There are many collectibles in the Lost Ark. Really a lot. In the game alone, there are more than 1,200 Mokoka seeds waiting to be found, but with them there are hidden stories, dishes, and more. Papunika's interactive map will help you find them all.

What is this card?Like New World, there is also an interactive world map for the new MMORPG Lost Ark online. There are several of them, but here we would like to introduce you to only one in more detail.

This is an interactive Lost Ark map from the Papunika.com fan site. She can help you find all the Mokoko seeds and not miss any secret story. You can contact them viawebsite papunika.com/map.

On this map, you can also find possible locations of wandering merchants, as well as bosses and other things you need to complete the adventure book.

In general, the map shows the following things from the world of Lost Ark:

  • All islands, ghost ships, sailing missions and merchant ships.
  • All mucilaginous seeds
  • collectible food
  • Monsters and special bosses
  • hidden stories
  • itinerant merchants
  • Adventure book of continents
  • secret passages
  • Dungeon maps and hints about them
  • Items that start missions
  • All the NPCs you can improve your relationship with and how to do it
  • All useful NPCs

However, the map is quite crowded at first glance and can quickly become overwhelming. It is also unfortunately not translated into German and is therefore only available in English. But that doesn't make them any less useful for many things.

How to set them up correctly?At first the map just shows you everything. This can quickly become overwhelming, especially since you don't need that much information early in the game.

On the right edge of the browser window, you'll find a list of everything available on the currently selected instance. Here you can simply click on things you don't want to see right now.

Therefore, at the beginning of the Lost Ark, we recommend that you first hide all the islands. This instantly makes the map more attractive and less cluttered. In any case, you only need islands of level 30 or higher.

(Video) Lost Ark Interactive World Map ~EASILY COLLECT MOKO SEEDS~


Without the islands, the map doesn't look so messy.

If you're looking for a specific area, you can also go there directly at the top left using the search function. However, note that you have to search for the English name and that you can only search for areas, not NPCs directly.

Find Mokoko seeds and collectibles more easily

What do you think about seeds? The Papunika map contains a list of all the Mokoko seeds you can find in Arkesia. All you have to do is display them on the map of the map you are currently on.

(Video) Easy way to find every Mokoko seed and collectable in Lost Ark

If you need more detailed help on how to get one of the rare seeds, you can just click on it and you'll usually get help. For example, if you click on the seed behind the barrier on Mount Zagoras, it says that you must destroy the barrier first.

The card also directs you to certain challenges at the beginning of the instance. In the Blackrose Chapel dungeon, for example, the Mokokos room only opens if you haven't killed any civilians in your career.

So that you don't realize it too late, such information is always marked with a star on the map, which you should then click on.


The star above tells us to click on the locations to collect all the seeds. By clicking on the symbol, we get more information

The map is also extremely useful when it comes to kitchen items. You should always click on the items you need to collect, as you often have to process them further. The card gives you valuable hints, such as that you must leave a certain item in your inventory for 10 minutes before you can use it.

Clicking on an ingredient tells us what to do with it

Learn more about the history of the lost ark

What does the story have to do with the map?The Lost Ark map will also help you find important collectibles for the adventure book. In addition to the bosses and cooking ingredients you need, there are also exciting hidden stories.

(Video) Wonderful Brewery All Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

These are small collectibles that you can find in the world. If you interact with them, you can read a short text and learn more about the world of Lost Ark. These hidden stories vary in length and are shown in green on the Papunika map.

The card also directly shows you how many pieces such a hidden story has in total. If you only see the name of the story in green, you just have to interact with it and you will complete the story.

If the name is followed by a number, eg 1/4, it means you have to find a total of four of these stories to complete it.

If we click on the story, we will see the locations of all the missing parts

How to find it with a map?If you find such a divided story, but do not know where the other parts are hidden, the map will help you. Just click on the green exclamation mark on the hidden story and it will show you the locations of the other connected parts.

I often look at the Papunika map more than the game.

A map can do a lot, but is it good?The Papunika map can do a lot and offers numerous opportunities to find exactly what I really want. But it also means there are risks for me as a player.

I constantly use the map on another monitor and look at it more often than the game map. I rarely have to actually look for Mokoko seeds because thanks to the map I always know where they are and how to get to them.

But this also has the big disadvantage that you miss out on actually exploring the world. I probably would never have found the many hidden entrances without the map, but I would have looked more closely at other parts of the game.

Or generally frequented places where there are no collectibles. Because in the frenzy of finishing it often happened to me that I was completely ignorant of parts of the world because, thanks to Papunica, I knew that there was nothing there anyway. And that's pretty unfortunate.

(Video) Easy Adventure Tome / Mokoko Seeds Guide.

So I recommend a good balance of card handling and maybe only use it when you're really stuck. But if you just want to have everything and go through maps as quickly as possible, the map could become your best friend.

Are there alternatives?I'm onThe Lost Ark Database websitealso offers an interactive map. It even shows you a little more than the map of Papunika, like places that hide treasures and places where you can play different songs.

(Video) Lost Ark All Starlight Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

However, we personally find the Papunika map more pleasant to use because it is clearer and offers more configuration options.

What do you think of these interactive maps? Will you use them often or not? Do you like to explore the world of Lost Ark on your own, or do you just have a lot to discover? Write to us in the comments.


How many Mokoko Seeds are in Lost Ark total? ›

In total, there are 1,250 Mokoko Seeds to be found in Lost Ark, which means that they aren't too difficult to come by and you will find them quite frequently as you travel across the seven different regions in the game.

Where are the Mokoko Seed spots? ›

Unlike most other vendor rewards, there is only one place to obtain the Mokoko Seed rewards, and that is on the island of Tortoyk, where the Mokoko people live.

How to get 600 gold in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Una quests

Save up enough tokens and you can buy items that will net you a variable amount of gold. For example: 80 Una tokens gets you a Gold Pouch, worth at least 200 gold. 200 Una tokens gets you a Gold Chest, worth at least 600 gold.

What happens when you collect all Mokoko seeds? ›

Mokoko Seeds can be used as a currency and exchanged for items such as potions, cards, and blueprints of varying rarity with some epic and legendary items available. Here's a full list of all the rewards you can get from collecting Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

What is the best way to find Mokoko Seeds? ›

Most of these Mokoko Seeds are easy to find once you're near the red dots on the map. They're usually close to a path. However, there are two hidden areas that are quite tricky to find: one of them is in the northwestern corner of Prideholme, and the other one is west of Rethramis Border.

Where is the seed located? ›

In the typical flowering plant, or angiosperm, seeds are formed from bodies called ovules contained in the ovary, or basal part of the female plant structure, the pistil.

Where are the Eden Ring seed? ›

There are eight Golden Seeds (at six locations) in the Altus Plateau and the outskirts of Leyndell, Royal Capital located in (or near) the Altus Highway Junction (1), Minor Erdtree (2), Highway Lookout Tower (3), Outer Wall Phantom Tree (4), Ulcerated Tree Spirit (5), and Finger Reader (6).

Is collecting all Mokoko Seeds worth it? ›

Mokoko Seeds are one of the first collectibles that you'll see in Lost Ark. The seeds reward you with a lot of roster XP over time, so you'll want to get them as much as possible.

How important are Mokoko Seeds? ›

Why Mokoko Seeds are important. Although you could go the entire game without finding them, Mokoko Seeds offer a variety of benefits. For one, they provide you with a bit of Roster XP, giving you an easy way to boost your Roster Level and gain new perks.

What is the Mokoko bonus in Lost Ark? ›

Rewards and Benefits

Players with the Mokoko Buff deal 20% more damage to monsters and take 40% less damage. Missions contain various rewards to help progress your character to 1445 item level. While you have the Mokoko Buff, you display an icon that showing that you're a new adventurer.

Where is the first Mokoko Seed? ›

Mokoko Seed One – South Of Clockwork Square

Go south past the triport into the area controlled by mercenaries. Walk past the first two houses then turn west between the second and third ones.

What is the secret passage in Prideholm Cathedral? ›

These last Prideholme Mokoko Seeds give us a taste of just how tricksy Mokoko Seeds can be. This Mokoko Seed is located in a "secret passage" in Prideholme Cathedral. To find it, you will need to walk along the left wall until you reach a section towards the back where you can phase through the wall.

Where are the Mokoko Seeds in Prisma Valley? ›

All the mokoko seeds in Prisma Valley are easily accessible. They're all on the west side of the map too, so it's a relatively easy route to collect them all. And while two are a little tricky to find as they're down secret walkways, none of them require you to break down any barriers or learn sheet music.

How much is 1000 gold in Lost Ark? ›

Buy Lost Ark Gold
Unit = 1,000 Gold
Units1 - 9837
Base price0.57

What is max level in Lost Ark? ›

That's our guide on the Lost Ark level cap, and now you know the max level for both character and Roster levels, along with a rough sense of the time it will take to achieve the coveted max level of 60.

What is the most profitable trade skill in Lost Ark? ›

We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark.

Where do I claim Mokoko Seed rewards? ›

Mokoko Seed rewards and trade-in location

Remember, Mokoko Seeds also double as a currency, and finding them means netting yourself all sorts of sweet rewards. To redeem Mokoko Seeds, head to Tortoyk Island, where Mokoko Village is. Once there, speak to an NPC named Totoma.

What do you get for collecting all will seeds? ›

Once players successfully retrieve all three Will Seeds in a Palace, they are given a crystal accessory for each of the seven sins.

Do Mokoko Seeds count for adventurers tome? ›

You can return to dungeons you've already been through to grab collectibles you missed, and playing them twice, on normal and hard difficulty, is required for adventure tome completion. Finding mokoko seeds doesn't count toward your adventure tome progress, however.

How do I find an unknown seed? ›

The Unknown Seed can only be obtained from a Stage Boss Chest after defeating the Stage One(1) Boss, Yggdrasil.

How do you get Lakebar Mokoko Seeds? ›

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Lakebar
  1. Mokoko Seed One – Near The Mount Zagoras Portal. ...
  2. Mokoko Seed Two – Lynnis Memorial. ...
  3. Mokoko Seeds Three And Four – Raid Group Camp. ...
  4. Mokoko Seed Five – Western Side Of The Raid Group Camp. ...
  5. Mokoko Seed Six – West Of Lakebar Village.
May 9, 2022

How many global seed vaults are there? ›

Worldwide, more than 1,700 genebanks hold collections of food crops for safekeeping, yet many of these are vulnerable, exposed not only to natural catastrophes and war, but also to avoidable disasters, such as lack of funding or poor management.

Where are all the seeds stored? ›

Millions of these tiny brown specks, from more than 930,000 varieties of food crops, are stored in the Global Seed Vault on Spitsbergen, part of Norway's Svalbard archipelago. It is essentially a huge safety deposit box, holding the world's largest collection of agricultural biodiversity.

Is there a seed vault? ›

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norwegian: Svalbard globale frøhvelv) is a secure backup facility for the world's crop diversity on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago. The Seed Vault provides long-term storage of duplicates of seeds conserved in genebanks around the world.

Where is Roderika Golden Seed? ›

There are two ways to obtain this one. Roderika will give it to you if you complete her quest, or if she's moved on to Roundtable Hold, you'll find it just sitting there in the shack.

Where is the crimson seed talisman? ›

The Crimson Seed Talisman can be obtained by unlocking an imp seal with a Stonesword Key in the Sainted Hero's Grave, located in the east side of the Altus Plateau on a high platform. The talisman can be found at the start of the mini dungeon.

How many bosses are in Eden ring? ›

Some of these bosses are unique, while some are just souped-up or redesigned versions of other bosses you encounter in the game. The number of boss encounters is estimated to be around 150, while the number of unique bosses is around 112.

What is the lore of Mokoko Seeds? ›

LORE: Players are seeking out these seeds because the great giant, Tortoyk, sent them all flying with a single sneeze. It is for this reason the head of the Mokoko Village, Totoma, is offering rewards for the players to find and collect their unborn children.

Is it good to collect seeds? ›

By collecting seeds you can populate new areas of your garden with specific flowers that you love, and is an excellent way to start planning a cut flower garden. Along with collecting seeds, you can also allow many annuals and biennials to self-sow by nature's hand.

What are the rewards for Mokoko Island? ›

Players will unlock a reward for every 50 Mokoko seeds they unlock. These rewards include a totoma card, kindness potion, shy winds flower pollen, and many more. To get more chances at finding mokoko seeds, players need to explore more of the map and the islands.

What is the main purpose of seeds? ›

Seeds of most plants are the very means of survival of the species. They carry the parent germ plasm, variously protected against heat, cold, drought, and water from one growing season that is suitable for growth of the species to the next.

How do I claim my 50 friends reward in Lost Ark? ›

Once you have the 50 friends that you need, you can find the free Amethyst Shards in your mailbox and claim them immediately. That's our primer on earning the Lost Ark Friends achievement, and now you should be able to acquire People Person and the free Amethyst Shards.

How many Powerpasses can you get in Lost Ark? ›

Note: There's a limit of two Power Passes per region, both available on a single world.

Can you buy more Powerpasses in Lost Ark? ›

Players can only receive two Power Passes in Lost Ark, so we recommend you make sure you're 100 percent sure before you use them.

Which is the earliest seeds? ›

The oldest carbon-14-dated plant tissue that has grown into a viable adult plant was a Silene stenophylla (narrow-leafed campion), an Arctic flower native to Siberia.

How many Mokoko Seeds in prideholme? ›

There are nine Mokoko Seeds in this area, seven in the town and two in the cathedral.

How do you get Mokoko Seeds in fogwoods crypt? ›

These seeds are located in Fogwoods Crypt, behind a doorway of gnarled vines found a little south of the graveyard. In order to access these seeds, you will need not one, but two pieces of sheet music only obtained from certain islands.

Where are Mokoko seeds in Brilliant Ridge? ›

Brilliant Ridge Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seed #1 can be found out in the open, in front of a lit torch. Mokoko Seeds #2, #3, and #4 require you to kill the mini-boss before the secret entrance opens. Kill it (and the mobs it generates) and backtrack to collect all three Mokoko Seeds.

Where are Mokoko seeds in Rigens village? ›

Mokoko Seed #1 is behind a tree covered in snow and a wooden barrel. Mokoko Seed #2 can be found at the end of the pathway on the right side, underneath a clothes line. The third Mokoko Seed is in front of a frozen water fountain. Mokoko Seeds #4 and #5 are behind a grouping of gravestones at the top of the map.

How many Lost Ark engravings are there? ›

Beginner Guide: Lost Ark Engravings. Engravings are considered one of the endgame sources of power for your Lost Ark characters. Each class gets two class-specific special engravings and there are also 43 combat engravings that can be used by any class.

What is the total amount of cards in Lost Ark? ›

There is a total of 303 cards to collect in Lost Ark. If you need more help with Lost Ark, click on the tag below.

How many arks are currently in Lost Ark? ›

Notes. This quest is received after the first Ark is found, so the objective counter starts at 1 instead of 0. As of June 2022 there are only six Arks in the game, making it impossible to complete the quest at this time.

How many golden seeds can you find? ›

There are eight Golden Seeds (at six locations) in the Altus Plateau and the outskirts of Leyndell, Royal Capital located in (or near) the Altus Highway Junction (1), Minor Erdtree (2), Highway Lookout Tower (3), Outer Wall Phantom Tree (4), Ulcerated Tree Spirit (5), and Finger Reader (6).

What is the most versatile engraving in Lost Ark? ›

Here's a look at the best Engravings in Lost Ark.
  1. 1 Spirit Absorption. For a double stat boost, the Spirit Absorption Engraving delivers well.
  2. 2 Ambush Master. ...
  3. 3 Barricade. ...
  4. 4 Awakening. ...
  5. 5 Adrenaline. ...
  6. 6 Raid Captain. ...
  7. 7 Keen Blunt Weapon. ...
  8. 8 Cursed Doll. ...
Nov 27, 2022

What is the most universal engraving in Lost Ark? ›

The most universal engraving is Grudge, but even this won't be used by Supports, and because Gunslinger is way too hard for me, I cannot help you with other tips about engravings for this class. I am used to MMOs with a ton of skills like FFXIV, which was the draw to Gunslinger.

What is the max engraving points in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark's Engravings work on a level and point system. Every 5 points will unlock 1 level for the engravings. Additionally, max level is 3, so if you have more than 15 points you are wasting points. So, If we take a look at the screen shot below, you can see that “Cursed Doll” is level 2 with 11 points into it.

Are cards important in Lost Ark? ›

Cards are one of Lost Ark's many Collectibles. However, as opposed to other collectibles they can provide both passive bonuses, as well as active bonuses. Passive bonuses are tied to Card Books, while active bonuses are tied to Card Decks.

How big of a game is Lost Ark? ›

Storage: 50 GB available space. Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases.

Are all 7 arks available in Lost Ark? ›

So… don't worry about it. You will only have 3/7 arks at the end of North Vern. The Lost Ark story isn't completed in Korea. We won't have all 7 arks, that is normal.

How long to finish Lost Ark main story? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story2153h 55m
Main + Extras28225h 17m
Completionist21011h 30m
All PlayStyles51185h 33m

How many people play Lost Ark per day? ›

How Many People Play Lost Ark? We estimate the daily player count of Lost Ark to be 459,199, with a total player base of 16,112,243.

Should I save sacred tears? ›

Just like with Golden Seeds, there's no reason to hold onto Sacred Tears unless you want to make the game harder; just upgrade them next time you're at a Lost Grace. Sacred Tears can only be found in churches, typically at the base of the big statue, but there are a few churches that don't give one.

How many Golden Seeds needed to max? ›

Therefore, a total of 30 Seeds are needed to reach the maximum number of Flasks. You can get far more than 30 Seeds in your first play-through (without going into New Game Plus) so you don't have to find all of them to upgrade your flasks to max level.

Should I keep Golden Seeds? ›

Finding Golden Seeds in Elden Ring will help keep your flasks useful for longer. There are two types of flasks you can use, Flask of Crimson Tears (red) for recovering HP, and Flask of Cerulean Tears (blue) for recovering FP that is used for abilities like weapon skills and summoning ash spirits.


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