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completion of all 70origin storiesSub missions for theproblem solverTrophy/achievement can become a tedious task unless you know what quests to complete and where to look for them.

Luckily she isorigin storiesThe list of side quests below shows all side quests available in the game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The purpose of this list is to help you with trackingorigin storiesside quest that you can complete; However, there are some things you should know about these side quests.

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List of Tales of Arise side quests

The most important aspect to consider is that theorigin storiesSide quests are only accessible in certain areas.

These areas act as hubs and serve as homes for most NPCs. Therefore, the list below shows the regions where these quests are available.

Also to help you complete all of them, for the more complicated onesorigin storiesFor side quests, you can access explicit instructions if you need more help. while for the rest I've added some tips to guide you.

Moving on, it is also worth noting that someorigin storiesSubmissions cannot be accessed until you progress through the story or complete other submissions.

That means you'll either have to switch between areas regularly, or check all areas once you've finished the story.

Then you must know thatorigin storiesSide quests are denoted on your map by icons representing letters, so check your maps regularly.

Finally, as you progress through the game or after completing the story, you can check your activity logs (on the left of your d-pad) and verify that your side quest list contains all of the quests listed below.

So let's look at the whole thingorigin storiesList of subquests and how to complete them all.

All locations and guides for side quests in Calaglia

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The list below shows all Calaglia side quests included inorigin stories.

This is the first area in the game, and basically your journey starts here. There are only a handful of sub-quests to complete here at the start, but you can always come back here as the game progresses if you wish.

As you can see below, there are a total of 11 side quests in Calaglia.

1. Procurement subquest

Region: Ulzebek

How to proceed: This mission is part of the game's prologue and is easily accessible.

See theStep by step on how to get supplies hereIf necessary.

2. Shionne the fashion critic side quest


Procedure: Although this quest is available early in the game, you cannot complete it until later.

Basically, you should talk to the man at the round well and choose the clothes you want him to try on. Your choice does not affect the story or rewards.

So you have to wait a while for him to find the clothes. You can try to talk to him after defeating the fifth lord and returning from "The Wedge".

It actually depends on when you start the quest.

3. Sub-quest averted by hunger


Procedure: This quest requires you to find potatoes.

Check this step by stepto their locations if necessary, even if they are very common ingredients.

4. Submission of Forging from Zero


Completion: This quest is part oflimit and determinemain quest, and you will complete them automatically as you progress through the story.

5. The Hunt for New Weapons subquest


Procedure: This side quest requires you to find 3 stone fragments.

You canlearn more about their locations here.

6. Filing roots


Procedure: The quest giver appears just before leaving Calaglia.

His name is Grenar and he can be found outside your headquarters in Ulzebek.

Simply kill the wolves in the Iglia Wastes to fulfill your request and thetake rot Nebenquest.

Remember that the wolves you have to defeat are in a marked area.

7. Submission of mixed feelings


How to fill:mixed feelingsis one of the post-game side quests, which means you can't complete it until you reach Rena.

However, when you reach Rena (or the final area in the video game), fast travel will be disabled and unlocked after the final story boss.

After taking care of him, reload your save (created automatically in the credits), go back to Ulzebek and find Grenar.

This quest is only available after completiontake rootabove. Once you've done that, Grenar and Naith will ask you to kill the level 53 Thunderite boss in the Iglian Desert, which is behind the oneMap Action Boulder that we discussed here.

8. Subquest "Giant Creature Hunt".


Procedure: Although this quest is available early in the game, you must defeat the Praying Mantis in Sandinus Gorge to complete it.

Make sure you're ready to face this boss, because it's a level 41 Zeugle.

You can also postpone the confrontation with the mantis until you win the game.

9. Doc's Secret Ingredient Sub-Quest


How to fill:Tales of Arise Doc Secret Ingredient Tinbe played after dealing with Balseph.

Talk to Doc in Mosgul and he will ask for pepper.

You can find Pepper in the Kyrd Garrison.

It's a very common ingredient that you can get by looting gathering points.

10. Global Connection Subquest


How to fill:Global connectionIt's a simple fetch quest that you can complete right away. However, there is a requirement that compels you to move it.

This quest comes from Doc from Mosgul area, and the first thing you have to do is fulfill your first request above.

You then have to progress through the game until you reach Pelegion in Ganath Haros where you have to finish thatGourmet Saga: Soft and fluffy(explained below).

After you have done thisGlobal connectionwill be unlocked and the friendly Doc will send you to Glanymede Castle where Gourdeno will be waiting for you.

Talk to the NPC near him and you need to find 6x Wheat and 6x Egg.

These are common ingredients that you will likely have when you unlock this quest, but if you don't you can simply buy them from the merchant in the Pelegion Inn (Ganath Haros area).

Now give Gourdeno the ingredients, then you will have to go back to Mosgul and take the donuts you received to Doc and Kohl.

11. In the Unterquest "In the Caves".

Region: Flame Trench - East side

How to fill:Contos de Rise into the grottois another side quest that can be completed later in the game.

It is also one of the hidden onesorigin storiesSubmissions you can't miss.

This quest is very short, but to start it you need a specific key that is dropped by a boss named Efreet Malum.

You will fight him as part of the story on the top of Volcano Mountain.

After defeating him, take the secret key and when the fast travel option is available (or after you finish the story), return to the Fire Gates in Calaglia.

Now enter the Trench of Flames East Side and look for the transition point to the north.

It is alocked door that you can open with said key. When you approach him, the quest will begin and all you have to do is go inside and loot Balseph's treasure.

All locations and guides for Tales of Arise Cyslodia side quests

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There are 12 in total in the Cyslodia regionorigin storiesSide quests that you must complete.

Again, some of these will become available earlier, while others will have specific requirements.

1. Submission Fire under Ice

Region: Messias 24

Procedure: For this quest, talk to the man at the crossroads, then go back to White Silver Plains and kill 7 wolves in the marked area.

2. Unfreezing Relationships Submission

Region: Messias 24

How to proceed: To complete this side quest, all you have to do is find lettuce and apples for the man in the back of the village.

These items can be picked up at White Silver Plains collection points.

3. Spirits subquest

Region: Messias 24

Procedure: The quest giver (up in the village) will ask for 4 Earthseeds.

you can get thoseorigin storiesEarth Seeds Matando Ropers in Ulvhan Grotto and Rudhir Forest.

The Forest Ropers at Gilanne Woodland also hunt them down.

4. Zeugles Gathering Submission

Region: Cysloden Alley

How to proceed: This sub-quest becomes available after you exit the underground waterway.

After talking to the man near the fast travel point, return to the Nevira Snow Plains and kill the monsters in the marked areas.

5. Sub-missão Culling the Snowplain Herds

Region: Cysloden Bregon's Versteck

How to fill:Slaughtering the Snowplain herdsbecomes available after dealing with Lord Ganabelt Valkyris.

To complete it, just go to Nevira Snowplains and deal with the three groups of enemies again.

6. Research says subquest

Region: Cysloden Bregon's Versteck

How to do it: after completing the previous quest, talk to the same NPC and he will send you to find 3 citizens.

In the alley outside, talk to the Peddler Woman, then go to Fountain Plaza Avenue and talk to the Peace Loving Man.

Finally, travel to Central Plaza Avenue and talk to the Fretting Man, then return to the quest giver (Bregon) and get the Prison Tower Cells Key.

Use it to open the cell and deal with Polycephus Gigant Zeugle.

7. Open trade submission

Region: Cysloden Bregon's Versteck

How to fill: Thisorigin storiesSubquest also comes from Bregon.

After you finish the previous one, talk to him again and he'll send you on another Giant Zeugle Hunt, but this time into Ulvhan Grotto.

Travel to White Silver Plains, enter the cave and kill the Boisterous Roper.

8. In Sync-Unterquest

Region: Cysloden Fountain Plaza Avenue

Completion: This sub-quest is only available later in the game, after defeating the fifth lord and returning to Cyslodia (Ein Cunhamain task).

Talk to Patvo on the street, then head to the Frozen Valley and defeat Agony Keeper's level 39 boss.

9. Gourmet Saga: Collect Berries side quest

Region: Frozen Valley

Procedure: Talk to the man on the bridge and he will ask for apples and wheat.

Both ingredients can be found in White Silver Plains.

10. Brave New World side quest

Region: Cysloden Fountain Plaza Avenue

How to fill:Admirable New WorldIt's a side quest that only includes a short cutscene.

Because it has so many requirements, it's one of the last quests you'll complete in the game.

To get this quest you must complete itThe Phantom Flower of Nevira,The Temple of the Spirit,Goodbye wizard, zUncontrollable anger.

The quest giver is the manager in front of Cysloden Fountain Plaza Avenue.

Talk to the manager and agree to go with him. Watch the cutscene and the end of the mission.

11. A Humble Lesson subquest

Region: Cysloden Fountain Plaza Avenue

How to do it: After completing the previous quest, talk to the manager again and agree to another dive.

This time the scene is about Shionne, Kisara and Rinwell.

Feel free to ignoreLaw was unable to unlock the Dirty Minded Devil titleNote.

Again, the mission is complete after the cutscene.

12. Eulenwald-Nebenquest

Region: Nevira Snow Plains

How to do it: This quest starts automatically when you travel to Cysloden and requires you to find all 38 Hidden Owls.

All Tales of Arise Menancia side quest locations and guides

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The third region, Menancia, is the richest in side quests.

Contains 21 as you can see below. Here's how to end it allTales of Arise Menanciasubmissions.

1. Submission of a healer and her patients

Region: Overseer Hill

Completion: This starts automatically when you explore Overseer Hill.

Just heal the two patients at the bottom of the hill and then the Miraculous nearby.

2. Refreshing roughhousing submission

Region: Interchange motorway

How to Complete: Starts and completes automatically when you enter this region as part of thethrough the vegetationmain task.

3. Pharia-Unterquest Ranch

Region: Interchange motorway

Procedure: Talk to the man on the ground at the crossroads and he will introduce you to farming.

Now you can expand your own inventory.

4. Prey Taste Test Submission

Region: Viscinta

Procedure: When you enter Viscint, talk to the man on the bridge and he will ask you to bring 4 Grantine Fangs.

If you have them, give them away.

If not, kill some boars on the Traslida Highway.

5. Training ground for all side quests

Region: Viscinta

How to fill: Thisorigin storiesThe subquest is triggered when you reach the central square in Viscint.

Just enter the training camp to complete it.

6. Eligibility for an Award Submission

Region: Viscinta

Procedure: Talk to the man near the central square and he will send you to slay a Great Dragon on the Translida Highway.

Proceed carefully because it's a boss.

7. Gourmet-Saga: Nebenquest Palast-Delicatesse

Region: Viscinta

Completion: This quest only becomes available upon completionGourmet-Saga: Berry Gatheringon Cislodia.

The NPC is the same Gouderno, but this time he will ask for 2x Beef, 4x Potato, 4x Tomato and 2x Mushroom.

Meat, Potatoes, and Tomatoes can be found by looting the gathering points on the Translida Highway.

Mushrooms are also very common. For example, you can find them in the Sandinus Canyon in Calaglia, near the Mantis boss.

If you've explored all the areas, you probably have all the materials Gouderno needs.

8. Rusty Mission Template

Region: Interchange motorway

How to fill:Tales of Arise is rustingThe sub-quest is unlocked as you play the gameThe city of living togethermain task.

Talk to Dahnan Man near the fountain on the Traslida Highway and then kill 8 Earthern Mass.

The landmass flies zeugles. Make sure you kill them within the marked area, and when you run out of enemies to kill, force them to respawn by resting by the campfire.

9. Dohalim, Großwildjäger-Unterquest

Region: Interchange motorway

Procedure: This quest becomes available after Dohalim and Kisara join your party, just before you leave Elde Menancia.

Talk to the Frontier Woman and then kill the giant Zeugle across the river to the north.

Again, tread carefully because the Alpha Reaper is a level 25 boss.

10. A rough boar subquest

Region: Viscinta

Procedure: Similar to the previous quest, just before you leave Menancia, you can talk to Lagill in Viscint.

Go back to the Traslida Highway and kill the Relentless Charger, a level 26 boss.

11. Unterquest Wanderfelsen

Region: Viscinta

How to do it: Also in Viscint and after recruiting Kisara and Dohalim, talk to the Quarry Laborer on the North Bridge and he will send you to deal with the Flamewrecker in Razum Quarry Mining Site 1.

The boss is north of the NPC and is a level 28 stone golem.

12. Submission of invitation to fish

Region: Talka Pond Road

How to fill:An invitation to fishstarts when you leave Menancia.

When you enter Talka Pond Road while playingValley of the Four WindsMain quest, you will see a secluded pond.

Basically, this quest serves as an introduction to theorigin storiesfishing activity. Catch a fish and the mission ends.

13. O Stud from the Plains sub-quest

Region: Pharia-Farm

Completion: This quest is only available later in the game.

To unlock it, you must first have thePharia-Ranchlook up; Then you must defeat the fifth lord.

If you follow the story you will eventually return to Cyslodia (Ein Cunhamain task).

In this case, visit the Pharia Ranch and talk to Bogdel.

Now travel to Viscint and speak to the young Dahnan woman southwest of the inn.

She gives you Bogdel's work uniform, so go back to him and he will send you off to find his bull.

Bogdel's Bull is on the northeast side of the Translida Highway. Kill the nearby boars and the quest will end.

14. An Eternal Rivalry subquest

Region: Training camp

Completion: This quest is best tackled by returning to Cyslodia mid-gameEin CunhaMain quest that starts after you defeat the fifth lord.

Enter the training ground and talk to the armored soldier.

Simply defeat Lagill while playing as Kisara and the quest will end.

15. Nevira's Spirit Flower side quest

Region: Library of Autelina Palace

How to do it: After completing the previous quest, go to the Autelina Palace Library in the same time and you will trigger a cutscene andThe Phantom Flower of Neviraseek.

To complete it, you must travel to the snow plains of Cyslodia Nevira and defeat the level 54 Meneiys boss in the area behind the middle island.

Make sure your team is prepared for it because it's pretty powerful.

16. Temple of Spirits side quest

Region: Interchange motorway

Finished: This quest can only be tackled after defeating the fifth boss.

The moment you access the fast travel option (on your way back to Cyslodia) you'll find the Frightened Man in front of the cart.

He will send you to investigate the Tietal Plains, which is the area north of your current location.

Once in this region, go through the portal in front of you and you'll enter a dungeon.

You don't have access to a map, but it's a linear area and your goal is to move through a series of portals.

This will take you to a large area where you will have to face a level 65 Grand Gnome.

Note that it is initially accompanied by 2x Level 60 Gnome Jammers, 2x Level 61 Gnome Gunners, and 1x Level 62 Gnome Guarder.

After dealing with the first wave of mobs, you'll find a level 62 Vas Phein, and then the Great Gnome.

Don't worry about him, but the mobs you have to deal with before the actual boss fight, which is easier than you think.

17. Bibliophile Unterquest

Region: Auteliana Palastbibliothek 1F

Procedure: This quest is unlocked after Dohalim joins your party.

It is triggered in the Auteliana Palace library by speaking to Tigrina; However, since this quest requires a lot of materials obtained from areas that you reach towards the end of the game, you must complete it after you finish the story.

If you need help, check them outTales of Arise Bibliophile Walkthrough here.

18. Side quest Dahna's Tastiest Pancake

Region: Pousada Viscint

How to fill:Dahna's most delicious pancakeis a very accessible sub-quest, but it has several requirements that force you to complete it after the story.

In order to be able to play it, you must first complete itKisara's initiationSide quest in Mahag Saar. See the guide below.

Then you have to finishBibliophileSub quest above.

Finally, you must also unlock Pharia Ranch by completing the relevant submission described above. WhyDahna's most delicious pancakeQuest requires farm access.

When that's all done, go to the inn in Viscint and find the candy vendor at the counter.

Then go to the Pharia ranch in Menancia and talk to Bogdel. When the skit ends, the mission is complete.

19. Another Hill Anomaly subquest

Region: Viscinta

Completion: This subquest becomes available after you complete theTemple of the Spiritsearch above.

Because of the boss you have to defeat for this quest,Another slope anomalyIt is best approached after the story.

To start it, find the Cattleman in Viscint. He's standing by a cow west of the inn.

Speak to him and he will send you to the Tietal Plains area north of the Traslida Highway.

Just go through the portal and talk to the space-time explorer in the sanctum of the temple.

20. Visitor from a side quest from another world

Region: Temple of the Earth Spirit

How to fill:Visitors from another worldstarts automatically after completing the previous mission.

It's one of the last quests you'll completeorigin storiesbecause of its difficulty.

Basically, after starting the mission, you have to use the key obtained from the Space-Time Researcher to enter a high difficulty dungeon that ends with a boss fight.

Said boss drops another key that opens a new dungeon, and so on.

There are a total of 6 dungeons or rifts that you must traverse to reach the final boss called Chronos. He is level 95 and hits very hard.

However, the good thing is that after defeating him once, you can still defeat Chronos to get XP and reach level 100.

When Chronos is defeated, return to the Spacetime Researcher to complete the quest.

If you want to get the most out of this quest, return to the Traslida Highway after each boss and cook a meal to increase the XP gained.

Also, take your time to explore the rifts because the best gear is insideorigin storiesIt can be found in the chests in these areas.

21. Submission of Collection of Records

Region: Viscinta

How to fill:record collectionIt's the last quest you complete in the game, since one of the requirements is to complete all 69 side quests if you want the NPC to appear at the entrance to the training camp.

You also want to do all the solo training sessions in boot camp.

Once you've done that, look for Wonder Bard outside of the Viscint training ground, and he'll ask you to begin a truly immersive journey during which you'll talk to the most notable NPCs in the game.

Basically, you will revisit all areas, starting with Calaglia, and once again speak to the quest givers you met in-game.

Their locations are marked on the map, so just move between areas using the nearest fast travel points.

Locations and guides of all Tales of Arise Mahag Saa side quests

List of 70 Side Quests - Tales of Arise Wiki Guide (5)

Because it's smaller, the Mahag Saar area only has 8 subquests.

Again, some of them have specific requirements. Here's how to complete everythingorigin storiesMahag Saa Sub-Missões.

1. "City Renewal" subquest.


Procedure: When you arrive in Niez, talk to the man who hates beasts near the fast travel point to start the quest.

The NPC will appear at the moment you are asked to rest at the inn (burned earthmain quest) and he will ask for 3 demi-human muscles.

you can get thoseorigin storiesDemi-human muscles from the claws of the rioters on Mount Dhiara.

2. Kisaras Initiations-Unterquest


How to fill:Kisara's initiationcan be completed immediately after the previous side quest.

As you enter the Inn, speak to the Food Manager on the right. She will order 4x peppers, 2x meat, 4x potatoes and 2x salmon.

Assuming you don't have these ingredients, the closest areas to find them are:

  • Aqfotle Hills - Pepper and Potato. Look for it at the collection points
  • Lake Adan – Salmon. The lake is located south of the Aqfotle Hills. Swim and look for collection points
  • Pharia Farm - Beef. Just increase your inventory

After collecting all the ingredients, give them to the woman.

3. Mysterious Couple side quest


How to fill:Tales of Arise The mysterious coupleis a side quest that involves a small riddle that you have to solve.

It's quite affordable, and after completing this quest, you'll get an Iron Whistle, which is needed to craft one of the best weapons for Alphen.

This quest becomes available upon completionA healer and her patientsin Menancia Overseer Hill.

Then when you arrive in Niez, you will see the Miracle, who will give you 3 Miracle Texts:

  • Miracle Text #1:A little behind the huts in a land surrounded by sand and stones.
  • Miracle Text #2:The north end of a wasteland just north of an abandoned village
  • Miracle Text #3:It rests at the end of a narrow street to the west, where an ancient tower stands.

You can read them by accessing your inventory and of course you have to solve this puzzle to complete the quest.

The answer here is very simple:

  • "Earth Wrapped in Sand and Stone"– This line features Calaglia
  • "Desert Land North of an Abandoned Village"- The Abandoned Village is located in the Iglia Desert
  • "There is an old tower above it"– The old tower is the Fagan Ruins

Now you know how to solve the problemTales of Arise Mysterious ParPuzzle, open your map and fast travel to the Iglia wasteland.

When you get to the area, open your map again and east of the Fagan Ruins transition point you will see a canyon (dead end).

Go there and check the bushes to find a shiny rally point that isn't marked on your map.

Take the Iron Whistle and return to the Bard in Niez to complete this side quest.

4. Gourmet Saga: Scent of Prairie subquest

Region:Aqfotle Hills

How to proceed: If you travel from Niez to Aqfotle Hills, you will find Gouderno again.

It will appear on the road when you complete all of the above stepsSaga GourmetSub-Quests and he has a new assignment. This time he needs:

  • 4x Salad
  • 2x apples
  • 4x lemons

If you don't have them, simply enter Lake Adan through the southern transition point and look for them at the usual gathering points.

5. Echos Nebenquest


Completion: This sub-quest can be completed upon your return to Cyslodia (Ein Cunhamain task).

Speak to Baephon near the fast travel point in Niez and he will send you off to defeat the giant Zeugles in East Luvah Forest.

Fast travel to the western Aqfotle Hills camp point, then enter the ground floor of the eastern Luvah Forest fortress ruins.

Take the elevator to B1, then drop down to Fortress Ruins Basement 2F via the southwest drop point.

Now defeat the bosses Ruthless and Ruthess. These are level 43 stuffs.

6. Skybound Swarm-Unterquest

Region: Hidden War

How to do it: After completing the previous quest, go to the Hidden Warf and talk to the Fleeing Man in the central area.

He will ask Alphen and his team to take care of the Zeugle swarms in the Aqfotle Hills.

Targets are on the southwest side of the hills.

Basically, here you have to defeat the level 42 Mother Boomy Boss and 3 level 31 Wild Boomy mobs.

7. Side quest Shrine of the Owl


How to Complete: This sub-quest is best tackled after completing the game and returning at least 3 owls to the Forest of Owls.

First, look for Giselle on the east side of Niez, near the round fountain.

Talk to her and find the purple owl at the end of the nearby alley. The owl's location is marked on your map.

Now fast travel to the Owl Forest, and here you have to choose between three owls.

Select the female black owl (hint from Giselle) and then the big basket to get the sandwich recipe.

Now go back to Giselle to complete this quest.

8. Adeus, side quest of the magician


How to fill:farewell magicianThe sub-quest is best tackled after completing the story as it involves a secret boss.

In addition, you must also complete all of the side quests listed above.

Once you've done that, find Baephon near the fast travel point in Niez to start the quest.

To complete it you must return to Menancia and Mount Dhiara Ridge.

At the top of the Wind Spirit's tower, you'll encounter Procella Sylph, a level 70 boss.

While the boss isn't difficult, the mobs you need to defeat before defeating Procella Sylph can be difficult, so make sure you come prepared.

When the Procella Sylph is defeated, return to the quest giver.

All Tales of Arise Ganath Haros side quest locations and guides

List of 70 Side Quests - Tales of Arise Wiki Guide (6)

Next is Ganath Haros with 12 subquests.

Let's see how to complete them all.

1. "Fishing Demons" side quest.

Region: Thistlym

Procedure: This quest becomes available after completing the invasion of Thistlym.

Talk to the man at the top of the village and head towards the nearby Shinefall Woods. Here you want to find 4 turtle fists.

They look like gorillas with blue fists. Two of them are near the north pivot.

Kill them, then quickly travel back and kill them again.

2. Pelegion Pet Zeugle side quest

Region: Tier-1-Pelegion

How to proceed: This quest can be accessed after dealing with the fifth lord after freeing Ganath Haros.

In Pegion Level 1, find the young Dahnan woman north of the fast travel point and she will send you to defeat 5 Wild Boomy.

to find themorigin storiesWild Boomy, fast travel to the Shinefall Woods western camp, then use the Entrance-Aureum Falls transition point to reach the actual falls.

Now you should move forward until you reach the Aureum Falls waterfalls area and find the Wild Bloomy south of the upper level transition point.

These are small flying creatures with claws, but only 3 will spawn. After killing them, go back to Shinefall Woods and follow the same path.

3. Submission of Recovery

Region: Tier-1-Pelegion

How to do it: Unlike the Dahnan Woman above, you'll find the Young Carpenter after dealing with the Fifth Lord.

Talk to him and you will be asked to bring back 3 Infused Statue Shards.

Öorigin storiesInfused Staute Fragments come from Killer Effigy in Castle Del Fharis and Forland Mountain.

Alternatively, they are dropped by chaotic characters in The Wedge.

These enemies look like gargoyles, and by the time you start this quest you'll likely have the necessary Infused Statue Shards.

4. Subquest "Master of the Wilderness".

Region: Tier-2-Pelegion

Procedure: For this quest you need to talk to Frightened Boy in Pelegion Level 2 after killing the fifth lord.

You can find the quest giver on the east side and he will ask you to defeat the nature manipulator, Zeugle.

This is a boss that can be found in the center of Latvu Marshlands; However, remember that this level 42 elemental multiplies and hits hard.

5. Gourmet Saga: Soft and fluffy side quest

Region: Tier-2-Pelegion

How to fill:Gourmet Saga: Soft and fluffyis a side quest that involves more ingredients for Gourdeno, but this time you also have to solve a series of puzzles.

Basically for this mission, which can only be unlocked after completing all of themSaga GourmetSub-quests above, Gourdeno asks:

  • 6x rice
  • 4x stimulating powder
  • 2x Non Suino non Carne de Lebre
  • 2x white squishy fluffy items

Here's what they are and where to find them:

  • Rice - This is an ingredient that can be found at gathering points in the Lavtu Marshlands, which is part of the Ganath Haros area
  • Stimulant Powder - If you don't know what that is, the answer is pepper. It's a very common ingredient that you can find at gathering points in most areas, including the aforementioned Lavtu Swamplands.
  • Neither pork nor rabbit - it's Rappig meat, sourced from the Rappigs you can raise at Pharia Ranch in Menancia. Make sure you unlock Rappigs by constantly raising other animals
  • White, Soft, Fluffy Objects - Gourdeno is actually looking for Tofu, which can be bought at the Pelegion Inn in Ganath Haros.

These are allTales of Arise Gourmet Saga: soft and fluffylocation of ingredients.

Bring them back to Gourdeno and he will give you the Mabo Curry recipe.

6. Subquest "Missing Lover".

Region: Thistlym

How to proceed: Just before you set off for the Forland Mountains (the way forwardmain quest), travel to Thistlym and speak to the Thoughtful Woman.

Cagari (that's the woman's name) is on the southwest side of Thistlym, but she won't appear unless you heal Private Renan in Talka Pond Road (Menancia).

Once you have done this, talk to her and she will ask you to look for Nottio.

To find Nottio, first fast travel to Pelegion Level 3 and look for Ganye east of the fast travel point.

Talk to Ganye, then head to Talka Pond Road and talk to Private Renan north of the southern fast travel point.

7. Unterquest "Tornados am Meer".

Region: Thistlym

Procedure: After returning to Cyslodia (Ein Cunhamain quest), travel to Thistlym and speak to the Elder of Dahnan.

You can find him near the Tuah Coast crossing point and he will ask you to kill the giant Zeugle Bird along the Tuah Coast.

This Zeugle is actually the Stormbringer boss, and there are several mobs around him. Make sure you are prepared for a good fight.

8. Subquest "Untameable Fury".

Region: Thistlym

Completion: Similar to the previous quest, after returning to Cyslodia (Ein Cunhamain quest), travel to Thistlym and speak to the Elderly Fishing Fan.

It is located in the upper part of the village (above the inn).

For theTales of Arise Unbezähmbare WutSub-quest, enter Shinefall Woods and head south toward Camping Point.

Behind the small lake nearby is a cave that you can enter.

Once inside the Fogwharl Limestone Caves, continue south until you enter the inner sanctuary of Fogwharl Limestone Caves.

Here you have to defeat Undine Drop, a level 56 boss. Then he turns into a level 60 boss named Luo Undine.

They both hit pretty hard, so make sure you're ready for this boss fight.

After defeating Luo Undine, check the legendary fishing spot in the cave behind the boss and go back to the older fisherman.

9. Subquest "Your place".

Region: Shinefall Woods

Procedure: After returning to Cyslodia (Ein CunhaMain Quest), travel to Shinefall Woods and find the Dahnan Man near the southern camp point.

It is located in the upper part of the village (above the inn).

For theTales of Arise Unbezähmbare WutSub-quest, enter Shinefall Woods and head south toward Camping Point.

Now go north and look for the Zeugle Queen Bee or the Ruler Bee.

There is a level 45 boss with 5 level 43 mobs nearby.

10. A Conversation with Tilsa Sub-Quest

Region: Tier-2-Pelegion

Procedure: After returning from The Wedge, before returning to Ulzebek, find and talk to Tilsa south of the Pelegion Level 2 fast travel point.

That's all you have to do for this short quest.

11. Your future side quest

Region: Tier-3-Pelegion

Completion: This quest can be completed after you finishmissing lover.

Go to Pegion Level 3 and talk to Renan Soldier near the fast travel point.

Now just enter Saxleoh Temple and attend the wedding.

12. Beyond the Grave side quest

Region: Coast of Tuah

How to fill:Behind the graveIt's one oforigin storiesHidden submissions that you can only start after completing the story.

While this quest becomes available when you reach Rena, since you cannot fast travel back to Ganath Haros, you should return here after the story.

To start the quest, first go to Thistlym and then enter Tuah Seashore to start a small cutscene with a bottle.

After the scene, travel to Mahag Saar Hidden Warf and talk to Mahavar, the NPC marked with a green dot on your map.

After showing him the map, ask him to take you to the uninhabited island.

If this is your first visit, you can explore the island now, but this quest requires you to defeat the level 59 Mesmald in the Upper North Section.

Tales of Arise Lenegi's side quest location and guide

List of 70 Side Quests - Tales of Arise Wiki Guide (7)

Crossing Lenegis requires you to complete a sub-quest.

1. Renans and his Sub-Quest Lods

Region: residential area 16

Completion: This side quest starts during the gameLenegismain task.

If you attempt to exit Housing Zone 16, you will trigger a short cutscene and be prompted to speak to the people supporting your lords.

They are marked on your map. Talk to Old Man Renan first, then to Renan Woman, then to Renan Man.

Now enter Residential Zone 4 and talk to the last two citizens to complete the quest.

Tales of Arise Daeq Faezol side quests locations and guides

List of 70 Side Quests - Tales of Arise Wiki Guide (8)

As an endgame region, Daeq Faezol comes along with 5 side quests.

They all focus on very powerful bosses, so make sure your team is prepared.

1. Stoffmuster-Unterquest

Region: Lower Plain Daeq Faezol

Procedure: Talk to the irresponsible Biologist A in the northern section of Daeq Faezol's lower level and he will send you on a hunt for a Zeugle.

It can be found at Rena Gegham Helgarahi Top Level 3F and is a level 54 Calamity Arms boss.

2. A sub-task full of ambition

Region: Lower tier Daeq Faezol

Completion: In the same place as the previous mission, but after completing thetissue sampleSide quest, talk to irresponsible biologist B.

You begin a boss fight against a level 52 Helganquil.

3. The side quest "Super Zeugle".

Region: Lower tier Daeq Faezol

How to do it: In the same place, but this time after completing the previous mission, talk to the male laboratory worker and prepare for another hunt.

This time you want to travel to Mahag Saar and then to Lake Adan to defeat Masher Bull and Masher Mare.

They are level 56 bosses.

4. The Ultimate Zeugle side quest

Region: Lower tier Daeq Faezol

Finished: Finally, after the previous quest, obviously in the same place, talk to the lab technician and then go to the Menancia Mount Dhiara Mountain Base.

Here you have to defeat the level 69 boss Ezamamuk.

5. Submission of the memorial device

Region: Lower Plain Daeq Faezol

How to Complete: The final sub-quest in this guide is also the most difficult in the game.

This only starts after playing through the story and only after creating a new datastore.

The quest giver is on the south side of the lower level of Daeq Faezol.

When you talk to Lab Worker A, you start a multi-round simulation and have to face the Lords again. Only this time they are more powerful.

Here is the order and their levels:

  • Phantom Balseph (level 95) and Spirit Fire Avatar (level 95)
  • Phantasma Ganbelt (Lv. 96)
  • Spirit of Dohalim (Lv. 97)
  • Geist Almeidrea & Mesmald (Lv. 98)
  • Vholran Spirit (Lv. 99)
  • All of the above at the same time. When a boss dies, another takes its place, so you're fighting a team of two.
  • Phantom Zephyr (Level 100)

Defeat them all and the mission ends.

These are allorigin storiesSubmissions that you must complete if you want to unlock themproblem solverAchievement/Trophy.


How many side quests are there in Tales of Arise? ›

You can find 70 side quests in Tales of Arise.

What is the hardest sub quest in Tales of Arise? ›

The Reminiscence Device

This is by far the toughest battle in the game and will require a minimum party level of at least 90.

Are there secret missions in Tales of Arise? ›

Tales of Arise gives players all kinds of different quests to pursue. These hidden side quests will leave an impact on you long after they're done.

What sub quests are missing in Tales of Arise? ›

You're last 2 subquests won't appear until you beat the game and beat these two quests also. You have to of course save the clear data after you beat the game for the 2 quests.. Generally tales games will give a EX dungeon after beating the game.

How many hours is 100 Tales of Arise? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Tales of Arise is about 40½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 73½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How long does it take to get to level 100 Tales of Arise? ›

You can reach Level 100 within 1-2 hours. You need to reach level 100 for the Peak Strength trophy and achievement. It basically comes down to farming a Level 95 boss “Chronos” repeatedly, but in order to get to him a few steps are required. This is specifically an endgame leveling method.

What is the strongest weapon in Tales of Arise? ›

The Devil's Arms are the strongest weapons in the entire game — but there's a catch. The stats of each Devil's Arm weapon increases based on the number of enemies its character has defeated.

What is the rarest book Tales of Arise? ›

The Rarest Book in Tales of Arise is the Heavenly Gaze, a craftable weapon for Rinwell in the forge menu. However, before players can show the Rarest Book to Tigrina, they must first craft Nature's Beauty, Radiant Light, and Taming Water.

Is there a lot of grinding in Tales of Arise? ›

For the most part, Tales of Arise leveling is fairly organic, with players rarely needing to go out of their way to grind as they work their way through the main story.

Will Tales of Arise get any DLC? ›

Tales Of Arise Devs Have No Plans For A Sequel Or Expansion.

Are there any Missables in Tales of Arise? ›

Some others by cooking every food with each character. Kisara has few skits through fishing as well. The only missable thing in the game is one Owl.

Can you finish side quests after beating Tales of Arise? ›

Originally posted by larcek: you can and should do post game before considering NG+. There's no Grade Shop in this Game for NG+. if you already finished all side quests and optional bosses, you won't be spending too much time on the game anymore (at least on hard difficulty) but the trip is worth it.

Can you do side quests after beating Tales of Arise? ›

These side missions become available after you complete the story. And while there are only a few of them, two of the four quests will require quite a bit of work to complete.

What is the max level on Tales of Arise? ›

Players report that getting to the endgame will only take players to about level 50-55, and leveling up takes longer as players get higher. In order to level up fast, players will want to obtain the Golden Suit of Armor artifact, as this gives an 80% boost to experience.

What is the max level in Tales of Arise? ›

*This content will be available in-game after claiming it from the in-game Unclaimed DLC List. *You cannot go above the max level cap of 100.


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