Season 4 of 'Yellowstone' in numbers: Week 1 (2023)

The wait is over. red statesuccessorHe has returned with a grand vengeance.GelbsteinIt's back and hell yeah it's overGelbstein-y never

If you've followed the gripping but addictive epic of the Dutton family and their sacrosanct Yellowstone ranch up to this point, you know exactly what you're getting into. It's a deeply conservative show about preserving a certain way of life. It can also be deeply nihilistic, or a show that touts its Nietzschean credibility as a place beyond good and evil. It's a show where every line of dialogue is an extremely deep but also concise mission statement. It's a spectacle where people are constantly being shot at in a barrage of fair shots. It's so damn cool.

every episode ofGelbstein- and I mean it with love - it's a mess. Every once in a while it's quite a mess, sometimes it's a mess in a "WHAAAAAAAT!?" Kind of Fashion The beating heart of the show lies solely in its unhinged style and driving spirit.GelbsteinHe'll usually always push the envelope, whether it makes sense or not, piling crazy stories on top of crazy stories and waiting for the inevitable explosion. The two-part introduction to Season 4 made that perfectly clear. The first 10 minutes were filled with action and fear, but that abruptly subsided into a smoother, more mellow start. Considering that the last season left the lives of virtually every major character in doubt, you'd be forgiven for being surprised that the two-part premiere was so much about getting expensive horses, screaming at doctors, about Hamburger Helper for argue and then get absolutely no answers as to who tried to kill (almost) all of the Duttons on planet earth. Also, Tate killed a clown.

Every week we gather around this online home and break down the highlights of the previous episode using only hard numbers, because numbers are the only thing on God's green earth that doesn't lie, I'm sure John Dutton would tell you. This could include who is being ridiculously murdered, how many wise but scathing comments Beth makes about the people she loves, and how often John Dutton (Kevin Costner) sharply points out that this is "his country of hers" from her. We then look ahead to the next episode and predict next week's numbers.

100,000 (approx.): Bullets fired at Kayce on a Montana back street

So many great things happened at Big Vibes Country this past week. After the season 3 finale ended with Kayce, John, Beth, and Jimmy possibly dying, the season 4 premiere thankfully provided quick fixes. First, to avoid being shot by multiple assailants in her small office, Kayce simply overturned a desk that seemed to weigh hundreds of pounds and fended off her attackers with smoke grenades and clever wits. Later, the shootout roams the street and for a moment it looks like the bank robbers are out.heatgot lost in Montana and for the love of the game they decide to house a small assault rifle in the back streets. They lose but injure Kayce. (Spoiler alert: it's okay.)

2.5: Beth's puff after the explosion

Elsewhere, Beth walks out of a building, which recently partially exploded with her very close, a bit dazed, but still cheeky enough to demand a cigarette from a stranger and get that classic Beth look of revenge in their eyes. Beth is not afraid of death, that's the point.

8: Witnessing a rare thank you/apology from John Dutton

John Dutton, played with sweet taciturnity by Costner, was ironically saved from a hail of bullets by the smartphone he hated. Later, somewhat recovered from automatic rifle fire, he strolls through his ranch hand's quarters and offers a heartfelt apology and heartfelt thanks to the occupants of the bunkhouse. It's a sweet moment that gives Costner a chance to inject a little vulnerability into his own grouch. But then you remember that this is the guy who literally branded THESE PEOPLE and forced them into hard labor. At this point you start to think, of course, saying thank you is an important first step!

2: Household objects thrown at Jamie

A stressful episode for Jamie (Wes Bentley) that begins with Beth visiting him at work and throwing a rat trap at both of them.Ya baseball before threatening his life. Much later, maybe to get over this whole rat trap situation, Jamie buys some sweet land for himself while he hangs out with the man who murdered his birth mother (his birth father, Garrett Randall, played by Will Patton, all silent and threatening). . When Randall boosts the ranch with a Kawasaki mule and some border collies, Jamie becomes wistful at how cool the horses are. That isGelbsteinto tell us that despite everything, Jamie is still a Dutton. Still, this story sucks. Nobody wants to see how that goes.

1: New Big Bad

It is a traditionGelbstein, but we need new greedy citizens every season. Oddly enough, they always think they can outsmart the Duttons with big words and possible assassination attempts, and it's no wonder John Dutton ultimately prevails by having Rip kill them in some very creative ways. The season 4 premiere introduces us to Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), a Market Equities bigwig who very well could be our new tender-footed villain. She walks in hot, dropping this line: "Life in Montana is poverty with a view. You threatened to take the view. Damn. Wow.

-1: Ancient Great Evil

We must say a few words for the late Roarke, the former Market Equities point man who had early sexual tensions with Beth but ended up being an expendable guy with a bad haircut. Roarke was clearly just Sawyer fromLostafter escaping from the island. He found a new career, he was still a bit of a con man, he was played by Josh Holloway and he made a lot of money watching stock market stuff on his laptop. He was also very fond of fishing.

Roarke was a villain? Honestly, he seemed fine for a money-hungry vulture trying to take over nature and dismantle everything our protagonist holds dear. Still, Rip, casually walking up to him and throwing a snake in his face while trying to enjoy his day, seemed a bit harsh. To make matters worse, Rip then taunted the dying Roarke with: "You have fallen in love with one of the classic mistakes.! The most famous is 'Never trust a cooler full of rattlesnakes.'

Infinite: Horses that Jimmy fell or will fall during the show

Cute and familiar Jimmy - essentially Greg's cousinGelbstein– survives his most recent fall from a bucking horse, but of course that means he broke his word to John Dutton, who told him never to ride a snarling horse again. Just an FYI to anyone planning on breaking his word to John Dutton: don't! It never works!

Many: losses

It is practically impossible to put this morbid information in a concrete number, at least from a mental point of view. when are you going to seeGelbsteinand pauses the episode every time a human being is hit by an automatic weapon or bitten by a poisonous snake. I have to say that it may not be good for your health. Many people lost their lives in these two episodes, including a killer in a clown mask who was destroyed by Kayce's son Tate, a literal child. May all be at rest.

0: Tote Duttons

Somehow, despite the extremely well coordinated and executed plan (or so it seemed?) to take out John, Beth and Kayce, not a single assassination attempt was successful. John was saved by a phone because he hates technology (that's ironic and also something that happenedin onePortlandiaSketchalmost 10 years ago); Kayce became an '80s action hero to fend off an essentially zero-sum survival situation. and Beth, well, Beth should definitely be dead. She was about 2 feet from a massive explosion. She reminds me a lot of Audrey explosive sceneat the end of the second season oftwin peaks, although happily 25 years later, Beth does not wake up in an asylum. That means her back is pretty bad. However, Rip, as a sensitive man that he is, doesn't care.

So the point is that someone (but who?!) launched an extremely careful and coordinated attack on the Dutton family. And then there is a jump in time... It's nice that whoever decided to kill them all at once (and failed) also decided to let them heal for two months. That's cowboy chivalry. It's a Montana tradition, akin to stopping on the street to help useless Californians change tires.

1: Memories of the old days

Of course it happened. A key principle ofGelbsteinit's the Dutton family's magical, perhaps obsessive, attachment to the land. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan wants us to understand exactly why John Dutton is so opinionated and argumentative when it comes to his wealth. Did we really need a historical spin-off to detail every literal step of Dutton's journey? That remains to be seen. (But probably not either.)

1: Moments when Lee Dutton was mentioned

It's a far-fetched thought, but Lee, the 38-year-old bachelor who died in the final minutes of the pilot, has basically never been mentioned by his father or brothers in about three years. So it was good to hear that he was mentioned in the season 4 premiere. On the other hand, he was just referring to Kayce telling John that she would kill him and bury him next to Lee. This family, man. oops!

1 for sure, but maybe 2: indirect pitches

Obviously, the big "WHATAAAAA!?" moment forGelbsteinFans was the flashback that took us to 1883, when John Dutton's grandfather showed his goodwill as a white savior by kindly giving away a bull to a group of Native Americans. This revealed Tim McGraw as the Dutton patriarch of yore and star in1883, which will document the Duttons' westward journey, their final confrontation with the people who actually own the Yellowstone ranch land, and, no doubt, their elaborate maneuvers to make it their own.

The existence of1883it has long been established as a thing that happens. There was a trailer in the middle of the season 4 premiere. (A highlight: Sam Elliottpistol whipssome fool.) But apparently there will besecondCalled a spin-off (for now!)6666about, uh, I guess, a cattle ranch in Texas where shit is different and a little more real than Yellowstone. Because Jimmy didn't comply with John Dutton's request and now he's going to be in semi-exile in Texas where they're going to turn him into a cowboy or whatever.Gelbsteinit's slowly becoming the MCU.

Half: How much money does the woman have in the bar?

In the scene, which owes its title to the first half of the premiere, Beth pours a bit of wisdom over the head of a stranger ordered by her gruff partner to bring her a beer. "You've got all the pussy and half the money," she tells herself to a nice woman in a bar, explaining feminism and changing the world, one unhappy couple at a time.

1: How many emotional but angry runaways do Beth and Rip basically adopt?

His name is Carter. Beth comes across him smoking on a bench holding a "No Smoking" sign. Beth is nervous. But back to Carter. Beth instantly loves him because she's not afraid to curse a dying father and she has Little Rip Energy. Rip doesn't care about him at first, but at least he's not branding this kid with a hot iron. Still.

A preview of episode 3 "All I see is you"

There are so many unanswered questions leading up to the next episode on Sunday. Most importantly, does Beth make Hamburger Helper with chicken or tuna? Jamie is telling her real father to stop being so creepy? Beth and Rip decide to let a foster kid sleep in a real bed?

But the bigger question of who ordered the hit on the Duttons also remains. The main contenders are, of course, Market Equities, Jamie Dutton, and boss Thomas Rainwater (or rather his fixer Angela Blue Thunder, who's all about that chaotic energy). Or it could be the California bikers who were so embarrassed by John Dutton and Rip that they were forced to dig their own graves in Season 3. Or a popular fan theory: It's Malcolm Beck (Neil McDonough), who technically never he has been seen dead, and that he is a man known to have connections to the militia. On the other hand, and I hope you advocate for this, it could be a new big bad. That's my take, as none of the above "antagonists" really make sense as puppeteers for this attempted smothering of Dutton. There just wasn't enough time between the big dev meeting at the end of Season 3 and these extremely brutal and coordinated attacks!

Well, here are some other predictions for the next week.

Unknown: Moments where Jimmy says the wrong thing

This version of Jimmy seems to lack some of his former glory. All the light seemed to leave him as John Dutton chided him with little cowboy annoyance. The thing about Jimmy is that he's the eyes and ears of the audience on this show, a basically nice guy thrown into a baptism of increasingly ridiculous circumstances. After three seasons of non-stop berating from his coworkers (friends) for being bad at his job, Jimmy may have reached a point where he needs to go from being a lovable jerk to a version of himself. which John Dutton is not. he makes sad. Elsewhere, Jimmy will definitely have a hard time explaining to his girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin), who was always ready to snag Jimmy, why she's moving to a whole new ranch—in Texas! - They have to go. This should be a fun conversation.

0.5: Heartfelt scenes between Rip and Baby Rip

The ball rolls, the link is updated. At some point, Rip Carter will tell all about the birds and the bees and the manly way to sweep a barn while both of them act like tough guys against each other. It may last more than one episode, but at some point there will be a hint of love that creates a breakthrough during which one or both of the Yellowstone foster children realize that they are both the platonic ideal of tender damaged ones who look for love in everyone. the strangest places. (mainly Mountain). Beth will watch them with a half smile, then say something to the effect of, "All living things die alone. I'll bury you. Do you want whiskey?"

3 Times John Dutton Complains About Craft Beer

To celebrate John's recovery from a ridiculous number of bullets, either Kayce or Beth try to buy him a craft beer, and neither of them will work out. Especially the beers with German names will give John the willies. "What is a sour?" he might ask. "Why do you want this? Shouldn't beer taste like beer?

0: Flashback a 1883

It seems likely that there's a narrative thread from 1883 that will eventually take hold (the recently discovered skull), but it's unlikely we'll see Tim McGraw until we dig a little deeper into the season. The boy was probably too busy filming hisGelbsteinspin off to appearGelbsteinevery week.

0: Times Kayce Will Admit Her Son Killed A Guy Wearing A Clown Mask

no Tate is on his way to becoming a soulful yet stoic killing machine, just like his father. Dysfunction is inherited, didn't you know? does not haveGelbsteinDo you already have this message in your brain?

3 (minimum): PDA instances between Teeter and Colby

Especially now that the romance between these two characters from the wild side is open. Getting trampled to death by horses is the surest way to form a lasting romantic bond, and they don't care who knows.

13: Times Beth says something succinct and nihilistic

That total is pretty low, but every legend gets a night off.

Alex Siquig lives in Baltimore, drinks MD 20/20, and writes about things likeGame of Thrones, the Willenium and the life of Doug Funnie.


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