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She recently joined Planet Fitness and learned that there are unique tanning beds at her location. She now wants to use them, but chooses to investigate before contacting the front desk. Thank God she got here, where we have the answers to all of her questions and more.

To use the Planet Fitness solariums, you first need to be a member of the PF Black Card. Without them, this benefit is not available to you. If you are indeed a PF Black Card member, select the tanning device from those available at your location.

Then, on a material day, you lie on the bed or stand in the cubicle and your skin gets the tan it needs. So the beds are easy to use and only require your presence.But there's more to just signing in and standing.

Planet Fitness has a large number of fitness equipment, including solariums and beds, designed to enhance your beauty and well-being. Apart from these twoplanetafitnessit also has Total Body Enhancement and hydromassage beds. All of these items are part of the spa membership that comes with the Black Card membership for $22.99 per month.

In this article, you will learn how to use PF solariums from the very beginning. First, learn about the beds you can find in your location and how they work. Then we will also mention the associated risks and benefits to help you understand everything better. I'll also tell you what other PF clients are saying about their experiences with tanning beds. So if you're up for it, let's take a look at how these PF tanning beds work and how they'll help you prepare for your first session.

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The Steps to Tanning in Planet Fitness Beds [In Detail]

Since you are not going to tan in any salon, let's get straight to the action. We assume you have the PF Black Card membership and your specific location has the tanning equipment.

1. Know the type of beds your Planet Fitness location offers

In his club you can find both loungers and standing solar benches. You can also get a spray tan booth. And here is a description of what the three stand for:

Establish tanning beds.

As the name suggests, these beds allow you to rest your back while you tan. Therefore, absorbing UV rays occurs when you are relaxed and at peace.

One of the reasons why these beds are not preferred is the hygienic aspects. Sometimes you can end up in a greasy bed because the last person didn't clean up. But at Planet Fitness, the staff makes sure the tanning beds are grease-free and make your experience worthwhile.

The other caveat is that the beds are glass and can be uncomfortable. When you press your body against it, you create pressure points between your skin and the tanning glass. This can lead to tan lines that you don't want on your skin.

To fix this, make sure you get back on the bed.

Solariums de pie

Some people sacrifice the comfort of lying down and opt for a standing booth. It is often preferred because it offers more space and therefore allows customers to move around more easily.

You can also effortlessly raise and lower your arms, turn your head, and bend your knees.

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However, a standing booth emits intense light compared to loungers. That explains why the people at Planet Fitness will limit your time there. If that wasn't the norm, the light could even damage your skin due to its concentration.

You will like that the cabins are more hygienic than the beds. That's because you're not lying in the same glass that was covered in lotion. But the caveat is that your tan will not be relaxing because you will be on your feet all the time.

Guy Stuff 101:

Planet Fitness beds and light booths combine UVB and UVA rays to give you the tan you want. Here is an explanation of these rays and how they affect you:

UVB raysThey are usually the ones in charge of giving you your tan. However, if you're not careful, they can cause sunburn by damaging the outermost layers of the epidermis. down,UVA rayscause premature aging of the skin. They are harsher than UVB rays and penetrate into the deepest parts of the skin. Excessive exposure to UVA rays can cause skin cancer.

spray tanning booth

Compared to tanning beds and booths, these spray tanning areas are healthier and expose you to little to no health risks. They also give your skin an instant bronzed glow that can last for around a week.

But unlike standing beds and booths, you don't enjoy the benefits of a natural tan. This is because there is no light. Also, the tan can come off unevenly and you'll find that your feet, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows may have cracks and streaks.

2. Get a skin analysis to find out your type

Planet Fitness encourages you to take this route and do it. First, he fills out a form with basic questions about his skin color, sensitivity, type, and other details like hair and eyes. PF then uses the information provided to determine the approximate tanning time and the most appropriate method for your skin type.

Also, remember to indicate if you are currently taking any medication. This way you avoid the side effects that tanning could give you.

Finally, Planet Fitness reserves the right to reject you, especially if you are not suitable for the sessions. This may be due to your skin type or a medical condition that you have specified on the form. So don't take it personally when they tell you you can't tan.

3. Book your session at reception

Once Planet Fitness staff have processed and approved your request, please schedule your session. Let it be more than 2-3 days so that you can prepare well.

4. Prepare your skin for the solarium

To have the best tanning experience, you need to prepare yourself for Planet Fitness beds. These are some of the tips you can follow:

Use natural sunlight to create a basic skin tan

Tanning can irritate you, so you should reduce its effects as much as possible. Sunlight accustoms your skin to UV rays, minimizing the risk of skin burns.

So take a walk in the park or get involvedoutdoor activities. Keep a bottle of sunscreen with you at all times. Then apply some to your skin to keep the sun's rays at bay. If you don't have sunscreen with you, you can use the links below to shop online. A simple click takes you to Amazon where you can buy directly:

1.Neutrogena Beach Defense Broad Spectrum Waterproof Sunscreen Lotion (UVA/UVB Sunscreen)

2.Bliss tinted sunscreen (non-greasy and non-irritating)

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3.Solimo Sport Sun Protection Lotion, Reef Friendly (Sin octinoxato y oxibenzona)

Moisturize and exfoliate that skin before your session begins

This pre-tan routine will help make things easier and better for you. Just cleanse your skin and remove all dead cells for a better tan. After showering, apply a moisturizer to create a barrier on the skin. In this way you cover your skin and avoid further burns or irritations.

When you shower, avoid using harsh soaps that won't wash off your skin quickly. For context, use cocoa or shea butter, as both are natural moisturizers.

Then exfoliate your lips as much as you can. This is because they dry out in the light from the sunbed and should be avoided. Use some balm and if you don't have one, get one from Amazon using one of these links:

1.Cliganic USDA Organic Lip Balm and Stocking Filler para labios secos

2.Gift Set of 8 Naturistick Lip Balms (Assorted Flavors) for Chapped Lips.

3.eos USDA Organic Lip Balm - Vanilla Bean - Lip care to moisturize dry lips

Stock up adequately on the day of the material

You can't go to bed naked, so cover sensitive areas like genitals and breasts. To do that, a covering, such as a bathing suit, must be applied to these places.

However, if you plan to go bare, apply plenty of moisturizer to any areas that may be burned by UVA and UVB rays. However, please confirm whether thePlanet Fitness Policylets you tan naked or you get kicked out.

Finally, cover up tattoos and dyed hair to make sure they don't fade under the special tanning light. Then wear glasses over your eyes to protect them. Don't rely on closing your eyes as light can irritate your eyelids and once you open them you could become color blind. Worse yet, you could lose your night vision, go blind, or develop cataracts.

Do not apply skin products the day before tanning and only use lotion one hour before your session.

If it's Monday and your PF tan is due Tuesday, skip all beauty products. Of course, we are talking about the chemical products intended for the skin, such as deodorant. That's because tanning can cook the products and cause extreme skin irritation. They basically react violently to UVA and UVB light and you won't like that at all.

On tanning day, use an indoor tanning lotion one hour before entering the Solarium at Planet Fitness. The keyword is indoors, so avoid outdoor lotions. Going this route can damage the equipment and the tan may not be as effective as you would like.

5. Use the Planet Fitness tanning bed

If this is your first time, Planet Fitness staff will find the countdown timer. They then set you up for the scheduled time period and give you specific instructions regarding the session. The do's and don'ts are designed to help you have a prosperous and harmless time under the light.

A.While lying in bed, you need to stretch your body to expose your skin to the maximum. Avoid folding your arms at your sides or folding your legs, as your tan can become patchy or uneven.

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B.Bend your knees to avoid tan lines behind your thighs. This will save you the embarrassment such lines can cause.

C.Halfway through the session, lie on your stomach and allow your back to tan sufficiently. Knowing that the position can become awkward, bend each arm to support your chin.

D.In the last few minutes of your tanning session, turn your entire body over and lie on your side. This way your pages will get the light and the effect will be more uniform. Half a minute on each side is fine to get the desired results.

6.When you're done, take your time before your next shower.

Tanning takes time. So while the urge may be strong, don't shower immediately after you're done. Instead, let the tan soak in and work well on your skin. Showering afterwards can dull it and leave stains.

Since moisture needs will be high, use a reliable product to keep your skin supple. Then after 4 hours you can let the water run over your skin.

Risks Associated with Tanning at Planet Fitness

As already stated, tanning can be risky. Also, the fact that several people share the beds makes it even more annoying. See these risks:

1.You could suffer skin damage.. UVA and UVB rays do a great job of tanning, but they might as well send you to the oncologist. Research has shown that skin damage caused by tanning can lead to skin cancer, which you don't want for yourself.

2.could be contaminated. At Planet Fitness, staff will provide paper towels and spray to disinfect the area. However, you can never be 100% sure that they are clean. And if you lie without looking, you could catch a skin disease someone left there.

Benefits Associated with Tanning at Planet Fitness

Although tanning has risks, it offers more benefits, especially when done in PF. can do it indefinitely, provided you have paid your membership. But do not think that you will be there every day or several times a day. There is a limit due to the risks involved.

2.Helps complement your training.. You can schedule your tan at any time after your workout and it will help with your recovery.

3.The beds are easy to use.. But if they make you nervous, there will always be a staff member to make your experience worthwhile.

4.Sometimes it is not necessary to book an appointment in advance.As long as the machine is available, you can use it.

5.Since tanning is unlimited at Planet Fitness, the results will be outstanding.In addition, you can maintain your tan throughout the calendar year, since you go several times a week.

What Customers Are Saying About Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

There are mixed reactions from other members, so please read and fill in your overall opinion:

1. Some customers don't clean the beds so they look dirty to the next person. People frown on this and hope Planet Fitness cleans them up. For their part, the staff say it is responsible and courteous for members to do so.

2. Other members say that the beds in some places are burned. That's because the bulbs are neglected, which is a Planet Fitness oversight.

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3. However, most customers appreciate that you can tan anytime. They enjoy Planet Fitness for including it in every plan and making it affordable for everyone.

questions on the subject

How long can you lay out in the Solarium at Planet Fitness?

If you have lighter skin, your first session will last 6-7 minutes. Then your next session will last more than 15 minutes.

However, if you have a darker complexion, you can stay in bed for up to half an hour.

Is there a safe way to tan in a solarium?


Make sure you use an indoor tanning lotion and that your body is covered in the right places.

What is a good tanning program?

Do this for about three days a week until your tan has developed well. After that, do it after two weeks for maintenance purposes. However, avoid overexposure.

Do you have to turn around in the solarium?

Yes. This is how your back gets the tan it needs. In the end, you will have uniform results on all your skin.


To use Planet Fitness tanning beds, simply lay your body down and stretch out. Then roll onto your back and then to the sides before walking. This routine should give you the best results and make you look fabulous.

Remember that tanning can be harmful, so don't overexpose your skin. Instead, do it regularly but not too often so as not to damage your beautiful skin.

And that's all we had here!

If you found the article useful, please share it with others. They help them navigate Planet Fitness and properly prepare for their tanning session. Also, help them to be cautious when in the light.

Leave your comments on other tips and we will be happy to answer you. We will continually update the article and make it better for everyone, including you.

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Should I tan before or after working out Planet Fitness? ›

Tanning after a workout is preferable; the heat from the sun or tanning bed will help you relax and feel more at ease. It is similar to how a sauna helps you unwind after a good workout. Just make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and that you cool off enough before you catch those rays.

How long should you tan in a tanning bed for beginners? ›

Starting at four to eight minutes per session is ideal for the first two weeks. This skin type will already have a base tan, so adding one-minute increments as long as you are comfortable and do not show any signs of burning or irritation is safe.

How many times do you have to use a tanning bed for it to work? ›

Daily UV exposure can cause skin damage. However, if you wait too long between indoor tanning sessions, your tan may start to fade. Most indoor tanning professionals recommend 3 tanning sessions a week until a tan is developed, and then 2 each week after that to maintain the tan.

How long should I tan for in a bed? ›

You are likely to see results very quickly, therefore you will not need to spend as much time on the sunbed to get results. Do not spend more than a total of 10 minutes in any one session.

What do guys wear in tanning bed? ›

What do guys wear in tanning beds? You can tan eighter naked wearing underwear or even your swimsuit. Tanning beds should always be clean and disinfected, so you shouldn't be worried about dirtiness. All in all, it doesn't really matter what you wear.

Is it better to put on lotion before tanning in a bed? ›

Moisturize: Although you don't need to be shy about moisturizing before tanning, do ensure that you use an oil-free moisturizer. Oil-infused moisturizer can create a barrier over the skin when tanning. That being said, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated so it will absorb the tan better.

What should you not do before tanning bed? ›

Lotions not made for the sunbed won't help your tan and may even cause damage to the sunbed. DO check the side effects of your prescription medications — some include skin sensitivity with UV exposure. DON'T wear makeup or jewelry, and avoid heavy perfumes or essential oils.

Is there a weight limit for tanning beds at Planet Fitness? ›

although planet fitness states it is a Judgement free zone i just found out that if your over 300 pounds you are not allowed to use the massage chair of table or the tanning beds so much for not feeling judged ! It's probably a safety issue...

Can you tan as a black card guest at Planet Fitness? ›

Planet Fitness Guest Pass. As a Black Card member, you can bring one guest per visit as long as the guest stays with you at all times. Guests are limited to using work out equipment only and are not allowed to use tanning beds and hydromassage chairs or other Planet Fitness services like haircuts.

What is the red light tanning bed at Planet Fitness? ›

Red Light therapy at Planet Fitness aids in post-workout muscle recovery. It helps reduce joint pain and inflammation. For the best results use the red light therapy machine 3-5 minutes immediately prior to exercise to precondition the muscles and prevent injury.

Can you wear pants in a tanning bed? ›

Tanning salons do not allow for much preparation time before and after your tanning session, so choose clothing that you can get in and out of quickly and comfortably. Wear nothing in the tanning bed. If you want to achieve a perfectly even all-over tan, you will get the best results if you tan in the nude.


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