Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Collectibles Guide - Mount Craw Lucky Dice - PowerUp! (2023)

Little Tina's Wonderlandit's available now and it's just as addictive, exciting and fun as you'd expect it to be. Inour review, that's what we wroteWonderlandis "a love letter to pen-and-paper roleplaying games... with guns." It has magic, dragons and tons of weapons. There are also a huge number of levels and chapters in which the story unfolds.

There are several levels to complete and some optional ones, though they're all great and worth exploring, especially if you're looking to level up your character.

Each level has missions, missions, collectibles and more. One of the main types of collectibles is lucky dice. These 20-page beauties will slightly increase your loot luck with each one collected; therefore, the more you collect, the better the loot. You'll hear Tina say this more than once. Trust in me.

Little Tina's WonderlandMount Craw - Lucky Dice

There are 19 Lucky Dice in Mount Craw and they are scattered throughout the level. Some of them are well hidden, luckily for you we've already found them all, so you don't have to worry.

The first Lucky Dice in Mount Craw can be found right after meeting Jar and starting the GTFO quest. After talking to Jar, cross the bridge and kill some wyverns, look left as you head towards the next GTFO objective marker. At the top among the rocks is a lucky cube.

The next Lucky Dice Mount Craw is in the caves where Jar lets you hand out GTFO flyers. After placing the second flyer and fighting the second Taskmaster, look for a ledge to climb onto the southern edge of the cave. Once on the ledge, head to the west side and you'll find a Lucky Dice sitting in front of some crystals.

After defeating the troll oracles and listening to Jar's heartwarming speech in front of his GTFO brothers, she will task you with rescuing some prisoners from a nearby village. Instead of entering the village, head east when you exit the cave. You arrive at a hut. Go inside and you can take a ramp down to the basement, where a Lucky Dice will be waiting for you.

Go north and free the prisoners and continue north following Jar's instructions. You'll enter an area called The Sootsteps and pass some vending machines. Upon entering this new area, look to your right for a run-down shack. Inside is a lucky die.

From the previous cube, continue north and hug the east wall. When you reach a section that branches off to the east, go up, then go back and look south to find a lucky cube hidden next to some boxes.

As you go up and around the walkways and walkways in this section, be on the lookout for yellow paint, which indicates a place to dress. You must follow the path up and back onto the sidewalks to return south. Stand at the top of the walkway and you'll find a cube hidden behind a goblin hut.

In this area, head back to the ground and look for three goblin huts on the ledges north of the cave. You're looking for the goblin hut on the far left/west. Go to this hut and you will find the lucky dice.

After crossing the bridge and circling left to go through the cave, jump onto the leftmost ladder and then onto the goblin hut or the next ladder to go up another level. Turn around and jump across the gap here to land on another platform. Jump back and you'll find the next lucky cube.

From the last Lucky Dice, keep following the path, go up the walkways and fight the goblins so Jar can lower the bridge. Keep following this path until you reach an area that turns into the lava flow, which should now be on your right/east. Pass the two goblin huts to the north of this section to find the lucky dice under a tall wooden structure.

From the previous Lucky Dice, follow the catwalks and ramps up and then south when you turn again. Eventually, the cave reopens to offer a view of the snow-covered areas of Mount Craw below. You should be able to see a lone hut with a wraparound porch (to the south). Jump down and follow the balcony around the hut until you find a lucky cube on the rock face.

Keep moving towards Jar's objective to the southwest - "Enter the Arena" and look along the south ledge. Once the area expands, look for a Lucky Dice next to an ammo crate overlooking the ancient obelisk below.

After collecting the previous cube, go down before entering the arena and you will find yourself in the area with the ancient obelisk. Go east and look for a cave to the north. You must fight the ice blocking the cave in hand-to-hand combat and then enter. In the southwest corner of the cave is your lucky die.

Go to the east part of the map and look for Wooden Claptrap pretending to be a blacksmith. There is a quest that needs to be completed for Claptrap and you can find a Lukcy Cube on the roof of his building.

You must accept Claptrap's quest to gain access to the next area. Do that and hug the south wall. Follow the narrow corridor south until you find a lucky cube.

On the west edge of the village with the Jar prisoners, just before a large layer of ice gives way, climb the building here and look for the lucky die among the crates and bags.

From the previous cube, continue west until you reach a pier overlooking the frozen lake. There is a lucky cube and a chest on this pier.

South of the ancient obelisk, in the area where you need to defeat an annoying mage without violence, you will find a small hut in the far northwest. Inside is a lucky die.

As part of this wizard's non-violent quest to free Mount Craw, you must gain access to a previously locked section of the map. From the village with the GTFO prisoners, head north and enter a small cave door. Inside you'll find a goblin guarding a gate with another goblin in a cage. Choose any method you like to trick him into opening the gate, then head inside. You'll have to fight a series of enemies, and then you'll find a lucky cube on a pillar in the northwest corner.

From the last cube, go deeper and deeper into this area and just before entering the temple itself, go right/east and look for some ledges to climb. Climb onto these ledges/platforms and you'll find a lucky cube overlooking the battle chamber below.

That's all 19 lucky dice in Mount Craw, which you can check out other guides forTiny Tina's Wonderlands her.

Little Tina's Wonderlandis now available.

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