How to add sticky notes to Mac desktop? - list of benefits (2023)

Adding Sticky Notes to your desktop Mac is a simple and effective way to keep important information and reminders visible and organized. With just a few clicks you can create personalized sticky notes and display them on your desktop at any time.

In this article, we'll walk you through adding sticky notes to your desktop Mac step-by-step to ensure you never miss an important task or appointment again. Follow our easy-to-follow instructions and start taking full advantage of this handy desktop feature today.

Nothing compares to the preinstalled apps and features on the MacBook as they are quite accessible and easy to use. Sticky Note is one such pre-installed app designed for taking notes.

With this app, you can conveniently create sticky notes while doing other tasks on your computer. These sticky notes stay on your computer for quick access and are always available.

What are sticky notes?

Sticky notes are small, rectangular pieces of paper with an adhesive backing that allows them to easily stick to surfaces such as walls, computer monitors, and desks. We usually use them as a tool to jot down quick notes, reminders, and to-do lists.

Apple brought Sticky Notes into the modern age, introducing it as a great way to add reminders to your MacBook and making it one of the first built-in apps for Mac computers.

Stickies gives you a wide range of options. These notes are extremely useful for creating reading notes for an online course or adding additional information to a book. However, they are difficult to use on a desktop Mac, and many people are looking for easy ways to do it.

How to add a sticky note on Mac?

  1. First, open the Sticky app from your Apps folder. You can also search for it with "explorer' if you can't find it in the apps.

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2. After opening the app, you will see two detailed notes with greetings and instructions (in case you have never used the app).

3. Once the popups are closed, only one window remains and you can write your sticky note in this window.

4. You can freely move your sticky note with a light click and easily keep and place it above any other window.

5. You can write or paste any text on the note by clicking "Command+V“. Pressing these keys will paste the copied text into your note.

6. If you want to add more notes to your desktop, you can “Command+N' to create an additional note. Multiple Sticky Notes can be opened at the same time.

7. You can also change the color of your sticky notes by clicking "Coloroption is at the top of the menu.

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8. You can then choose a color for your note, e.g. B. Yellow, Green, Blue, etc. If you want to use the transparent (transparent) color, you can choose the translucent color option.

9. Any of the default Mac fonts can be used to change the font on your sticky note. The text can also be changed. We can also change the size of the text, make it bold, italic and other shapes.

10. Highlight the existing text on the sticky note before making any changes.

11. After that, click on the option “Fuente” in the menu and selectshow sourcesto change the font of your text.

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12. You can select any font and your note text will be displayed in this selected font.

Adding a sticky note on Mac is a simple process. These are the following steps:

  1. Open the Notes app on your Mac. You can find them in the Applications folder.
  2. Click the New Note button in the top left corner of the window. Alternatively, you can use the Command + N keyboard shortcut.
  3. A new note will appear on your screen. Enter the desired text or information.
  4. To turn the note into a sticky note, click the "Note" menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  5. Select "Take Note" from the drop-down menu or use the keyboard shortcut Command + L.
  6. The note will now appear as a sticky note on your desktop. You can move and resize them by clicking and dragging the edges of the note.
  7. To edit the sticky note, just click on it and start typing. You can also change the color of the note by clicking the Note menu and choosing a new color.
  8. To delete the sticky note, simply click on it and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard, or right-click on the note and select "Delete Note".

That's all! Now you can use Sticky Notes to keep important information and reminders easily accessible on your Mac desktop.

How do I organize the sticky note?

Your digital notes can quickly become cluttered if you use them frequently, just like physical notes. The good news is that you can control this to clear up your screen clutter and keep a better eye on your important notes.

  • Open the Sticky app and tapVentana.
  • Then click on the button "sort by' and choose any arrangement option.
  • It organizes your note by color, alphabetical order, date and location on the screen.

How to make sticky notes more accessible?

If you have a lot of sticky notes on your desktop, it will be quite difficult to find them when you need them. If you want a specific sticky note to remain visible while you use other apps, "float" it on your screen. Here's how you can do that:

  • Select a note from the list or start a new one.
  • Then click theVentanaoption at the top of the screen.
  • Now select the option "swim up“.
  • After that, the selected sticky note still floats above all other programs on your desktop.

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How do I resize a sticky note?

The best thing about Sticky Notes (created by Stickies) is that they are fully customizable. To resize the note, hold the lower left or right corner and drag in or out to the desired size. After the change, it will still appear at that size on your desktop.

You can use the right corner of the note. It only takes a single note click and a slight drag to reach the desired size.

How to save a sticky note on Mac?

Stickies automatically save any changes you make to your notes, so you can quit the app or restart your Mac without fear of losing anything. However, once you've closed a sticky note, you can no longer access it.

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That's why this app will prompt you to save the note every time you close a note. You must click the Save button in Command Prompt before closing it if you want to keep the note.

What are the best sticky note apps for Mac?

There are several sticky note apps for Mac, each with their own unique features and capabilities. Here are some of the best sticky note apps for Mac:

1.sticky notes

You already have stickies installed on macOS. Users can take notes on the screen in the simplest way. To-do lists and short reminders can be written with sticky notes and then set as sticky notes. As mentioned earlier, there are many customization options available in the app.


we can also useclearlike a sticky notes app. It includes a combination of three features, namely taking notes, managing a clipboard, and managing files. If you want to use it as a separate "notes-only" app, you can turn off the other two features.

3. Evernote

This popular note-taking app is available for Mac and offers a variety of features including note organization, to-do lists, reminders, and collaboration.EvernoteYou can also add images, audio, and video to your notes.

4.simple notes

It is aMenu bar appthat can take notes on Mac. It has a "Pin note to desktop" option that allows notes to float on screen over all windows. You can also change the color, size and font of your notes through this app.

5.quick note

quick noteThe application can be accessed with a simple click or key combination on a Mac device. Notes created with this app can float above all other apps so they are always visible on the screen. Simple Antnotes and Stickies don't support full screen, which is one of Quick Note's best features.

What are the uses of sticky notes?

Sticky Notes are a versatile and handy tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some common uses for sticky notes:

1.set reminders

You can use sticky notes to set reminders for yourself. You don't need to export any data for this. After selecting the event and entering the details, place the notes at the top of your desktop. collection

The window should not be minimized while information is being collected on your computer. If you minimize further, switching between tabs will slow down the process. Stickers allow you to take notes without closing the main window.

3.create questions

All of your students should read this. Asking lots of questions about lectures and textbooks is an important part of effective learning. It gives you the ability to start a new note on each page, making it easy to create as many questions as possible during a lecture.

Some other uses include use for to-do lists, bookmarks, organization, and use for groupsBrainstorming, fasttake notes andfurther.

frequently asked questions

A sticky note can be expanded or collapsed by double-clicking its title bar. You can also choose Window > Flatten from the application menu.

Click the small white square in the top corner of the note to remove that note from your desktop.

The Stickies app can be restored by reinstalling macOS via macOS Recovery.

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