINA INVESTMENTS LLC1.385.000 $AllenGas stations with convenience stores622.9.2021
2. Runde Pick Holdings LLC1.385.000 $Hochlanddorffull service restaurants11122.04.2022
AJ BELL LLC1.384.800 $touchedGas stations with convenience stores724.03.2022
Aashina LLC1.377.000 $FriendswoodGas stations with convenience stores520.05.2021
JAAP MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC1.375.000 $HenriettaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels313.01.2021
NORTHERN PREMIER GROUP LLC1.373.000 $Dallas426.4.2022
Soled Logistics LLC1.371.000 $HoustonGeneral cargo transportation, local330.04.2021
funny super store1.369.000 $carobsporting goods stores813.01.2022
Bencoff Ventures LLC1.368.000 $Carolltonwholesale agents and brokers815.9.2021
EC5K Molds and Manufacturing1.365.600 $EastlandManufacture of all other plastic products809.04.2021
Sunny Food Market #81.365.000 $EulenlosGas stations with convenience stores410.09.2021
Galloway Gardiner LLC1.364.000 $marble fallsRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors115.06.2021
SIGMA STAR IMPORT INC.1.360.000 $DallasMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer414.04.2021
Simms Hospitality Group LLC1.360.000 $Friscofull service restaurantsfifteen08.08.2021
Bharwani Brothers Inc.1.356.000 $JoshuaGas stations with convenience stores808.11.2021
DN B Motors LLC1.353.000 $HoustonOther repairs and mechanical and electrical maintenance of motor vehicles1805.03.2021
PND Arlington Inc.1.352.500 $arlingtonGeneral cargo transportation, local4227.07.2021
SILVER STAR ACADEMY LLC1.352.000 $Houstondaycare services2610.11.2021
Kicker guarantees me agency1.350.000 $Pasadenainsurance agencies and brokers423.04.2021
Real Estate Development Tulips1.350.000 $Austindaycare services1104.05.2021
BRCT LLC1.350.000 $MansfeldConstruction of water and sewage pipes and associated structures221.06.2021
TADSCO LLC1.350.000 $Wrong Waylandscaping services8012.08.2021
CC NEWAventures R.E. GMBH1.350.000 $UvaldeLimited service restaurants1808.09.2021
SHC LLC1.350.000 $OrangeHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1023.09.2021
BOPE LLC1.349.000 $BurlesonOutdoor power equipment stores1028.01.2022
County Wash World LLC1.348.000 $Aubreycar washes523.09.2021
Scottera Corp1.344.900 $WaxahachieCustom architectural carpentry and mill fabrication123.3.2022
CP Wee Day Learning School LL1.340.500 $Caddo Millsdaycare services2010.02.2021
Bao Yi Group LLC1.340.000 $centerChickens and other meats22.9.2021
STROCO VENUTRES INC.1.339.000 $BedfordRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units201.02.2021
Four seasons of lawn care1.339.000 $Dallaslandscaping services2121.4.2022
SEDE TEXAS DOCKS LLC1.338.300 $springs drippingOffices of other holding companies327.9.2021
PREMIER WINES AND DELICIOUS1.330.200 $HoustonBeer, wine and liquor stores32.2.2021
Tempel 627 Enterprise LLC1.330.000 $Friscofull service restaurants3206.01.2022
Fedex1.329.800 $DallasGeneral cargo transportation, local2826.03.2021
SUPER SHORT STOP1.329.500 $lonely oakGas stations with convenience stores84.2.2021
PARABENS KEGBU PA1.328.800 $great prairieDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)116.6.2022
24/7 Klempnerservice L.L.C.1.328.000 $katyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2015.12.2021
KAL Property Management LLC1.323.200 $Houstonhuman rights organizations4611.08.2021
Serenity Properties LLC1.320.400 $Houstonnursing homes1404.08.2021
Generations Retinal PLLC1.320.100 $Neu BraunfelsDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)415.07.2021
AAMAG LLC1.320.000 $LewisvilleBeer, wine and liquor stores1030.09.2021
House of relatives Wines and spirits1.319.000 $arlington826.4.2022
Kirby Escrow LLC1.318.000 $HoustonSecurities summary and settlement offices816.09.2021
Orange Access Storage LLC1.317.500 $OrangeRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units226.08.2021
North Texas Helicopters Inc.1.317.300 $Fort WorthTransport to landscapes and sights, others230.07.2021
HFIC Real Estate I LLC1.316.500 $Dallaslaundromats and dry cleaners625.06.2021
Farts West Aledo1.312.400 $AledoPet and pet supply stores719.02.2021
KJY Texas LLC1.312.000 $arlingtonfull service restaurants1020.09.2021
Tranquility Day Spa1.306.000 $morseOther personal care services3122.02.2022
EMPRESS GREENMARS1.305.000 $Tylerelectricians309.08.2021
Dryaire Rentals Inc1.301.000 $BeaumontRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations727.12.2021
Acredite na Dog Training LLC1.300.500 $HoustonAll other personal services114.2.2021
Tripark LLC1.300.000 $HoustonIndustrial supplies wholesaler808.02.2021
JUNO-INVESTMENT LLC1.300.000 $Copperas BayHotels (except casino hotels) and motels714.06.2021
RTX Wireline LLC1.300.000 $OdessaSupport activities for oil and gas operations4429.07.2021
Clark Units LLC1.300.000 $DallasRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units304.08.2021
ANOTHER CLOUD INC1.300.000 $AustinData processing, hosting and related services1315.9.2021
OM & Anya-LP1.300.000 $West ColumbusHotels (except casino hotels) and motels516.09.2021
Riverchase Realty LLC1.295.000 $coppelldentist offices727.04.2021
ARYA H ENTERPRISES LLC1.293.500 $DallasGas stations with convenience stores219.07.2021
Y&G Travel Stop Inc1.292.000 $will pointGas stations with convenience stores428.09.2021
Arden Park Assisted Living LL1.291.500 $saint anthonynursing homes1009.04.2021
FS5 LLC1.287.900 $arlingtonLimited service restaurants5030.09.2021
Diamant-B-Farmen1.286.000 $TimsonChickens and other meats204.08.2021
Sunday Press Garden Oaks LLC1.283.100 $HoustonLimited service restaurants5528.05.2021
YI BAO Company LLC1.282.000 $BodyChickens and other meats203.02.2021
PND Irving Inc.1.280.700 $IrvingMail3812.04.2021
Jeremy W. McKey Law Offices1.280.000 $FriscoLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)1416.02.2021
Nur die Young Inc.1.280.000 $planoExam preparation and tutoring74.3.2022
Country Mile Logistics Inc.1.277.200 $TexarkanaGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck1112.02.2021
Sweet Olive Limited Partnerh1.277.000 $Kingwooddentist offices1117.11.2021
LNS Ventures LLC1.276.000 $OrangeGas stations with convenience stores530.07.2021
Mark 441 LLC1.275.000 $Austinrepair and maintenance of other personal and household goods1713.05.2021
Sloat Aviation Services LLC1.275.000 $Fort WorthOther air transport support activities618.05.2021
CPW FINANZSERVICE INC1.275.000 $HoustonOther accounting services1222.06.2021
Al Fattah Enterprises LLC1.274.500 $CrosbyGeneral car repair1107.04.2022
Auto Improvements LLC1.274.400 $vineGeneral car repair530.06.2021
Nowell Properties LLC1.274.300 $san angelolibraries and archives1919.03.2021
Seki Global LLC1.273.500 $CiboloElectronic and mail order purchasing companies409.08.2021
PARAMOUNT SOLUTIONS LLC1.272.000 $DallasTransportation of used household and office supplies623.06.2021
Sea Dog Animal Training LLC1.271.000 $HoustonPet grooming services (except veterinarians)201.4.2021
Haslet Ventures LOLC1.271.000 $ShameGas stations with convenience stores426.11.2021
Die Grandz Brand Companies LLC1.270.000 $Leandrofull service restaurants6030.03.2022
RuffLife Ventures LLC1.269.000 $hill of flowersaudit officesfifteen04.05.2021
Armadura Texas Insurance Agency I1.267.900 $Fort Worthinsurance agencies and brokers1020.12.2021
WHITE HOUSE PROPERTY LAKEWOOD1.267.000 $Dallasnursing homesfifteen17.05.2021
CA Davis and Company LLC1.266.200 $Tomballhardware retail wholesaler1002.08.2021
Christopher Wayne Moore Inc.1.266.000 $levelinsurance agencies and brokers33.3.2021
M&K Hospitality LLC1.264.000 $KilgoreHotels (except casino hotels) and motels117.7.2021
Lovefield SRG Holding LLC1.262.300 $DuncanvilleLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)526.07.2021
Ram Equities LLC1.262.200 $LeandroOther electronic parts and devices wholesalers1201.02.2021
LLC placeholder storage1.261.000 $magnoliasRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units214.06.2021
SDS-MOTORSPORTS LLC1.260.000 $GranburyMotorcycles, ATVs and all other auto dealers166.7.2021
Lavendel Springs LLC1.260.000 $Austinnursing homes2529.09.2021
Die Chafin Agency LLC1.259.100 $spring branchinsurance agencies and brokers623.04.2021
MVNR Hospitality LLC1.257.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants9010.09.2021
IndiTex Ventures LLC1.257.000 $HoustonPet and pet supply stores2421.9.2021
AGMC Properties LLC1.254.000 $HoustonAutomotive oil change and lubrication workshopsfifteen19.01.2021
Wanderstay Real Estate Holding1.253.000 $HoustonBed-and-Breakfast-Gasthäuser14.2.2021
Shivam Hillsboro LLC1.252.800 $HillsboroHotels (except casino hotels) and motels104.2.2021
Low Commercial Investments L1.252.500 $town of Haltomdentist offices319.07.2021
Hassat LLC1.252.000 $Houstondaycare services1221.03.2022
9M9 Hospitality Inc1.250.000 $ok roseHotels (except casino hotels) and motels724.03.2021
Shriya Jagruti LLC1.250.000 $VictoryHotels (except casino hotels) and motels716.08.2021
Skillco LLC1.250.000 $SnyderSupport activities for oil and gas operations216.03.2022
RODRIGUEZ LAW OFFICE PLLC1.249.000 $Houstonlaw firms312.09.2021
CD Richie Holdings LLC1.246.400 $Wichita Fallsfull service restaurants2529.08.2021
Benk Group LLC1.246.000 $cedar hilllandscaping services2029.07.2021
Burkhart Houchard und Associate1.245.200 $Dallaslandscaping services4527.05.2021
Triumph Allianz LLC1.245.000 $KilleenGas stations with convenience stores317.03.2021
Pham Eldorado Plaza LLC1.244.700 $websterlaundromats and dry cleaners520.07.2021
Ironsmith Supply Company LLC1.242.000 $OdessaIndustrial supplies wholesaler163.3.2022
2555 N. MacGregor L.L.C.1.241.000 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)127.12.2021
JSC World Inc1.235.000 $coppellbakeries210.05.2021
SHREE AMMARESHOR HOLDINGS LLC1.235.000 $GainesvilleGas stations with convenience stores428.09.2021
texan mini store1.235.000 $PleasantRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units223.11.2021
264 Kitty Hawk Consertos LLC1.235.000 $universal cityGeneral car repair511.01.2022
EVERGREEN ENTERPRISE LLC1.232.500 $loadedGas stations with convenience stores226.02.2021
Paca Verde Properties LLC1.232.500 $Divinekindergartens and garden centers1622.03.2021
GM Santana LLC1.226.500 $garlandLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)424.9.2021
Antoun Jones Panter-Holdings1.225.000 $spice woodManufacture of musical instruments913.05.2022
OM DANTA LLC1.224.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels201.09.2021
Urgent Health Solutions PLLC1.223.000 $LufkinAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers5418.08.2021
PARANADA FW LLC1.220.000 $Fort WorthElectronic and mail order purchasing companies64.2.2022
GLACIER BEACH LLC1.218.000 $wacoElectrical appliances and equipment, wiring accessories and related equipment2807.04.2021
Wilson Investments Firm LLC1.217.000 $BaytownGeneral car repair729.03.2022
Label Solutions Inc.1.216.000 $garlandpackaging and labeling services1608.02.2021
South Buckner Family Dentistry1.215.000 $Dallasdentist offices612.05.2021
Epic Tool & Rental Inc1.215.000 $PasadenaRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations413.05.2021
BAR Island LLC1.215.000 $arlingtonGeneral car repair330.06.2021
LAW OFFICE OF DAVID A. BRESTON1.215.000 $Houstonlaw firms76.7.2021
Mantha LLC1.212.000 $HoustonRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units523.04.2021
Flor Insurance Group LLC1.210.000 $Stageinsurance agencies and brokers5008.06.2021
Pin soldered on Keystone L1.209.300 $Irving1430.03.2022
KRISTEN FEGALE INTERIORS LLC1.206.200 $Dallasinterior design services12.6.2021
Apsley House LLC1.205.100 $DallasElectronic and mail order purchasing companies826.04.2021
Eekooyee Limited Liability With1.205.000 $BridgeportSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2012/05/2021
AR SERVIÇOS PSYCHOLOGICOS PLL1.203.000 $SouthlakePractices for non-physicians (other than physicians)2116.09.2021
Elite Form Metal Products Inc1.201.600 $Houstonsheet metal work manufacturing1129.4.2022
Small Creations Learning Center1.201.000 $Dallasdaycare services2711.01.2021
EV SB Snyder LLC1.201.000 $SnyderAutomotive oil change and lubrication workshops717.05.2022
Ren Group LLC1.200.700 $great prairiePrecast steel and concrete structural contractors1420.05.2022
ARTIC AIR CONDITIONING AND HE1.200.000 $LubbockHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers715.03.2021
CLEOPATRA PROPERTIES LLC1.200.000 $saint anthonydentist offices602.04.2021
PC Hart Waste LLC1.200.000 $carobCollection of other waste102.6.2021
Sunlight Partnership LLC1.200.000 $it fallsHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1208.07.2021
TL HORIZON PROPERTIES LLC1.200.000 $StageNon-residential property managerfifteen27.9.2021
Hulme Orthodontics P.A.1.200.000 $loadeddentist offices3131.12.2021
Texas Art LLC1.200.000 $CluteAll other personal services224.01.2022
Sichem Inc.1.200.000 $Midlothianfull service restaurants5114.03.2022
EMPRESS AMPRITE1.200.000 $HoustonWholesale of car accessories and new parts907.04.2022
TX Print and Design Shop LLC1.198.000 $Dallascommercial rotogravure2526.4.2022
Juneli LLC1.196.000 $HallsvilleGas stations with convenience stores619.02.2021
TD & IN LLC1.195.000 $touchedOther poultry production225.03.2021
Cruzers Customs LLC1.194.300 $Neu BraunfelsRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors909.08.2021
JMG ESTATES & CO. LLC1.193.400 $Federcare facilities513.04.2022
Lake Hills Express Inc.1.193.300 $sea ​​hillGas stations with convenience stores1324.12.2021
ALKAL Franz GmbH1.193.000 $katydaycare services414.4.2022
Every dog ​​has its day LLC1.192.000 $DallasPet grooming services (except veterinarians)215.03.2022
Valorusa Inc1.191.000 $IrvingOther scientific and technical advisory services4012.02.2021
SWK GROUP LLC1.190.000 $Dallasfurniture wholesalers417.02.2021
SHRAMDEEP LLC1.189.900 $VictoryHotels (except casino hotels) and motels416.09.2021
BUDDHA DARSHAN INC.1.183.000 $HanfstattGas stations with convenience stores59.9.2021
600 HOSPITALIDADE LTDA1.181.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants3014.04.2021
MNRR LLC1.180.000 $ClevelandGas stations with convenience stores324.08.2021
Quonset Lodge LLC1.180.000 $Austinlandscaping services122.9.2021
Nasa Kids Academy Too LLC1.180.000 $Houstondaycare services417.02.2022
Pipestone Place em Lost Creek1.179.100 $saint anthonynursing homesfifteen21.9.2021
MFM Architects LLC1.175.000 $Stagearchitectural services421.01.2021
F2 Investment LLC1.175.000 $WeisswrightLimited service restaurants11007.04.2021
Marie V. Kelly PLLC1.174.900 $Dallasaudit offices2027.08.2021
Greene Family Ltd1.174.500 $HoustonVarious financial investment activities223.11.2021
Brown Interests F&B LLC1.173.000 $Neu-UlmPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)5804.05.2021
JLAM VENTURES LLC1.171.000 $PasadenaPet grooming services (except veterinarians)2720.04.2022
Mantus Anchors LLC1.170.000 $Houstonsporting goods stores310.05.2021
Eight 23 Fuel Mart LLC1.170.000 $great prairieGas stations with convenience stores506.08.2021
Geo-Springs LLC1.170.000 $AustinAll other professional, scientific and technical services1827.9.2021
Gmona Saddlehorn LLC1.170.000 $katynursing homes716.12.2021
Skinner Workspace Studios LLC1.170.000 $FederMortgage and non-mortgage loan brokers1707.03.2022
TJF OPTOMETRIC HOLDINGS PLLC1.169.500 $Austinoptometrists offices1018.02.2021
ASHTON JIAN INC.1.166.000 $arlingtoninsurance agencies and brokers225.03.2021
Highland Dental Laboratory LL1.166.000 $AddisonDentallabore2128.12.2021
RE LLC joint ventures1.165.600 $Houstondaycare services231.03.2021
Las Delicias Holdings LLC1.165.500 $DonnaProduction of mayonnaise, sauces and other prepared sauces627.07.2021
3 Hunna Enterprise LLC1.165.000 $Modestotire dealer719.08.2021
Army Navy Warehouse FB LLC1.165.000 $North Richland Hillssporting goods storesfifteen23.09.2021
Light Estate Group LLC1.165.000 $HoustonServices for seniors and people with disabilities4923.09.2021
Fuel Spring LLC1.160.000 $StephenvilleGas stations with convenience stores604.06.2021
DFW Metropolitan Insurance Gro1.160.000 $you will checkinsurance agencies and brokers413.07.2021
J&S Storage Solutions LLC1.160.000 $great prairieRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units823.08.2021
Civilized Storage LLC1.160.000 $great prairieRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units623.08.2021
Thomas stone and materials1.160.000 $saint anthonylandscape architecture services815.9.2021
TEP Cleaning LLC1.159.000 $McKinneyjanitorial services305.04.2021
PraTej Investments LLC1.156.500 $Caroltondentist offices326.4.2022
Lil John Wayne Realty LLC1.154.700 $bee caveinsurance agencies and brokers121.12.2021
Maverick Linehaul Inc.1.151.000 $Richland HillGeneral cargo transportation, local1121.9.2021
Handelscafé LLC1.150.700 $Lockhartfull service restaurants2511.03.2022
C&M Enterprises of Texas LLC1.150.000 $saint anthonyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2608.07.2021
Laverkin LLC1.150.000 $saint anthonyFitness centers and recreational sports928.07.2021
Meg's Healthy Foods LLC1.150.000 $HoustonProvider205.08.2021
Navigant insurance solutions1.150.000 $katyinsurance agencies and brokers221.03.2022
Marshall Sands Holdings LLC1.147.500 $WylieClothing accessories and other clothing apparel202.9.2021
Q-Mart Investment Inc.1.146.000 $Quinlanconvenience stores301.02.2021
TABELA LOCAL FULSHEAR LLC1.146.000 $Vollscherfull service restaurants3516.03.2021
Aspire Chiropractic PLLC1.145.500 $North Richland Hillsoffices of chiropractors525.08.2021
Grand T&B Investment LLC1.145.000 $Eulenlosnail studios353.12.2021
Axis Contractor Services LLC1.145.000 $planodrywall and insulation company517.05.2022
Royal Diamond Imports Inc.1.144.400 $DallasWholesale of tobacco and tobacco products1424.08.2021
Dry Aid Restoration LLC1.143.900 $KrügervilleOther services for buildings and apartments1823.07.2021
Kaduceus Holdings Inc.1.141.000 $HoustonEducational Support Services714.01.2022
Fox Fitness Inc.1.140.000 $OdessaFitness centers and recreational sports403.02.2021
Adventsgarten GmbH1.140.000 $Princetonkindergartens and garden centers112.07.2021
IDEAL REAL ESTATE LLC1.140.000 $Bertramcar washes703/08/2022
Johnston Holdings Inc.1.138.900 $Wimberleylandscape architecture services805.04.2022
B E R ELECTRIC1.138.500 $Rockportelectricians4426.04.2021
Hawkins Psychiatry PLLC1.135.000 $arlingtonMedical practices, mental health specialists106.04.2021
FATIMIDE ENTERPRISES INC.1.135.000 $Greenville416.05.2022
Hard Assets Jumbo Storage LLC1.130.000 $PasadenaRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units028.06.2021
king builder trailer1.130.000 $HoustonTruck trailer manufacturing3513.01.2022
KH99 INVESTMENT LLC1.129.500 $Waxahachienail studios4514.03.2022
JJL PRINTING INC.1.129.500 $Georgetowncommercial rotogravure2214.4.2022
Perez Family Dentistry1.125.000 $Fort Worthdentist offices201.02.2021
House of relatives Wines and spirits1.125.000 $DallasBeer, wine and liquor stores1312.02.2021
VIHDI LLC e1.125.000 $Duncanvilledentist offices123.11.2021
Accipitridae LLC1.124.100 $Mansfeldfuneral directors and funeral directors929.08.2021
Meineke Care Car Center nº 28981.124.000 $FederOther repairs and mechanical and electrical maintenance of motor vehicles522.03.2021
Jay Kuber LLC1.124.000 $WeslacoHotels (except casino hotels) and motels724.06.2021
Professional RC plumbers1.123.500 $IrvingHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers5007.06.2021
Wamigo family limited partners1.122.000 $sea ​​pathVarious financial investment activities121.9.2021
The Language and Learning Center1.122.000 $katyOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists212.11.2021
FRIO TRIO Investment Group LLC1.120.000 $Dallaswholesale agents and brokers2313.05.2021
FORCE HOUSEHOLD SERVICES HEATING AND1.120.000 $DentonHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers3127.05.2021
ART OF HOMAGE LLC1.118.400 $town of HaltomOther direct selling businesses411.05.2021
Richard L. McNeese Jr.1.115.100 $DallasManufacture of showcases, partitions, shelves and cabinets830.03.2022
König Hammy 1 LLC1.113.500 $Missouri cityPet and pet supply stores4013.10.2021
Nineteen Twenty Five LLC1.112.900 $loadedProvider106.08.2021
OM JEE Investments Inc.1.110.000 $LufkinGas stations with convenience stores525.02.2021
Plymouth Real Estate LLC1.110.000 $saint anthonyaudit offices806.08.2021
Trinity Holdings AS LLC1.109.200 $ElginWholesale of industrial machinery and equipment815.02.2022
Westgate Dental Austin PLLC1.105.000 $Austindentist offices101.06.2021
Wehbi Properties LLC1.105.000 $Houstonused car dealer1123.06.2021
RCM Billing and Consulting LLC1.105.000 $vineOther accounting servicesfifteen30.08.2021
JAY JALA LLC1.105.000 $gonzalesHotels (except casino hotels) and motels722.04.2022
Terra Firma Foundation LLC1.104.500 $alvinManufacture of all other miscellaneous wood products6828.08.2021
TEXAS PRECISION STONE LLC1.100.000 $Southlakemason company405/02/2021
Lewvia Inc1.100.000 $MansfeldRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors1718.02.2021
OM SHIVSAI LLC1.100.000 $marshalHotels (except casino hotels) and motels422.07.2021
Premier Pain Centers P.A.1.100.000 $RichardsonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)929.4.2022
Pet Joy Baytown LLC1.099.000 $BaytownPet and pet supply stores1104.08.2021
Los Jimenez Auto Group LLC1.096.500 $Dallasused car dealer310.06.2021
Texas Pet Supplies Inc.1.096.000 $GelbPet and pet supply stores1308.01.2021
THE Haesung Inc1.095.000 $Dallas-SeeBeer, wine and liquor stores115.06.2021
Krishnavrund LLC1.095.000 $SeegovilleGas stations with convenience stores519.08.2021
Aduro Film Inc.1.094.000 $AustinRental and leasing of other commercial and industrial machinery and installations213.07.2021
Georgetown Elite Dental1.094.000 $Georgetowndentist offices815.07.2021
NABDIV LLC1.093.000 $AzulBeer, wine and liquor stores1011.03.2021
Leather Furniture USA LLC1.090.000 $Austinfurniture store301.02.2021
ROR United LLC1.090.000 $Friscofull service restaurants4228.10.2021
Team ABC Ltd.1.089.000 $Fort Worthpest extermination and control services22606.04.2021
Mow Weights LLC1.089.000 $LewisvilleOutdoor power equipment stores1019.07.2021
Oasis Erosion Control LLC1.088.000 $HoustonSite preparation contractor17.7.2021
GJOTSJ Enterprises L.L.C.1.084.700 $arlingtonRepair and maintenance of other electronic and precision equipment1026.07.2021
Texas Security Inc.1.084.000 $vacation813.05.2022
Kiwi Crossing LLC.1.083.600 $bloomLessors of other properties1010.09.2021
NAVIEK INC1.079.500 $Fort Worthlaundromats and dry cleaners422.04.2022
AFSA ENTERPRISES INC1.078.000 $Carolltonconvenience stores316.03.2021
RBJ Venture LLC1.078.000 $North Richland Hillslaundromats and dry cleaners111.08.2021
Senior level employees and related events1.077.300 $Dallas2329.03.2022
FiveStar Pulmonary Associates1.075.500 $AllenDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)509.06.2021
Level One Emergency Care LLC1.075.000 $RosharonAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers93.3.2022
Cozy Living Community-Friendsw1.075.000 $FriendswoodOther inpatient units1010.03.2022
SHREE THAKORJI LLC1.073.100 $AtlantaHotels (except casino hotels) and motels512.08.2021
AMAR BINITA LLC1.073.000 $gun barrel cityHotels (except casino hotels) and motels213.08.2021
Marmadukes Munchies LLC1.072.500 $Kingwood2325.03.2022
San Antonio Familienpsychiatrie1.071.000 $Shawano-ParkMedical practices, mental health specialists212.02.2021
Ikone Ventures Inc.1.070.400 $DallasPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)9004.08.2021
James H. Beaty D.D.S. PA1.070.000 $Federdentist offices820.04.2021
MILITARY MARKET CORP1.070.000 $saint anthonyLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)423.09.2021
PDFG LLC1.067.000 $Houstoneditor software210.05.2021
THE TICKET SPORTS BAR & GRILL1.062.500 $universal cityPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)1323.06.2021
GameChanger Holdings LLC1.062.500 $HoustonOther electronic parts and devices wholesalers213.07.2021
AMG Nail Products Corporation1.062.200 $HoustonMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer331.08.2021
Y&K HOPE LLC1.062.000 $Dallasfull service restaurants524.02.2022
Cornerstor Self Storage1.060.000 $RoteicheRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units205/02/2021
Muhammad Rehan Zafar e Humai1.060.000 $HoustonAuto parts and accessories stores729.04.2021
APD Global Inc.1.060.000 $PittsburghGas stations with convenience stores429.07.2021
Samay International Inc.1.060.000 $AledoGas stations with convenience stores220.09.2021
JAMN REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC1.056.000 $Santa Fehardware stores622.02.2021
Wetter Briargrove LLC1.054.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants9620.04.2022
Dwarkesh LLC1.052.000 $crossingHotels (except casino hotels) and motels522.9.2021
Vuong Dentistry DMD PLLC1.051.400 $cypressdentist offices1626.08.2021
ed pharmacy1.050.000 $Missouri citypharmacies and drugstores1015.06.2021
Fine Furniture Changes from Abel I1.049.700 $DallasTransportation of used household and office suppliesfifteen4.2.2021
Five Champs LLC1.049.200 $saint anthonyPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)5010.08.2021
LoneStar-Design-Build1.046.000 $Eulenlosapartment renovators1122.03.2022
Kalyan Law Firm P.C.1.045.000 $Westsee-Hügellaw firms413.07.2021
Kingwood Tire & Automotive Ser1.045.000 $KingwoodGeneral car repair1311.02.2022
Wolfpack Craft und Tap LLC1.043.000 $planofull service restaurants2521.06.2021
S Parker's Property 3 LLC1.041.000 $Houston421.03.2022
Northview Plaza Family Dentist1.040.000 $Dallasdentist offices705.03.2021
BOTTLE BARONS LLC1.040.000 $planoBusiness-to-business electronic marketplaces1106.05.2021
Lava Jato1.038.000 $Houstoncar washes218.4.2022
Top Shot Gunite LLC1.037.200 $Get preparedConcrete foundations and contractors623.11.2021
Computerkinder 288 LLC1.036.000 $Houstondaycare services275.5.2022
Sanjiva PLLC1.035.200 $DallasDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)1012/06/2021
Dupasquier Enterprises Inc.1.035.000 $MontgomeryAll other specialist trading companies1019.02.2021
IAS Texas Investment LLC1.031.000 $ClydeGas stations with convenience stores527.04.2021
Empresa Sunny Lark1.031.000 $BurlesonElectronic and mail order purchasing companies823.09.2021
Sheffield LLC liquidation1.030.000 $PasadenaOther durable goods wholesalers919.07.2021
Arbor True Environmental Service1.030.000 $goalkeeperlandscaping services16525.04.2022
YOWD FOOD LLC1.028.800 $katyfull service restaurants112.05.2021
NxTSTOP Inc.1.027.000 $DallasFamily clothing stores820.10.2021
16:11 Sport LLC1.026.000 $Fort WorthAll other entertainment and recreation industries3213.04.2022
J3 Company LLC1.025.000 $KompfortOther heavy and civil engineering18619.01.2021
Shree Perbraham Swaroopini Inc.1.025.000 $HoustonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels530.04.2021
Silverlight Alliance Town Cent1.024.200 $Fort WorthBeauty salons3027.9.2021
TKO Coffee LLC1.024.100 $Fresh waterSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars4217.02.2022
Jai Saraswati Krupa Inc.1.024.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels36.7.2021
Trailwood Star Auto LLC1.021.000 $wacoGeneral car repair32.7.2021
NTH Investment LLC1.020.000 $WeatherfordRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units423.04.2021
CYRUS BUSINESS INC.1.020.000 $RaywoodGas stations with convenience stores701.09.2021
SWIFT BUSINESS INC.1.020.000 $freedomGas stations with convenience stores401.09.2021
Anthony Johnson1.020.000 $Jersey-DorfTransportation of used household and office supplies131.12.2021
Die Anderson Six LLC1.020.000 $Neu Braunfelsdaycare services2911.02.2022
Dois Oaks Inc.1.013.300 $Port Arthurinsurance agencies and brokers114.07.2021
Ferrari Fine Arts LLC1.013.000 $DallasIndependent artists, writers and performers201.07.2021
PHT Hospitality LLC1.012.800 $KennedyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels716.09.2021
ANGELA BAILEY REALTY LLC1.012.000 $Fort WorthDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)212.01.2022
V&D Storage Do LLC1.012.000 $LewisvilleRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units431.01.2022
Char Brothers Inc.1.011.500 $league cityGas stations with convenience stores726.03.2021
Chicago Viet Investment Ground1.010.000 $Frisconail studios163.3.2022
KC Brothers LLC1.007.500 $ParisGas stations with convenience stores1223.04.2021
Arif Petroleum Incorporated1.006.000 $wildlife parkGas stations with convenience stores510.09.2021
Academy of the Dawning Years1.003.000 $Houstondaycare services1417.9.2021
Container-Holdings LLC1.000.000 $HoustonOffices of other holding companies3601.02.2021
Stella Rose Holdings LLC1.000.000 $Dallasinterior design services2411.02.2021
Lamont Brands Inc.1.000.000 $Houstoncommercial screen printing2425.02.2021
Lea Park & ​​Play Inc.1.000.000 $RichardsonAll other specialist trading companies1908.04.2021
DYNASTY SPIRITS INC.1.000.000 $DallasWholesale of wines and spirits2004.05.2021
LIVMOR Inc.1.000.000 $FriscoManufacture of surgical and medical instrumentsfifteen20.05.2021
Go home instead1.000.000 $Houstongeneral clinical care5808.06.2021
ROOTS ZAHNSTUDIO PLLC1.000.000 $The woodsdentist offices217.06.2021
WS International LLC1.000.000 $Zweig FarmersConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings517.06.2021
LEVEE MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC1.000.000 $sugar countryConsulting services in administrative management and general management121.06.2021
FCM DALLAS1.000.000 $RichardsonWholesale of cars and other motor vehicles2224.06.2021
KBI 2015 TXLP1.000.000 $Irvingfull service restaurants10124.06.2021
Terry Canales1.000.000 $Edinburghlaw firms1129.06.2021
Environmental Fluids Inc.1.000.000 $bay cityManufacture of all other miscellaneous chemical products and preparationsfifteen29.07.2021
OM JEE INVESTMENTS INC1.000.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores306.08.2021
JAPAN AUTO SERVICES INC.1.000.000 $Houstonused car dealer1717.08.2021
Stafford Lodging Group LLC1.000.000 $StaffordHotels (except casino hotels) and motels431.08.2021
Brenner Investments Inc1.000.000 $Dallasused car dealer308.09.2021
XARIS EIRENE CORP1.000.000 $Carolltonfull service restaurants514.9.2021
LOCO APPAREL LLC1.000.000 $hill of flowersElectronic and mail order purchasing companies316.09.2021
Zack's Fine Jewelry Inc.1.000.000 $HoustonWholesale of jewelry, watches, precious stones and precious metals1022.9.2021
Cross Healthcare Management LL1.000.000 $Stadt Sterlingcare facilities724.9.2021
About Dutt Sai LLC1.000.000 $NacogdochesHotels (except casino hotels) and motels725.09.2021
GST FAMILY GROUP LLC1.000.000 $arlingtonAll other retailers to miscellaneous stores (except tobacconists)726.9.2021
PC McBee & Co.1.000.000 $Kelleraudit offices1322.10.2021
ABRAMS FUEL MART LLC1.000.000 $DallasGas stations with convenience stores308.11.2021
Trinity Line Investment LLC1.000.000 $coppellGas stations with convenience stores428.12.2021
Allen Concrete LLC1.000.000 $StageConcrete foundations and contractors11601.07.2022
Senior By Design LLC1.000.000 $Dallasfurniture wholesalers1401.02.2022
Karmjit Singh998.400 $Fort WorthGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck2120.01.2022
BM Cruz III Enterprise LLC998.000 $Dallascar washes308.02.2021
CMSATX LLC998.000 $Austincemeteries and crematoria1008.11.2021
Velo Cafe LLC995.300 $Kellersporting goods stores811/05/2021
GLCo Services Inc.993.500$RosharonLessors of other properties1003.09.2021
Preis Express Mart LLC991.000 $HendersonGas stations with convenience stores1005.08.2021
Potranso dental infantil creams991.000 $saint anthonydentist offices2716.09.2021
Calvo Construction Inc. em Tex990.000 $vineConstruction of water and sewage pipes and associated structures1613.04.2021
Legacy Pets Inc990.000 $ConroePet and pet supply stores2014.05.2021
Bulk Beef Jerky LLC990.000 $Johnson CityManufacture of other snacks1627.9.2021
Lonestar Essential Services LL987.000 $AustinAll other miscellaneous waste disposal services419.12.2021
VOICE TO VOICE SERVICE TX-STAR986.000 $saint anthonyOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists426.11.2021
EBT Inc.983.000 $Fort WorthWholesale of industrial machinery and equipment1116.09.2021
Colton Vision PLLC982.800 $planooptometrists offices626.08.2021
Kipling Business LLC.980.000 $goalkeeperGas stations with convenience stores1214.05.2021
GUARDIAN PET HOSPITAL PLLC980.000 $Dentonveterinary service176.7.2021
RH2 Capital LLC980.000 $ShermanRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units330.07.2021
Main Services DFW LLC975.000 $Dallaslandscape architecture services020.10.2021
Jayvina LLC975.000 $At the doorHotels (except casino hotels) and motels401.07.2022
Central Flyway Logistics Corp975.000 $LufkinGeneral cargo transportation, local34.4.2022
DLCB Group LLC974.400 $Friscofull service restaurants6014.9.2021
McKinney emergency veterinarian974.000 $McKinneyveterinary service1021.06.2021
Brown Integrative Holdings LL973.000 $TylerOffices of all other various naturopaths612.02.2021
MANAGEMENT OF BIG BRANDS INC.973.000 $HoustonFilm and video production621.4.2022
AMT-Holdings LLC972.200 $huttoManufacture of metal windows and doors301.02.2021
Hallettsville LLC972.000 $HallettsvilleHotels (except casino hotels) and motels409.08.2021
V&S LEGACY INC.972.000 $CrowleyGeneral cargo transportation, local223.09.2021
Gamboa Immobilien LLC971.700 $IrvingDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)629.04.2021
2021 ART Operations LLC970.600 $maxwell2425.02.2022
Grupo Gulf Coast Brothers LP970.000 $bay cityMerchants from other builders709.11.2021
CARL TOOK ME A BATH969.900 $SouthlakeDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)825.04.2022
Trockenbach Nº. 3968.800 $Bridgeport424.05.2022
Swing Zone Inc.967.700 $Houstonfull service restaurants5614.02.2022
Starlight Insurance Agency LLC967.000 $Richardsoninsurance agencies and brokers623.08.2021
Double K Ah!thentic Pizza LLC966.000 $round stoneLimited service restaurants656.6.2021
SHREE AKALA DEVI HOLDINGS LLC965.000 $BridgeportGas stations with convenience stores412.02.2021
LuvNcare PLLC964.600 $Fort WorthDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)314.12.2021
NMD Properties LLC964.000 $LubbockLimited service restaurants223.06.2021
Dallasites101 Inc.963.000 $DallasAll other information services1218.06.2021
Dolcefino Investments LLC962.000 $HoustonAll other professional, scientific and technical services23.3.2022
Outlaw color and manufacturing961.700 $Neu BraunfelsGeneral car repair518.08.2021
BB Deck Inc.958.000 $Tomballresidential property manager1628.02.2022
HDB Clothing LLC956.700 $Forneywomen's clothing stores1023.08.2021
Silverlight Altstadt LLC956.200 $DallasBeauty salons4827.9.2021
Wickland Enterprise Holdings954.500 $BeaumontGeneral car repair819.05.2021
FUNERALS AND LOWE-GARDNER CREAM950.000 $Quitmanfuneral directors and funeral directors817.03.2021
EARTH ANALYTICAL SCIENCES INC.950.000 $BeaumontPrüflabre3828.4.2021
A 53 # 6 Inc950.000 $OdessaBeer, wine and liquor stores214.05.2021
Coward Industries LLC950.000 $LewisvilleAll other specialist trading companies109.07.2021
Barkman and Smith Fisico O950.000 $Fort WorthOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists226.08.2021
RAHUL RAJENDRA MEHTA DMD VON T950.000 $Federdentist offices1226.9.2021
slate950.000 $At the doorAll other miscellaneous food production41.12.2021
Brick Restoration Inc949.600 $Irvingmason company4221.06.2021
H-Wheel & Tire Inc. Nr.2949.400 $Conroetire dealer422.03.2021
Lone Star Restaurant Group LLC949.000 $saint anthonyLimited service restaurants4023.09.2021
CLEMENTS FITNESS SOLUTIONS 2L948.100 $ConroeFitness centers and recreational sports912.07.2021
Sapaustex LLC946.000 $Zedernparkfull service restaurants5821.11.2021
ALUMINUM TANK AND TANK ACCESSORIES946.000 $ForwardMiscellaneous Rolling, drawing and aluminum extrusion1320.12.2021
4Sight Testing Inc.945.000 $AbilenePrüflabre617.06.2021
Janki & Punit Accommodation LLC944.000 $saint anthonyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels220.08.2021
Everest Seven Nine LLC943.500 $DallasProduction of frozen specialties113.04.2022
Venture North Star LLC942.800 $saint anthonyOther activities related to real estate327.9.2021
MUNOZ AGUIRRE GROUP LLC941.100 $StageGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck1629.07.2021
SRM Investments LLC940.000 $katyPet grooming services (except veterinarians)1724.02.2021
Global Origin Enterprises LLC940.000 $JustinGas stations with convenience stores322.9.2021
Fighting Squirrel Holdings LL937.700 $Dallaspublic relations agencies215.04.2021
Growing up together preschool and937.500 $Houstondaycare services1222.07.2021
Prime Trees Inc.937.200 $Houstonlandscaping services1018.02.2022
Future Champions of Rockwall936.000 $royse citydaycare services4412.08.2021
Drei Yu Investment LLC935.000 $HoustonOther durable goods wholesalers431.07.2021
Thai Internationale LLC935.000 $McKinneyfull service restaurants623.08.2021
Javakinetic LLC935.000 $katySnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars3612/06/2021
Lakeside Business LLC935.000 $Anger803/08/2022
Twelve Jaynes Bakeshop LLC932.000 $GainesvilleSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2023.07.2021
FEM Real Estate 03 LLC931.500 $saint anthonyLessors of other properties123.09.2021
ROADWAY ASSET SERVICES LLC931.400 $SeeblickAll other professional, scientific and technical services320.08.2021
Shade Tree Express LLC930.000 $marionGeneral cargo transport, long distance transport, truck623.09.2021
PWR STORAGE SOLUTIONS LLC928.600 $Dallaselectricians613.01.2022
Trademark Letter Press Service928.000 $Dallascommercial rotogravure221.12.2021
KBINAKAY LLC926.000 $Fort WorthGas stations with convenience stores1014.9.2021
Taco King LLC925.600 $the netherlandsfull service restaurants3205.08.2021
KRIZ RETAIL LLC925.500 $QuinlanGas stations with convenience stores409.02.2021
CEK Technology Inc.924.600 $PflugervilleOther professional equipment and accessories wholesalers520.09.2021
Grapeson Properties LLC923.800 $Missouri cityaudit offices626.4.2022
H7 isst-Lake Jackson LLC923.600 $Lago Jacksonfull service restaurants2514.4.2022
RV park in the countryside923.200 $villainyRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)124.9.2021
YTRAB Wings Inc.923.000 $round stonefull service restaurants7611.05.2021
Precise Plumbing Services LL923.000 $HoustonHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers1629.07.2021
MsKimPie LLC, uma Texas Limited922.200 $arlingtonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)1328.07.2021
Arif Brothers Incorporated920.000 $matagordaGas stations with convenience stores514.9.2021
Wheelchair accessible transport918.400 $arpTransportation with special needs617.02.2022
Scruggs Distribution LLC918.000 $HoustonWholesale of cars and other motor vehiclesfifteen12.09.2021
Rawlins Motor Works Inc.918.000 $KilleenAuto glass replacement workshops829.09.2021
Repair of JR tires and diesel trucks917.500 $WilmerGeneral car repair406.04.2021
Oregon Automotive LLC917.500 $HoustonGeneral car repair1625.06.2021
GWG Nursery LLC915.000 $HoustonWholesale of flowers, nurseries and items for florists2431.08.2021
Scoggin Express Inc.914.000 $AbileneMail2201.07.2021
Xineohp Real Estate LLC by Zo910.000 $hearfuneral directors and funeral directors427.9.2021
MAIN SERVICES WACO LLC909.000 $Wrong Waylandscaping services1412.04.2021
TOMEK LOGISTICS INC905.900 $LufkinGeneral cargo transportation, local1422.03.2022
Bridge Rubber Bearings LLC903.700 $TylerManufacture of all other rubber products724.12.2021
Dharma Home Care Inc903.400 $Stagegeneral clinical care7024.06.2021
Texas Partners LLC903.000 $RichmondElectronic and mail order purchasing companies409.08.2021
RV Masters Inc.902.000 $HoustonOther repairs and mechanical and electrical maintenance of motor vehiclesfifteen20.01.2021
Tony's Jamaican Food LLC901.500 $Austinfull service restaurants710.08.2021
Jinsan Properties LLC901.000 $DallasWomen's, children's and children's clothing and accessories Merchant Wh1101.09.2021
Harrow Real Estate LLC900.900 $HoustonAll other personal services328.08.2021
the granbury boy900.900 $Granburyfull service restaurants4828.09.2021
Employer controlled insurance service900.000 $Tylerinsurance agencies and brokers4018.02.2021
SAIGON HUSTLE GARDEN OAKS LLC900.000 $Houstonfull service restaurantsfifteen12.07.2021
Gardenia Venue Operations LLC900.000 $HurstCongress and fair organizers1331.08.2021
Ranger Elite Management LLC900.000 $Get preparedfacility support services510.09.2021
ALLECOM CORPORATION900.000 $SchertzGeneral cargo transportation, local322.2.2022
NuKnight Ventures LLC898.000 $McKinneyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers921.4.2022
NDJ SIGNS INC.897.000 $planomake signs1321.07.2021
Mitchell Laundry LLC896.800 $CarolltonDry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)1429.09.2021
Huy Phan Nguyen DDS PA895.000 $Pasadenadentist offices417.08.2021
INTEGRATIVE PSYCHIATRY-AUSTIN893.300 $AustinMedical practices, mental health specialists1008.09.2021
Level 11 Technologies Inc.892.500 $ConroeAll other specialist trading companies1127.9.2021
Coeva Hospitality Group891.000 $DallasOther specialist design services210.04.2021
best market890.500 $emoryGas stations with convenience stores608.02.2021
Red Hanger Cleaning Inc.890.500 $TylerDry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)4524.08.2021
security plus storage890.000 $MoritzvilleRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units314.07.2021
Salzar LLC888.100 $garlanddaycare services1123.12.2021
SST Petroleum LLC.885.000 $Killeenconvenience stores24.2.2021
ROADWAY ASSET SERVICES LLC885.000 $SeeblickAll other professional, scientific and technical services518.02.2022
Billys Lease Service Inc.884.800 $BedSupport activities for oil and gas operations213.04.2021
TT Coffee LLC883.000 $CleburneSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2616.02.2022
BONHAM ANIMAL HOSPITAL P.A.880.200 $Bonhamveterinary service1401.07.2021
JavFern Holding LLC.880.000 $saint anthonyfull service restaurants4510.06.2021
JOYTI INC880.000 $Winfield310.03.2022
FC YTS Therapy LLC878.000 $coppellOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists801.02.2022
OPPER & GAMBRELL P.L.L.C.875.000 $Houstonlaw firms1024.9.2021
Kathryn Hardaway CPA-PC872.500 $planoaudit offices226.07.2021
Eiffel Trading LLC871.500 $HoustonOther building materials wholesalers1115.10.2021
Thought Barn LLC871.000 $Austinarchitectural services204.08.2021
Die CA Davis Group LLC869.900 $Tomballhardware retail wholesaler1002.08.2021
ALAMO RT LLC869.000 $saint anthonyfull service restaurants622.02.2022
Italy Company LLC868.600 $ItalyGas stations with convenience stores523.09.2021
JJR VICTOR LLC867.000 $AustinTransportation of used household and office supplies107.04.2021
Epic Metrix Inc867.000 $McKinneyused car dealer3529.06.2021
AMIR SAAD DDS-PC865.000 $Baytowndentist offices103.3.2021
MEGA STOP LINDNE LLC865.000 $LindeGas stations with convenience stores328.06.2021
Clubhouse Cigar Bar 1 LLC864.600 $TomballPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)fifteen11.08.2021
Bahlam Enterprises LLC864.100 $SmithvilleAll other personal services701.09.2021
IB Supply LLC863.500 $CarolltonMerchants from other builders2425.02.2021
NM Truck Wash LLC862.400 $Antoniocar washes42.3.2021
Mendez Brothers LLC862.000 $BrownsvilleOther direct selling businesses1209.06.2021
APEX ATX LLC860.800 $AustinOther charitable and donation services311.05.2021
Blue City Investments Co.860.000 $Allendaycare services2005.04.2021
Growth of an LLC company860.000 $sulphurous springsGas stations with convenience stores507.09.2021
SRUTI ENTERPRISES INC860.000 $Dallas1228.02.2022
Torobyo Builder859.900 $AzulOther contractors for foundations, structures and building envelopes227.05.2021
Health Management Integrity L859.500 $katyDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)102.7.2021
Steding & Sons Mercantile LLC855.000 $PflugervilleMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailerfifteen25.03.2021
Mohid Investments Inc855.000 $arlingtoninsurance agencies and brokers1018.05.2021
Lima-Mike Property Management855.000 $PleasantManufacture of machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields716.08.2021
Chukkiriyan Auto LLC855.000 $garlandGeneral car repair825.10.2021
MALIKA INVESTMENT INC853.400 $EichenalleeGas stations with convenience stores616.07.2021
Talula Mesa LLC853.200 $marble fallsRV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)2021.12.2021
RURAL FERRAMENTA & THE INC.853.000 $city ​​of doddManufacture of special molds and tools, mold sets, jigs and fixtures725.08.2021
Sahli Family Ltd.852.100 $great prairiecar washes171.4.2022
RBJ Venture LLC852.000 $North Richland HillsGas stations with convenience stores311.08.2021
McLavon Properties LLC850.000 $The stagedentist offices631.03.2021
HCH AVIATION LLC850.000 $Nacogdochesflight training1328.07.2021
RKAK Limited Liability Company850.000 $Houstondaycare services323.09.2021
Rozi Investments Inc.850.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores224.9.2021
Annapoorna Car Wash LLC850.000 $Conroecar washes307.03.2022
TWINKLE AUTISMUS THERAPY LLC850.000 $saint anthonyPractices for non-physicians (other than physicians)631.03.2022
Eagle Ranch Car Wash LLC846.300 $Fort Worthcar washes331.03.2022
3 Shots Inc.846.000 $mansionSeptic tank and related services530.08.2021
INTERNATIONAL OPHTHALMIC SERVICE846.000 $Burghügeloptometrists offices19.9.2021
Grace M. Salone OD PLLC845.000 $Georgetownoptometrists offices1206/02/2021
HATCH HUNDS II LLC845.000 $SouthlakePet grooming services (except veterinarians)42.7.2021
Austin Highway LP LLC844.000 $saint anthonyfull service restaurants3112.03.2021
Porkys Belly BBQ Catering LLC844.000 $MontgomeryLimited service restaurants527.9.2021
Heavenly Brewery LLC840.200 $Dallasbreweries1601.07.2022
A&F Business Inc840.000 $HoustonGas stations with convenience stores423.09.2021
Body Care Essentials Inc840.000 $bloomOther personal care services629.09.2021
South Lines Logistics LLC840.000 $HoustonGeneral cargo transportation, local2815.10.2021
Phillips LL Cleaning Services837.200 $Tomballjanitorial services1326.04.2021
Roberts Markland LLP837.000 $Houstonlaw firms320.01.2022
ZAMANI MARKET E GRILL INC836.400 $Federother builders512.08.2021
Cheetah Express LLC835.100 $mathcar washesfifteen26.11.2021
GUNS & GOLDBAUER LLC835.000 $great prairiethrift stores429.07.2021
Start Logistics Inc.834.900 $AustinGeneral cargo transportation, local3423.09.2021
Rachel M. Williams MD PA833.600 $HoustonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)912.02.2021
Joonkiri LLC833.000 $HarletonGas stations with convenience stores822.02.2021
Cox's Garage LLC832.500 $BrancoGeneral car repair1624.03.2021
BABY JOY AND PRIDE FOR ADULTS CE832.500 $EdinburghServices for seniors and people with disabilities1626.07.2021
Bhavik Investments Inc.830.000 $Fort WorthHotels (except casino hotels) and motels629.04.2021
US-Diesel Inc.830.000 $North Richland HillsWholesale of car accessories and new parts730.07.2021
Three Peaks Corporation830.000 $DallasGas stations with convenience stores826.08.2021
LAC TRINITY ESTATES LLC829.500 $Fort Worthoptometrists offices503.02.2022
Mpire Industries Commercial Di828.700 $PasadenaAll other specialist trading companies1211.03.2021
CT Excavating Inc825.300 $GreenvilleSite preparation contractor3903.02.2021
LSL Offices Inc.825.000 $round stoneoffice management services403.06.2021
Alimaa LLC825.000 $long termGas stations with convenience stores1329.07.2021
Bretts Restaurants LLC825.000 $katyLimited service restaurants2001/04/2022
Anjali Accommodation LLC825.000 $mother of pearlHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1223.01.2022
Mafsa LLC820.000 $RichmondLimited service restaurants3528.07.2021
Balebas-LP820.000 $Dallaslandscaping services104.10.2021
Yolk LLC819.700 $Southlakefull service restaurants2031.08.2021
Right Choice Urgent Care PLLC819.200 $cypressAll other outpatient care centers823.12.2021
Synergy Dental Holding Co. LLC819.100 $McKinneyDentallabore110.03.2021
Layton Enterprises LLC819.000 $melissaapartment renovators113.12.2021
Z's Auto Care LLC818.500 $ClevelandGeneral car repair908.07.2021
Crossroads Vintage Restoration816.000 $KyleGeneral car repair427.05.2021
Bahama-Bucks816.000 $LewisvilleSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2209.08.2021
REDeer Enterprises LLC814.500 $loadedOffices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists222.02.2021
Rohit Sharma812.500 $StageAll other automotive repairs and maintenance1019.02.2021
American Sports Courts LLC812.100 $HoustonConcrete foundations and contractors325.08.2021
No L LLC811.800 $wacofull service restaurants6711.08.2021
Varsity Line Properties LLC810.000 $HoustonElectronic and mail order purchasing companies3024.03.2021
Austin/San Antonio Beton Ra810.000 $AustinAll other specialist trading companies1121.06.2021
Jabellac Corporation810.000 $AustinAll other retailers to miscellaneous stores (except tobacconists)1020.09.2021
K2M Logistics Inc.810.000 $goalkeeperMail201.3.2022
NeuLine Health Management LLC805.000 $McKinneyPrüflabre3126.04.2021
Kurji LLC805.000 $town of Haltomconvenience stores327.04.2021
TYAGGIES LLC804.400 $College-Stationfull service restaurants2724.03.2021
Cellulose Properties - Beatrice LL801.000 $DallasAll other personal services1018.05.2021
sultan producer800.000 $sulphurous springsManufacture of all other miscellaneous metal products1630.03.2021
Precision and transport crane L800.000 $interiorAll other specialist trading companies1315.07.2021
CynRey Plaza LLC800.000 $EdinburghBeer, wine and liquor stores616.07.2021
Pet Property #1 LLC800.000 $saint anthonyLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)115.9.2021
Pet Property #2 LLC800.000 $PalestineLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)115.9.2021
Strange Drinks LLC800.000 $Austinsoda production217.12.2021
Sambhav LLC800.000 $caroblaundromats and dry cleaners625.01.2022
San Antonio in the home ambulance799.000 $Stagegeneral clinical care824.10.2021
Aspire Skin & Hair Clinic PLLC798.000 $WeidenparkDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)720.07.2021
Jr. Ramirez & Associates LLC797.400 $Killeeninsurance agencies and brokers524.07.2021
the lucky duck794.000 $AustinPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)3009.08.2021
17220 Old Galveston Road Inc.794.000 $websterAll other health and personal care stores311.08.2021
SUBHA MANTRA LLC793.000 $Greenville504.05.2022
Sandi's School of Dance LLC792.000 $Waxahachiedance companies804.05.2021
Bridge Creek Familienmedizin P791.700 $cypressDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)520.07.2021
IMM Saldivar LLC791.500 $san angeloAll other entertainment and recreation industries2401.06.2021
M3K Enterprises LLC791.000 $Lonely StarBeer, wine and liquor stores524.03.2021
R&R Services790.000 $universal cityHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers810.03.2021
Marseal Group LLC790.000 $RoanokeConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings2008.02.2022
Creekside Foods. GMBH.789.500 $Azulfull service restaurants1330.11.2021
SOUTHWEST BRAKE AND ALIGNMENTS788.000 $saint anthonyOther repairs and mechanical and electrical maintenance of motor vehicles1801.09.2021
V&D STORAGE EK LLC786.000 $homelessRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units406.08.2021
Brian Westfall DDS PA785.000 $Weatherforddentist offices904.06.2021
Tiffany Phillips CPA LLC785.000 $magnoliasaudit offices317.02.2022
Plastic and paper recycling voucher784.000 $Professorvaluables wholesaler1803.02.2021
Asian Rice Noodles Inc.783.000 $HoustonAll other miscellaneous food production1817.08.2021
Endurance Samples LLC783.000 $Fort WorthLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)625.08.2021
Chamakale Child Care LLC781.000 $McKinneydaycare services4001.02.2022
GUDDU INVESTMENT INC.780.000 $New CaneyGas stations with convenience stores424.08.2021
SpikeStar LLC779.000 $Hurst828.02.2022
Rams Einzelhandel LLC775.000 $caldwellGas stations with convenience stores205.08.2021
Susan Albertson774.000 $AustinOther activities related to real estate410.02.2021
Doublej Holdings LLC773.900 $Destinyphoto studios, portrait524.03.2021
Bietsch Orthodontics PLLC773.600 $bloomdentist offices1704.05.2021
Plano Management Services Inc.773.000 $planooffices of chiropractors1731.03.2022
O Emerson em Coral Lane LLC771.700 $KaufmannLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)628.07.2021
North Te real estate solutions771.000 $Friscolandscaping services1012.02.2021
GRÖSBECK VENTURES INC770.000 $GrösbeckHotels (except casino hotels) and motels401.03.2021
Main Street Hardware Ennis LLC770.000 $Ennishardware stores708.07.2021
Bird Up LLC765.000 $Wyliehardware retail wholesaler212.02.2021
MZM Investments LLC765.000 $SlatonHotels (except casino hotels) and motels1016.03.2021
Texdentalcare PC765.000 $Dallasdentist offices519.03.2021
Sunny Rufe Snow Inc.765.000 $North Richland HillsGas stations with convenience stores316.06.2021
Princeton SC LLC765.000 $Princetonhair salons1128.09.2021
Holler Brewing Co.765.000 $Houstonbreweries201.07.2022
V2M2 Holdings LLC765.000 $plano907.03.2022
H7 come Crenshaw LLC762.700 $Pasadenafull service restaurants3015.9.2021
ARMA Enterprises LLC762.000 $Murphydaycare services192.3.2021
Lorins Baumservice LLC762.000 $saint anthonylandscaping services1009.04.2021
AUSTIN WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION760.500 $KilleenGeneral storage and retention1710.06.2021
Elite Foot and Ankle Member760.400 $spice woodpodiatrists' offices812.05.2022
HRKM Management LLC760.100 $Saxonfull service restaurants2326.08.2021
Straight Outta Breath Inc.760.000 $little jamFitness centers and recreational sports102.2.2021
SOUTHWEST INSURANCE MANAGEMENT760.000 $hill of flowersinsurance agencies and brokers816.03.2021
Hulme Orthodontics P.A.760.000 $saint anthonydentist offices2830.03.2021
AAJ CONSTRUCTION INC760.000 $Gelblandscaping services2123.09.2021
Marisol e Ryan Skelton759.000 $alpineconvenience stores28.3.2021
Bowen Group Enterprises LLC756.600 $Houstonlaw firms1602.08.2021
Legacy Coffee Inc755.900 $ConroeLimited service restaurants2103.02.2021
Red Oak Hometown Dental PLLC755.000 $Roteichedentist offices829.09.2021
AMA Behavioral Therapy PLLC754.000 $saint anthonyPractices for non-physicians (other than physicians)1416.08.2021
Flurry's Market + Proviant L753.200 $hill of flowersmeat markets1210.05.2021
Jonas Movers LLC753.000 $TomballTransportation of used household and office suppliesfifteen06.04.2022
Granite Shoals Express752.000 $granite swarmsGas stations with convenience stores225.02.2021
Broadmoore SRG PLLC751.500 $Duncanvilledentist offices41.5.2022
Leste do Texas ASWD LLC751.000 $long termOther building materials wholesalers53.3.2021
CWNM Properties LLC751.000 $Dallaslandscaping services1827.07.2021
Christopher E Long Insurance G750.000 $bloominsurance agencies and brokers309.03.2021
Advance Site Prep LLC750.000 $Rock wallSite preparation contractor1716.03.2021
MM Bear Creek Land LLC750.000 $Glen HeightsGeneral car repair520.07.2021
Garcia's Mexican Restaurants I750.000 $katyfull service restaurants3523.08.2021
Zara Environmental LLC750.000 $Many yearsAll other professional, scientific and technical services1314.03.2022
DOOR TO DOOR FLOORING LLC750.000 $Austinfloor covering stores218.03.2022
Hondo SRGCE PLLC750.000 $Stagedentist offices1228.04.2022
CHVK-Villa LLC750.000 $Mansfeldnail studios2812.05.2022
ORANGE COUNTY FLOORING CO. INC746.000 $Otterfloor layer211.03.2021
RD Allen Holdings Inc.746.000 $AbileneLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)212.08.2021
VFD Inc.745.000 $Port of AransasHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers720.04.2021
Learning Ac Innovation Station745.000 $Lancasterdaycare services3917.06.2021
Round Rock Operating Company745.000 $round stonenursing homes102.9.2022
ANGRAJ INVESTMENTS LLC744.000 $Wichita Fallsconvenience stores318.08.2021
IAMA Group Inc.742.500 $Fort WorthSupermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).922.03.2022
Increase performance and longevity740.000 $sea ​​pathDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)1025.08.2021
Raj Gandhi and Ankit Gandhi740.000 $BridgeportHotels (except casino hotels) and motels716.09.2021
Kureshi Holdings LLC739.500 $GeorgetownDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)118.10.2021
Allison Resources LLC737.400 $Hurstsheet metal work manufacturing307.06.2021
Prime Trees Inc.736.000 $Houstonlandscaping services1021.4.2021
T&R Wilburn LLC736.000 $JacksonvilleSupermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).4516.06.2021
TMB Texas Properties LLC736.000 $WallerMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer520.08.2021
Care Mountain Inc.735.000 $McKinneygeneral clinical care301.06.2021
BETH MARIAS LTDA735.000 $DentonLimited service restaurants1022.9.2021
Yaegers Beach LLC735.000 $Mansfeldfull service restaurants2520.03.2022
JDJ Investments LLC735.000 $Friscofull service restaurants1025.04.2022
B17 Ventures LLC734.000 $interiorAll other professional, scientific and technical services1011.12.2021
Artati LLC733.500 $Rock wallRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units08.3.2021
Little Sorrel Capital LLC732.000 $Tomballoffices of chiropractors212.02.2021
Tire und Auto Lt Space Center732.000 $HoustonGeneral car repair1710.12.2021
AJNAAA LLC732.000 $Dentonfull service restaurants3526.12.2021
ADEL & LA ROSH BEAUTY LLC732.000 $katyOther personal care services522.03.2022
Restore Alamo Heights LLC731.900 $saint anthonyAll other personal services1420.08.2021
Die Hammel Group Inc.731.500 $Dallasportfolio management104.03.2021
8727 Seber LLC731.500 $Tomballnursing homes117.12.2021
puppies corner731.000 $CliftonGas stations with convenience stores510.02.2021
AVID PLLC Foot and Ankle Center731.000 $small elmpodiatrists' offices26.6.2021
wellness resurrection731.000 $arlingtonOther personal care services222.9.2022
Bissett Psychological Services730.500 $league cityMedical practices, mental health specialists629.07.2021
animal parade730.200 $Houstonpest extermination and control services611.05.2021
Diaz Red-Mix LLC726.300 $GelbProduction of premixed concrete424.9.2021
Touchstone Roofing LLC726.300 $Friscocarpenter1313.05.2022
MCS Child Care LLC725.400 $Eulenlosdaycare services1616.04.2021
Denel LLC725.400 $cypressfull service restaurants5028.01.2022
Blue Heron Recovery LLC725.000 $saint anthonyOutpatient mental health and substance abuse centers1408.01.2021
Hometown tires and services725.000 $NeedvilleAutomotive oil change and lubrication workshops310.09.2021
sports clips725.000 $saint anthonyhair salons17614.12.2021
Rahman Auto Sales LLC722.500 $Dallasused car dealer228.07.2021
L&M's Sweet Shoppe LLC721.900 $katyfood company4530.11.2021
GL Fitness Corporation721.200 $HoustonFitness centers and recreational sports4016.09.2021
Sprung Holdings LLC721.000 $saint anthonyLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)407.10.2021
YoYo Investments LLC720.000 $Pflugervilledesign services for computer systems116.03.2021
Southern Stress LLC720.000 $Modestoheat treatment of metals1022.03.2021
Outlaw Steakburger LLC720.000 $bloomLimited service restaurants6222.07.2021
Jheetey Dental PLLC720.000 $round stonedentist offices505.08.2021
Bayou City Gunite Inc.720.000 $splendorAll other specialist trading companies1123.08.2021
Boullioun-Übertragungen LLC720.000 $saint anthonyGeneral car repair1118.11.2021
STX Cleaner LLC720.000 $ProfessorDry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)1716.02.2022
english bee insurance720.000 $The woodsinsurance agencies and brokers224.03.2022
Hacienda Meat Market LLC719.700 $Denisonmeat markets920.01.2022
First-class grain and animal feed manufacturer718.800 $milescorn wet milling2420.09.2021
DAN & NIKI LLC718.000 $gonzalesHotels (except casino hotels) and motels226.4.2022
PBG College-Station LLC717.100 $College-StationFitness centers and recreational sports730.07.2021
JRCP Restaurants LLC717.000 $Federfull service restaurants6417.06.2021
SEDO LASER INC715.800 $SouthlakeAll other personal services1006.04.2021
Scripx Honey Grove LLC715.000 $Honighainpharmacies and drugstores210.08.2021
Boccia Ball Food LLC714.000 $Friscofull service restaurants4222.02.2022
Fast & Best Auto LLC714.000 $HoustonGeneral car repair51.3.2022
Dogtopia Preston710.000 $FriscoPet grooming services (except veterinarians)1818.02.2021
Jemuvision LLC710.000 $College-Stationprivate postal centers807.06.2021
DALLAS HYPER WELLNESS LLC707.000 $MurphyOther personal care services3002.08.2021
SMFUD Investments Inc.705.000 $DallasBeer, wine and liquor stores126.6.2021
QuadZ Holdings LLC704.800 $IrvingOther computer related services2411.05.2021
Sabine Equipment LLC704.000 $BeaumontWholesale of industrial machinery and equipment422.06.2021
Warm Ocean Corp.704.000 $arlingtonDry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)719.08.2021
Kusma Enterprises LLC701.000 $town of HaltomGas stations with convenience stores223.02.2021
S&T FOOD LLC700.000 $HoustonLimited service restaurants402.3.2021
Fulton Mercer Corporation700.000 $Braunholzfuneral directors and funeral directors1012.03.2021
TE Andrews Holdings LLC700.000 $AustinAll other manufacturers of various electrical equipment and components210.05.2021
THE GROUP LLC700.000 $LewisvilleGas stations with convenience stores815.06.2021
Big Brand Management Ltd. Co.700.000 $HoustonFilm and video production414.07.2021
ETS Environmental Testing Service700.000 $HoustonPrüflabre5015.9.2021
Anthony Russell Garner700.000 $marquezChickens and other meats122.11.2021
Darbelle Enterprises LLC700.000 $FederSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars2010.12.2021
Cubellis Enterprises LLC700.000 $Houstongeneral clinical care4621.01.2022
VISION AMERIKA LLC700.000 $Hewitt528.03.2022
Keynote Technologies LLC700.000 $AllenManufacture of audio and video equipment181.4.2022
Epic fun - Austin LLC700.000 $Austinarcades274.4.2022
Money Come Come LLC700.000 $AllenSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars1116.05.2022
Finelines Holding LLC700.000 $Dallaslandscape architecture services620.05.2022
Metalúrgica Aplicada Corp.697.500 $GilmerManufacture of all other miscellaneous metal products3010.08.2021
OFC Harvest LLC697.000 $CelinaSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars1823.04.2021
Mime-se LLC695.000 $round stoneOther personal care services1812.04.2021
LL health and wellness services694.500 $AustinMedical practices, mental health specialists215.12.2021
AMBROSIAL LIVING LLC693.000 $Bedfordcare facilities716.03.2022
CKP-CBA L.L.C.692.700 $vineGeneral car repair1025.01.2021
Bevie Properties - Lockhart L691.500 $Lockhart619.05.2022
ETAV Properties LLC691.400 $Austinoffices of chiropractors120.02.2021
Specialized Assessment and Consu690.000 $cypressEducational Support Services20004.08.2021
SAI 8 Franchising LLC688.800 $saint anthonyLimited service restaurants3019.05.2021
Iyad K. Radwan688.500 $katyDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)122.06.2021
Juniset Corporation688.500 $Fort Worthmechanical workshops328.12.2021
LMSAD Enterprises Inc687.000 $AubreyLimited service restaurants1922.03.2022
Prost Alehouse LLC686.800 $Plfugervillebreweries826.04.2021
JS One.5 LLC686.700 $GelbLimited service restaurants5017.08.2021
KINGDOM TRACKS LLC686.500 $MansfeldAll other specialist trading companies54.2.2021
Star Bites LLC686.400 $Federused car dealer95.5.2021
Restore Hyper Wellness Preston685.400 $DallasOther personal care services704.03.2021
IMP Enterprises Inc.685.300 $Carolltonused car dealer419.04.2022
MCKINNEY INSURANCE AGENCY LLC685.000 $Houstoninsurance agencies and brokers1003.02.2021
DK CRESTDALE LLC685.000 $HoustonAll other specialist trading companies1310.06.2021
Jheetey Dental PLLC685.000 $round stonedentist offices505.08.2021
Azhar LLC684.500 $CarolltonElectronic and mail order purchasing companies230.12.2021
Beyond Wellness Total Care PLL684.500 $MidlothianMedical practices, mental health specialists414.02.2022
Chapel Ridge Investments LLC684.000 $Lewisvilletechnical services613.09.2021
Ivan Falk679.000 $city ​​of Rio GrandeGeneral cargo transportation, local1316.11.2021
Rogue Door Works LLC677.500 $blue ridgeManufacture of wooden windows and doors1112.11.2021
CHAMPIONS INSURANCE AGENCY IN677.000 $Friendswoodinsurance agencies and brokers505.08.2021
A collaborative effort Inc.676.000 $HoustonLimited service restaurants3212.03.2021
A & B IOWA CORPORATION676.000 $Wichita FallsGas stations with convenience stores320.07.2021
Kupplung RE Holdings LLC675.000 $FriendswoodGeneral car repair601.02.2021
Borrego Fine Jewelry LLC675.000 $loadedjewelry stores1119.08.2021
Samay Holdings Inc.675.000 $JoshuaGas stations with convenience stores416.09.2021
MEALTRAIN INC.675.000 $ROMlaundromats and dry cleaners915.12.2021
Hoplite Equipment Services LL673.700 $Houstontechnical services3523.08.2021
MB Sitework LLC673.500 $magnoliasSite preparation contractor2023.07.2021
CABO BOB'S LLC672.500 $katyLimited service restaurants3309.03.2022
DREAMWITH LLC670.000 $Murphyfull service restaurants813.12.2021
HHB HOSPITALITY LLC670.000 $villainyHotels (except casino hotels) and motels416.03.2022
Deepra-Labors670.000 $LufkinGeneral cargo transportation, local284.4.2022
CABO BOB'S LLC668.300 $StaffordLimited service restaurants3309.03.2022
children's academy668.000 $Neu Braunfelsdaycare services3016.04.2021
Silverlight Southpark LLC667.200 $AustinBeauty salons4826.9.2021
AGM VENTURES LLC667.000 $AustinElectronic and mail order purchasing companies24.2.2022
Die Brazos Mercantile Co.666.500 $Granburyhardware stores1423.07.2021
4441 LAWNVIEW AVE LLC666.000 $Dallas222.04.2022
The Source Investments LLC664.600 $planoDentallabore203.08.2021
JAE JIN ESTE CPA PC664.000 $Austinaudit offices627.08.2021
Academia Dunkin por Forney LLC663.000 $Forneydaycare services1223.07.2021
Prepbooks Corp.660.500 $HoustonElectronic and mail order purchasing companies216.12.2021
WESTWOLUCK INC660.000 $Irvingfull service restaurants1111.02.2021
RMG TRADERS LLC660.000 $ConroeGas stations with convenience stores421.9.2021
NORTE GRILL COMPANY658.700 $planofull service restaurants3510.02.2021
17510 Red Oak Holdings LLC658.700 $HoustonTechnical and managerial development training1504.11.2021
E. F. Marketing Group LLC658.000 $saint anthonycommercial rotogravure1805.04.2021
BNG Components LLC657.000 $Jokehardware retail wholesaler514.9.2021
Kerrville Auto Body Inc.657.000 $KerrvilleRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors1220.10.2021
Guidry Ventures LLC657.000 $Port NechesFitness centers and recreational sports511.12.2021
Capriotti Sandwiches655.000 $College-StationLimited service restaurants3622.11.2021
BUILDING MAINTENANCE COMPANY654.500 $Dallasjanitorial services1208.11.2021
CABO BOB'S LLC654.200 $HoustonLimited service restaurants3309.03.2022
L & N Real Estate Holding LLC653.900 $Fort Worthdentist offices722.03.2022
Shiva Investment Group Inc.653.000 $HoustonHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers622.01.2021
DIE SPRINGS EVENTS LLC652.000 $HoustonProvider5019.10.2021
Experimente Tindol Restaurant Incorp651.300 $Budafull service restaurants8008.11.2021
Wells Propano Inc.650.800 $Fresnofuel dealer302.08.2021
Engel Muneera LLC650.000 $walking stickGas stations with convenience stores704.03.2021
Ranchoad Rai LLC650.000 $JewettHotels (except casino hotels) and motels718.03.2021
RAJRAJESHWARI-ADAAA FOODS LLC650.000 $PasadenaLimited service restaurants416.04.2021
Bettys Health Company LLC650.000 $saint anthonyOffices of all other various naturopaths82.6.2021
Amgref EMS Inc.650.000 $Houstonemergency services117.06.2021
Emerald Pacific Resources650.000 $Laredovaluables wholesaler226.07.2021
BAX CAPITAL LLC650.000 $springs drippingother builders3122.08.2021
AdvanceTrac Equipment LLC650.000 $springs drippingRental of machinery and equipment for construction, mining and forestry122.9.2021
Debsco Tools LLC650.000 $Fort Worthhardware stores627.9.2021
Jorge Prata DPM-PA650.000 $OrangeDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)515.10.2021
Ayla Holdings LLC650.000 $Kylefull service restaurants2501/04/2022
ELM STREET FOOD MARKET INC647.000 $WaxahachieGas stations with convenience stores324.9.2021
Ho Club Volleyball Champion646.000 $ModestoFitness centers and recreational sports926.11.2021
Gregorys Restaurantgruppe In645.000 $nassau bayfull service restaurants1001.02.2021
NORTHERN TEXAS INSURANCE AGENCY I645.000 $buffaloinsurance agencies and brokers214.06.2021
Die Kimball Group LLC645.000 $The woodsinsurance agencies and brokers115.06.2021
Premium-Autoservice Inc645.000 $StageGeneral car repair430.09.2021
Austin Counseling and Trauma S645.000 $ZedernparkPractices for non-physicians (other than physicians)1221.12.2021
top of the line storage644.500 $BryanRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units202.08.2021
BRUNCH SPOT LLC644.000 $Fort Worthfull service restaurants829.12.2021
All Star 2 LLC641.800 $magnoliashardware stores1229.07.2021
Time Fitness Inc.641.000 $McKinneyFitness centers and recreational sports1224.02.2021
Nelcy Sanchez DMD PLLC640.000 $Caroltondentist offices811.08.2021
Cons of the systems building envelope640.000 $AustinAll other personal services612.02.2021
JPC CONSTRUCTIONS INC.639.900 $LeandroConstruction of power and communication lines and associated structures8501.06.2021
GUNS & GOLDBAUER LLC639.000 $great prairiethrift stores429.07.2021
Apex Land Survey LLC638.100 $interiorsurveying and mapping services (except geophysical) services823.08.2021
Cherrybrook Investments LLC638.000 $PasadenaLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)620.05.2021
Kangaroo manufacturing and design638.000 $DallasAll other miscellaneous manufactures627.9.2021
Sr. Washerman637.500 $HoustonManufacture of metallic structures621.4.2021
TMT Baumservice LLC637.000 $sugar countrylandscaping services1015.12.2021
Carnival Dental PLLC636.500 $garlanddentist offices1312.05.2021
Corona Paint Operations LLC636.000 $HoustonRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors126.04.2021
C&S Green Enterprise LL636.000 $barnGeneral car repair513.04.2022
Neue NTM LLC634.000 $Dentonoffice management services1318.05.2022
DFW Boat Ride LLC633.000 $DallasRental of commercial air, rail and water transport equipment and625.04.2022
ASJS RE HOLDINGS LLC632.500 $Friscooffices of chiropractors116.12.2021
Emergency veterinary clinic by C631.100 $Leandroveterinary service14303.05.2021
Legacy Learning Objective L631.000 $saint anthonydaycare services3209.03.2021
Royal Blue Holdings LLC631.000 $arlingtoninsurance agencies and brokers319.07.2021
MODERN SKIN MED SPA LLC630.200 $FriscoOther personal care services817.02.2022
OK A/C & Refrigeration Inc.630.000 $CarolltonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)227.04.2021
Shubh Mahadev Inc.630.000 $Santa FeGas stations with convenience stores22.6.2021
Garza's Venue LLC630.000 $PasadenaProvider528.06.2021
SUPERIOR TELECOM SERVICES INC630.000 $Fort WorthAll other telecommunications232.7.2021
Viva ABA Solutions LLC630.000 $saint anthonyOffices of all other various naturopaths122.9.2021
SSP CG Investment LLC630.000 $westSupermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).42.3.2022
LL Private and Commercial Keys630.000 $saint anthonyGeneral car repair708.04.2022
Redentas LLC630.000 $Dallas2013.04.2022
Najah Texas Holdings LLC629.000 $Dallasdesign services for computer systems408.02.2021
Kreative Kidz 1 LLC628.300 $sugar countryAll other entertainment and recreation industries2630.08.2021
MH Salon Group LLC627.200 $hill of flowersnail studios2303.05.2021
Two Men and a Truck - Fort Wor627.000 $arlingtonTransportation of used household and office supplies7023.06.2021
MERRELL AUTO INVESTMENTS INC626.400 $Dallasused car dealer201.07.2021
ACADEMIA DE DREAM ART INC626.000 $Lewisvilleart schools328.12.2021
Bruce Besner625.500 $round stoneinsurance agencies and brokers129.9.2021
J Dixon Tax Advisory Services625.000 $Friscoaudit offices208.11.2021
Schoellhorn Group LLC624.000 $Richardsongeneral clinical care8005.04.2022
beverage market623.500 $WeatherfordBeer, wine and liquor stores510.06.2021
TOPNOTCH FARM LLC622.000 $PicktonChickens and other meats112.07.2021
Crazy Hat Entertainment LLC622.000 $EdinburghOrganizers of performing arts, sports and similar events with Faciliti1328.02.2022
JJR MOVE LLC621.500 $AustinTransportation of used household and office supplies2607.04.2021
Marloy Prop 1 LLC621.000 $McKinneyAll other specialist trading companies125.02.2021
Carter Savage Holdings LLC620.200 $horseshoe bayBeer, wine and liquor stores410.05.2022
GCS Real Estate LLC620.100 $ConroeAll other basic organic chemicals221.05.2021
Northpoint Investment LLC620.000 $BeaumontGas stations with convenience stores615.03.2021
COMPRESSOR UNLIMITED INTERNAT620.000 $DallasAir conditioning and hot air heaters, as well as commercial and industrial1320.08.2021
Old Trinity Partners LLC620.000 $DallasOther personal care services8417.9.2021
LEE. Legacy Entrepreneur619.100 $Stagecommercial screen printing121.12.2021
Fidatos Limited Liability Commitment618.500 $FriscoEducational Support Services405.03.2021
Lone Star Motoring LLC616.300 $OdessaAll other automotive repairs and maintenance614.03.2022
Daebak LLC616.000 $planofull service restaurants1321.12.2021
sprinkle donuts616.000 $ponderLimited service restaurants319.04.2022
SINGER BIRKENFELD AND TEAM615.000 $to calm downaudit offices3426.03.2021
Minchew Insurance Services L615.000 $Kellerinsurance agencies and brokers320.05.2021
All Seasons Ace LLC615.000 $Willishardware stores1030.07.2021
Zoom Atx LLC615.000 $Austinused car dealer314.9.2021
MM NDFW LLC615.000 $North Richland Hillsjanitorial services2015.4.2022
Kingdom Storage LLC614.000 $HoustonRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units03.12.2021
Progress 3421 LLC613.000 $AustinLimited service restaurants1210.01.2022
Saoirse Holdings LLC612.400 $Port ArthurDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)607.04.2021
Das Village LLC612.200 $Neu BraunfelsAll other different schools and classes2223.11.2021
BTC Restore LLC610.800 $FriscoOther personal care services926.06.2021
2. KAPITEL VENTURES INC.610.700 $FriscoFitness centers and recreational sports1116.03.2022
CEDAR RIDGE AVIATION LLC610.500 $Knox CitySoil preparation, planting and cultivation229.11.2021
Nearshorenetworks Inc.610.000 $Houstonsatellite telecommunications402.04.2021
TR Strong Industrial Inc.607.500 $Houstonmechanical workshops408.02.2021
Texas LLC Mechanical Team606.900 $Neu BraunfelsHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers8521.01.2021
SBVet Veterinärdienste PLL605.800 $Friscoveterinary service428.03.2022
Stripe Plus605.500 $arlingtonrepair and maintenance of other personal and household goods724.08.2021
EternalEarth Inc.605.000 $AustinTransportation of used household and office supplies301.4.2021
Austin Underground Inc605.000 $JonestownSite preparation contractor9107.08.2021
Pampered Doggie Salon LLC605.000 $FloresvillePet grooming services (except veterinarians)1012/06/2021
International Printing Specialist604.300 $WallerManufacture of elevators and escalators41.3.2022
Ashdam Enterprises Ltd. Co.603.600 $bronteSupermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).922.04.2022
Techbundle LP603.000 $College-Stationdesign services for computer systems1003.09.2021
Universal Food Corp LLC602.400 $HoustonLimited service restaurants3031.01.2022
Universal Food Corp LLC602.400 $HoustonLimited service restaurants3031.01.2022
Universal Food Corp LLC602.400 $HoustonLimited service restaurants3031.01.2022
Lila Hut LLC602.000 $DentonAll other grocery stores416.09.2021
Greenluc LLC601.000 $HoustonMiscellaneous Consumer Goods Retailer Wholesale Retailer616.09.2021
UPS Store No. 6558600.000 $crossingprivate postal centers1020.04.2021
NetOps Communications LLC600.000 $interior520.07.2021
LIM & DANG INC.600.000 $DallasBeer, wine and liquor stores329.07.2021
BlueBox Consolidated Inc.600.000 $HoustonOther advertising-related services530.07.2021
LUMINO VISION PLLC600.000 $Georgetownoptometrists offices406.08.2021
Greek Me Out LLC600.000 $interiorLimited service restaurants1610.08.2021
Texas Spanish Academy LLC600.000 $round stonedaycare services219.08.2021
Tecnologia Industrial Phoenix600.000 $San MarcosManufacture of semiconductor machines830.08.2021
Aerowave Technologies LLC600.000 $LewisvilleElectrical appliances and equipment, wiring accessories and related equipment229.9.2021
fitness anytime600.000 $cypressFitness centers and recreational sports310.09.2021
Clinic Clarewood P.A.600.000 $HoustonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)413.09.2021
Inspirational smile by Toni Carr DDS600.000 $Mansfelddentist offices613.09.2021
Pet Property #3 LLC600.000 $PalestineLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)115.9.2021
Prime Trees Inc.600.000 $Houstonlandscaping services3516.09.2021
Starfire Sprinklerservices I600.000 $saint anthonyconstruction inspection1027.9.2021
ECG Ventures Inc600.000 $TylerFitness centers and recreational sports3110.03.2022
Jeremy Holdings LLC599.000 $Hewittgeneral clinical care5127.07.2021
Lakeside Cakes LLC598.900 $Fort WorthProvider444.3.2022
Apprentice Waller597.600 $Fort Worthinsurance agencies and brokers220.08.2021
MERCY WELLNESS PLLC596.400 $spring branchDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)625.02.2021
HBEC Properties LLC596.200 $cypressSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars910.02.2022
Great health service in the country595.000 $Abilenegeneral clinical care1412.07.2021
ALBWS LLC.595.000 $HoustonOffices of all other various naturopaths221.07.2021
L.P Composite Access Products595.000 $ProfessorManufacture of all other miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products1707.08.2021
GrayFin Ventures LLC595.000 $Lewisvillevending machine operators125.08.2021
Emerald Alliance LLC595.000 $Conroeart schools2029.4.2022
Clark Familienrestaurants LLC594.900 $Friscofull service restaurants1307.10.2021
Tietze Plumbing LP594.100 $loadedHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers4226.08.2021
MAD San ​​Antonio LLC594.000 $saint anthonyFitness centers and recreational sports917.4.2021
Coslor A-Maize-Ing Brew L.L.C592.000 $PearlSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars1201.02.2021
Art of Psychiatry PLLC591.400 $FriscoMedical practices, mental health specialists104.06.2021
Bugarin Properties LLC590.700 $garlandHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2829.12.2021
MH Salon Group LLC589.700 $hill of flowersnail studios2104.05.2021
MelTed Rolloff Services Inc.589.100 $FederGeneral rental centers812.05.2021
TMSTELMACH INC588.700 $PearlFitness centers and recreational sports2127.07.2021
Kmandy Investments L.L.C.586.700 $McKinneyvending machine operators11.5.2022
Jacobs Family Business LLC585.000 $Irvingprivate postal centers68.3.2021
BSRR LLC585.000 $touchedaudit offices216.12.2021
T Five LLC585.000 $HanfstattPlaces to drink (alcoholic beverages)1616.02.2022
DMost Properties LLC584.000 $Carolltonlaw firms126.02.2021
NES Property Inc584.000 $arlingtonfull service restaurants609.04.2021
KOJ MART INC583.000 $Monte Pleasant203/08/2022
Crystal Corp LLC582.500 $SouthlakeOther personal care services2712.01.2022
25B Development LLC581.800 $StageMerchants from other builders209.07.2021
Kiddie Academy League Town of Wes581.500 $league cityAll other different schools and classes011.08.2021
KingdomRebuilder Inc581.500 $league cityAll other different schools and classes011.08.2021
OTANI STEAKHAUS581.500 $Weatherfordfull service restaurants816.09.2021
BIRTHDAY WHOLESALE580.000 $DallasOther direct selling businesses629.07.2021
Contour Panel Components LLC579.900 $DentonManufacture of office furniture (except wood).816.02.2022
Elevated Barre LLC577.100 $LubbockFitness centers and recreational sports2126.10.2021
Eastex Emergency Care LLC577.000 $BeaumontAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers1608.02.2021
SDKH Ventures LLC577.000 $Federdaycare services2424.08.2021
C&B Chemical576.000 $ConroePolishing and other sanitary ware manufactures723.06.2021
KLA DR PLLC575.000 $planodentist offices819.02.2021
Asian Rice Noodles Inc.575.000 $HoustonAll other miscellaneous food production1817.08.2021
AMO TX3 LLC572.600 $great prairieLimited service restaurants2629.01.2021
AMO TX2 LLC572.600 $BenbrookLimited service restaurants2629.01.2021
AMO TX1 LLC572.600 $Fort WorthLimited service restaurants2601.02.2021
Blendii LLC572.000 $WylieLimited service restaurants2119.01.2021
Jack R. Boggs e Cynthia M. Des571.500 $Richardsonnursing homes512.07.2021
Bordman Enterprises LLC571.000 $Leandroinsurance agencies and brokers819.02.2021
TEXAS PRIDE RESTORATION LLC571.000 $Fort Worthapartment renovators92.9.2021
Educational Properties Mila L570.000 $HoustonAll other different schools and classes230.04.2021
QUEST COLLEGE570.000 $saint anthonyAll other different schools and classes4314.9.2021
Remodel Salon LLC569.000 $templeBeauty salons2123.11.2021
Sunray Family Dentistry PLLC567.000 $Socorrodentist offices1107.02.2022
Thomas Pain Consultants PLLC564.600 $Lago JacksonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)227.9.2021
THE GODDARD SCHOOL OF BRIDGELA564.500 $cypressdaycare services3310.01.2022
esme LLC564.000 $FriscoOther personal care services917.08.2021
The Healing Stone LLC564.000 $templeOther personal care services1415.9.2021
Parker boat and trailer storage563.500 $PearlRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units210.09.2021
Le Jewelry Repair LLC561.000 $garlandrepair and maintenance of other personal and household goods321.4.2022
CADENA MOTORS INC.560.900 $HoustonLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)621.05.2021
Patterson CPA LLC560.000 $RichardsonOther accounting services1810.02.2021
Cover-Tek Inc560.000 $Southlakemedical laboratories424.02.2021
Pooja Enterprise LLC560.000 $ZwiebackGas stations with convenience stores612.03.2021
WSI connection560.000 $CiboloAll other professional, scientific and technical services314.05.2021
Atwell Private Wealth Management560.000 $Burlesoninvestment advice229.07.2021
CM PLACID LLC560.000 $saint anthonyOutdoor power equipment stores130.08.2021
URBN Dental Montrose PLLC560.000 $Houstondentist offices2808.09.2021
Adechonto LLC560.000 $sugar countryLimited service restaurants1022.9.2021
Mentec Corporation559.000 $Beaumontcommercial rotogravure52.3.2021
Empire Torque Tools LLC558.000 $HoustonManufacture of all other general purpose miscellaneous machines625.03.2021
Booker Buck's LLC558.000 $universal cityLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)419.04.2022
Upstyle LLC557.400 $Wyliethrift stores127.7.2021
Nola Htx Services Inc557.000 $ModestoAll other miscellaneous waste disposal services416.08.2021
Jackie Bird Global LLC555.000 $Austinphysical education and leisure education201.09.2021
TML 13044 Co. Limited Liability554.000 $cypressBeauty salons1116.04.2021
Sedona Lake Donuts LLC554.000 $RosharonLimited service restaurants1209.11.2021
Belltarek LLC553.000 $arlingtonconvenience stores229.07.2021
PBP Ventures LLC552.000 $SouthlakeOther personal care services6008.07.2021
TBBD Holdings LLC551.000 $free portmarinas55.5.2021
RK AUTOWORK LLC550.000 $town of HaltomOther Auto parts manufacturing43.3.2021
SALONS BEI STONES INC.550.000 $cypressBeauty salons3517.06.2021
YOUR. Management Group LLC550.000 $ModestoAll other miscellaneous manufactures1809.07.2021
K&K LEE INVESTMENT LLC550.000 $KilleenHotels (except casino hotels) and motels216.08.2021
1-800 refrigerator and air conditioner550.000 $StageWholesale of car accessories and new parts117.08.2021
Conexio Consulting LLC550.000 $RichardsonCustom computer programming services1310.12.2021
Quintessent Design Inc.550.000 $DallasElectronic and mail order purchasing companies301.02.2022
Diversified general contractor549.900 $ModestoConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings208.09.2021
Rutzon Properties Limited Lia549.500 $KellerLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)230.03.2022
PLLC Aesthetic Exhibition548.000 $body of christOffices of all other various naturopaths415.06.2021
Gimcrack Properties LLC547.500 $HoustonOwners of residential buildings and apartments526.07.2021
Kampinga Wellness LLC546.800 $planoOther personal care services1021.05.2021
Dos J Fit Corporation545.700 $saint anthonyOffices of all other various naturopaths807.03.2022
Die Livingston Agency PLLC545.400 $DallasDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)1026.05.2021
Yiyiherbs Co. of Limited Liability543.900 $planoSupplement stores (health).204.05.2021
Cover All Bases Inc.540.600 $arlingtonAll other entertainment and recreation industries829.04.2021
Domolinat Holding LLC540.200 $sugar countryLandlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)215.07.2021
Bell Destiny Holdings LLC540.000 $DallasAll other personal services2001.02.2021
Gene Buckner540.000 $DivineRental mini-warehouses and self-storage units119.04.2021
R2BS Inc.540.000 $KrügervilleAll other miscellaneous food production721.06.2021
Mindset WBP LLC dba Stride540.000 $LubbockFitness centers and recreational sports3122.07.2021
Ten Plus One Inc.540.000 $body of christGeneral cargo transportation, local2330.07.2021
Estimated Annuities Inc.540.000 $Houstonanother mediation327.08.2021
Savannah Lake Donuts LLC540.000 $RosharonLimited service restaurants1208.11.2021
Brozeria LLC539.800 $Kingwoodfull service restaurants231.07.2021
Altland and Harris Financial G538.000 $pilot pointaudit offices326.01.2021
BELUGA AIR LLC538.000 $saint anthonyHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers22.2.2021
Enhanced data connection537.000 $bastropGas stations with convenience stores322.03.2021
Grind and Rise Inc.537.000 $Baytownphysical education and leisure education3009.03.2022
Texas Lawn Investments LLC536.500 $great prairielandscaping services113.3.2021
BEAR'S COMPOUNDING PHARMACY LL535.000 $Georgetownpharmacies and drugstores416.04.2021
CAPRITEX LOGISTICA533.500 $AdlerseeGeneral cargo transportation, local404.08.2021
IO Veterinary Management Group532.800 $vineveterinary service3013.04.2021
TE Andrews Holdings LLC532.000 $AustinAll other manufacturers of various electrical equipment and components228.4.2021
Vitality anti-aging design531.900 $hill of flowersOther personal care services142.5.2022
The Straw Store Inc.531.000 $Strohconvenience stores710.06.2021
Virani Service Group LLC530.500 $CarolltonAll other specialist trading companies301.02.2021
INVISISHIELD L.L.C.530.300 $FederRepair and maintenance of bodywork, painting and interiors2429.09.2021
NEXTGEN 23 LLC530.000 $Dallasjewelry stores622.07.2021
421 Linden Street LLC530.000 $HoustonDistributors of other groceries and related products2317.08.2021
Iron Rite Tattoo South LLC530.000 $GeorgetownOther personal care services331.08.2021
SINAI URGENT CARE HURST LLC529.600 $HurstAutonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers10316.07.2021
Gulf Coast Sign Inc.529.000 $São Bentomake signs2030.09.2021
Mohid Investments Inc528.000 $arlingtoninsurance agencies and brokers1018.05.2021
Schiffbrüchige Bait & Tackle LLC528.000 $Galvestonsporting goods stores309.08.2021
1914 Coffee Company LLC528.000 $templeSnacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars1729.08.2021
Accurate Industries Inc.527.000 $OtterManufacture of all other miscellaneous metal products1906/02/2021
Lacoul Investments Inc527.000 $club trophyLimited service restaurants1106.05.2021
PadysonMbi Realty LLC526.700 $arlingtonDoctor's offices (except mental health specialists)513.04.2021
Bella Bra Shop LLC526.000 $Dallasclothing accessories stores524.12.2021
USS BB-58 LLC525.300 $Montgomery52.2.2022
RH All Around Repair LLC525.000 $OdessaGeneral car repair329.03.2021
WESTHOUSTON ELECTRIC INC.525.000 $katyelectricians019.05.2021
Washcoin4u Inc.525.000 $Fort Worthlaundromats and dry cleaners414.9.2021
G2TX Investments Inc.525.000 $Fort WorthAll other specialist trading companies425.09.2021
AVS Vision Crestview LLC524.500 $Austinoptical goods stores1206.08.2021
Family First RTKC Incorporated524.300 $melissaFitness centers and recreational sports722.03.2022
Backsteinmauer-Softball LLC524.000 $round stonephysical education and leisure education112.05.2021
BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY523.000 $ZedernparkCosmetics, beauty products and perfumery125.07.2021
MFI-DBIV-ATX1 LLC523.000 $Austingeneral clinical care2507.02.2022
Skoot Dog LLC522.700 $AlvaradoElectronic and mail order purchasing companies217.02.2022
Pin & Pad LLC520.800 $Fort WorthSeptic tank and related services212.02.2021
Hacienda Car Wash Inc.520.000 $Rock wallcar washes027.9.2021
Wind's End Restaurants Inc.519.200 $saint anthonyLimited service restaurants3221.03.2022
Prospera Healthcare ABA LLC517.500 $hill of flowersOffices of all other various naturopaths6517.03.2022
Liberty 956 LLC516.000 $Edinburghsanitation services1219.07.2021
Saak Incorporated515.000 $PasadenaGas stations with convenience stores226.03.2021
Apatheia Holdings LLC515.000 $FriscoOther personal care services115.07.2021
Camogia LLC514.900 $McKinneyfull service restaurants1422.11.2021
Astrek Corp514.200 $The woodsLimited service restaurants2627.05.2021
Daewoon LLC514.000 $garlandfull service restaurants1420.04.2022
Smoothie Life LLC513.000 $StageLimited service restaurants929.03.2021
KNK Associates Inc512.000 $Fort WorthLimited service restaurants821.03.2021
MNKK Investments LLC512.000 $Denisonlaundromats and dry cleaners25.5.2021
Byte Dentistry and Orthodontics511.000 $Houstondentist offices608.07.2021
N3Vision Healthcare Enterprise510.000 $Dentongeneral clinical care502.3.2021
AGI Investments LLC510.000 $ProfessorManufacture of surgical apparatus and accessoriesfifteen23.06.2021
NORTHERN TEXAS INSURANCE AGENCY I510.000 $bastropinsurance agencies and brokers1317.12.2021
Pencil on Paper Gallery LLC509.700 $Dallasart schools25.5.2021
Shielder Ventures LLC507.500 $Burlesoncarpenter207.06.2021
Aggie90cpa97 LLC507.000 $it fallsLimited service restaurants627.9.2021
100K Ventures LLC506.700 $Fort WorthOther personal care services423.02.2022
Blue Star Accounting LLC506.100 $AustinOther accounting services701.06.2021
Hilltop Wine and Cheese LLC505.700 $Wrong WayLimited service restaurants1020.06.2021
Elura Fitness Bella Terra LLC505.000 $RichmondFitness centers and recreational sports1604.08.2021
Latitude Services Corporation504.000 $Montgomerylandscaping services1225.08.2021
zella liqueur503.700 $FollowingBeer, wine and liquor stores519.04.2021
AVS Vision Round Rock LLC502.900 $round stoneoptical goods stores1804.08.2021
Shawwa Investments LLC502.500 $planoused car dealer3016.06.2021
Increase Ventures 1 LLC502.500 $hill of flowers424.05.2022
Smile Avenue Cinco Ranch PLLC500.500 $katydentist offices1626.08.2021
CANAS CPA LLC500.000 $Houstonaudit offices511.01.2021
Grandma Nanny Dallas LLC500.000 $Dallasgeneral clinical care6518.02.2021
4T Growth Investments LLC500.000 $cypressFitness centers and recreational sports1816.03.2021
Red River Logistics LLC500.000 $KellerCargo Transportation Contract205.04.2021
Thinh Le LLC500.000 $HoustonAll other business support services105.04.2021
Two Real Outfitters LLC500.000 $loadedhunt and catch1406.04.2021
Texas Best Firewood Inc.500.000 $MidlothianManufacture of all other miscellaneous wood products1207.04.2021
REllison Properties LLC500.000 $saint anthonyPet grooming services (except veterinarians)107.04.2021
Jon P. McCreary D.P.M. SPS500.000 $Fort Worthpodiatrists' offices403.05.2021
A creative genius learning Aca500.000 $Missouri citydaycare services1421.05.2021
MBF Agentur TX LLC500.000 $Austinemployment agencies624.05.2021
IRPHAN LLC500.000 $TylerGas stations with convenience stores208.06.2021
Mercy Medical Equipment Company500.000 $saint anthonyAll other health and personal care stores115.06.2021
KAZ company500.000 $NacogdochesGas stations with convenience stores1029.06.2021
Texas transportation solutions500.000 $Austintechnical services509.07.2021
Mericle Cryo and Wellness LLC500.000 $Neu BraunfelsOther personal care services913.07.2021
Aquila Engineering LLC500.000 $sugar countrytechnical services3006.08.2021
BAYTOWN AM NAILS & SPA INC.500.000 $Baytownnail studios2512.08.2021
4 OEM Plastics LLC500.000 $saint anthonyManufacture of all other plastic products913.08.2021
FloorPro DFW LLC500.000 $Dallasfloor covering stores519.08.2021
1845 Räucherfleisch Company LLC500.000 $Neu BraunfelsWholesale of meat and meat products323.08.2021
Centex Properties LLC500.000 $NolanvilleOffices of other holding companies427.08.2021
BELTRAN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR500.000 $Stageelectricians3031.08.2021
INDEPENDENT TEXAS RECYCLERS LL500.000 $Houstonvaluables wholesaler3008.09.2021
Catco USA LLC500.000 $TerrellIndustrial process furnaces and furnace construction189.9.2021
Lijin J. Philip CPA P.C.500.000 $Crowleyaudit offices321.9.2021
Whole Earth Farm Schools LLC500.000 $Leandrodaycare services1013.10.2021
TRIN LLC500.000 $saint anthonyConstruction of commercial and institutional buildings1922.10.2021
NEW ERA REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS500.000 $DallasElectronic and mail order purchasing companies218.11.2021
Rose Chiropractic and Wellness500.000 $Fort Worthoffices of chiropractors329.11.2021
Nrlenterprises LLC500.000 $Santa FeBeer, wine and liquor stores812.08.2021
Utility System Solutions Inc500.000 $DallasHeating, plumbing and air conditioning installers2025.01.2022
R-WATER LLC500.000 $San MarcosAll other miscellaneous manufactures92.2.2022
Perry Wetter LLC500.000 $DallasEnvironmental Consulting Services1716.02.2022
Advanced road maintenance500.000 $GelbProduction of asphalt mixtures and blocks922.3.2022
Update of Clinical Consultants500.000 $Federmedical laboratories3610.03.2022
786 Justice Car Dealers LLC500.000 $town of Haltomused car dealer515.03.2022
Burns Burns Burns LLC500.000 $Houstonfull service restaurants10023.03.2022
R-WATER LLC500.000 $San MarcosAll other miscellaneous manufactures925.03.2022
Keynote Technologies LLC500.000 $AllenManufacture of audio and video equipment181.4.2022
Jiij LLC500.000 $BedfordLimited service restaurants626.05.2022

Here are the top 50 industries in Texas (based on small business loan volume last year) so you can get an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of interest rates for your business:

(Video) 5 Small Business Grants In Texas

RangTexas small business description# of creditsaverage loanaverage rate
1Hotels (except casino hotels) and motels1.0102.164.8915,8%
2Gas stations with convenience stores1.1941.121.2275,9%
3daycare services9001.335.4986,0%
4full service restaurants2.001449.6496,6%
5Limited service restaurants1.755380.4096,4%
6dentist offices1.086599.5686,1%
7car washes3721.519.3746,0%
8Doctor's offices (except mental health specialists)1.000464.9766,4%
9veterinary service382967.7875,7%
10Chickens and other meats2381.204.1586,6%
11Fitness centers and recreational sports717388.1406,7%
12General car repair675401.4796,8%
13Landlords of non-residential buildings (except small warehouses)1961.131.9915,7%
14pharmacies and drugstores325613.9986,2%
fifteenAll other entertainment and recreation industries236820.2326,8%
16Dry cleaning and laundry service (except coin operated)287640.5976,3%
17insurance agencies and brokers430414.2716,7%
18Rental mini-warehouses and self-storage units1171.514.2185,9%
19Support activities for oil and gas operations243680.3426,7%
20Beauty salons765199.6506,9%
21Automotive oil change and lubrication workshops164891.6305,9%
22Pet grooming services (except veterinarians)244530.5836,7%
23Heating, plumbing and air conditioning installers501256.9247,1%
24general clinical care473265.8377,0%
25All other specialist trading companies433280.7207,0%
26funeral directors and funeral directors124951.2516,0%
27Other personal care services339345.3806,4%
28law firms433266.4076,9%
29Supermarkets and other grocery stores (except convenience stores).143799.2966,6%
30All other professional, scientific and technical services285399.4756,7%
31Snacks and non-alcoholic beverage bars468242.7476,7%
32optometrists offices226498.4726,2%
33mechanical workshops153709.8416,2%
34Places to drink (alcoholic beverages)216479.9056,9%
35physical education and leisure education188541.8106,5%
36laundromats and dry cleaners187524.0466,3%
37audit offices305318.5776,7%
38convenience stores224433.2056,5%
39Construction of commercial and institutional buildings312296.3487,2%
40Autonomous Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers761.206.3555,6%
42nursing homes721.219.3186,3%
43RV Parks and Campgrounds (Recreational Vehicles)611.431.1056,1%
44Other durable goods wholesalers153568.7126,4%
45Beer, wine and liquor stores221388.2456,8%
46technical services243346.8356,8%
47Offices for physiotherapists, speech therapists and speech therapists243332.2877,0%
48All other personal services326247.5637,1%
49primary and secondary schools641.210.5036,0%
50Custom computer programming services224335.4647,0%

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