Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (2023)

Here's the scenario: your team is working remotely (from home or another location) and you have a project that's due in a week. You are stuck on a certain task and need help with it. You can't reach your colleague because he's out of the office. Unfortunately, no online collaboration tools are available to you, leaving you with only two options: 1) email someone for help, or 2) call them.

The first option will likely take more time than calling them. The second option will most likely also waste your time as you will have to explain what you want to do and why you need it now.

The best solution here is to use an online collaboration tool like Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc. These types of tools allow you to chat with your colleagues online and work on projects together. They also offer other features like file sharing, real-time updates, and more.

If you're looking for inspiration, we've compiled a list of sample online collaboration tools, which you can check out below:

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What to look for in online collaboration software?

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Here are some key features to look for in online collaboration software:

• File Sharing - If you're working on a document or image as a group, you want to make sure it's easy to share with others. This can include uploading it directly to a website, providing access via a link, or even creating a shared folder that everyone can access.

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• Version Control – When working on multiple projects at the same time, it's important to have a way to revert to previous versions of files. Many tools provide this functionality by allowing you to save different versions of a file.

• Security and Permissions Management – ​​It's also important to know how much control you have over who can see and edit certain types of content. Some tools allow you to assign users specific roles, allowing them to view or modify only specific parts of a file. Others allow you to set up groups based on roles, making it easier to manage permissions.

• Document Editing - While many tools focus primarily on file sharing, some offer basic editing capabilities. This can include adding comments or annotations to a document, inserting hyperlinks, or highlighting text.

• Communication Tools: Finally, it helps to have a way to communicate with others via email, chat, or instant messaging.

How do I choose the best tools for project collaboration?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a project collaboration tool. These include usability, security, scalability and cost. Here's what to do before choosing one:

1. Determine your needs

Need a simple file sharing solution that lets you upload and download files? Or do you prefer something more robust that offers additional features like version control and permissions management?

2. Consider security

How secure does the tool have to be? Is sensitive data stored in the system? Need to store credit card numbers or other financial information?

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3. Think about scalability

Will you grow fast? How much memory does the tool need? What kind of bandwidth (bandwidth refers to the speed of network traffic) do you need?

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4. Evaluate the costs

Is the tool free? Are there additional fees for things like upgrades, support, or training? Can you get a trial?

5. Learn more

Once you've narrowed down your list of possible solutions, check out other people's reviews. Many websites are dedicated to reviewing different products, including sites like Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Wirecutter.

6. Make sure it works with your team

Finally, don't forget to test the product yourself! Try downloading the software on your computer and connecting to the internet to make sure it works properly. You can also try installing it in a virtual machine if you want to run it on a laptop or desktop.

Some Popular Online Collaboration Tools Examples We Recommend

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  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is an online meeting platform that combines high-quality audio, video, chat, and screen sharing to help teams collaborate across locations. It can be used to host live events with thousands of attendees and also enables everything from 1-to-1 calls and private team meetings to virtual town halls and webinars. The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft conferencing solutions including Skype for Business, Lync and Outlook Web App. Organizations use Microsoft Teams to connect employees in real time while giving them the ability to participate remotely.
  • Slack – Slack is another popular online collaboration tool that comes in both web and mobile apps. It has built-in integrations with many apps and services that make it easy to share files, collaborate on documents, and keep track of projects.
  • Zoho Projects: Zoho Projects is a cloud-based team collaboration platform that makes it easy to organize tasks, set up meetings, and share documents.Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (4)
  • Office 365: Office 365 is a suite of cloud applications offered by Microsoft that includes email, document editing, and collaboration tools. Our customers use Office 365 because it's reliable and easy to use.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud-based file hosting service that allows users to access all their files from anywhere. The service also integrates well with Gmail and Hangouts.
  • Google Docs: Google Docs is a cloud-based collaborative platform that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and surveys. It includes advanced formatting options such as tables, charts, and graphs. Google Docs is great, especially when your team is in multiple locations.
  • Trello-Trellois a visual Kanban board that helps you organize and manage projects. Supports multiple users, custom fields, and integrations with apps and services.Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (5)
  • Asanas-the axesis a project management tool that allows teams to communicate, coordinate and track progress across multiple channels. Integrates with many apps and services including Gmail, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.
  • Dropbox - This cloud-based file sharing app makes it easy for teams to share files, folders, and other content across multiple computers and devices. Users can access shared content through a web browser, desktop app, or mobile app. Dropbox has an intuitive interface that allows users to easily organize and manage files.
  • base camp -base campis an online project management tool that enables small teams to plan, organize and manage projects efficiently. The software includes calendar views, Gantt chart features, issue tracking, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.
  • AutoTask – Autotask is CRM software specifically designed for small businesses. It offers sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and more in one place. With this cloud-based solution, you can easily store information about customers, leads, opportunities, invoices, payments, follow-up time, contracts, etc. AutoTask has a simple user interface that makes navigating the system easy.You can create new contacts, set reminders, create tasks and update contact details. You can also add notes, attachments, and photos to your contacts. The app also includes a built-in chat feature that allows you to start talking to your contacts instantly.The best thing about AutoTask is that it integrates with popular apps like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and QuickBooks. We've been using it for years and have had no complaints.
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Examples of online collaboration you might want to try if you haven't already

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clickis a collaborative tool designed to help teams communicate and collaborate effectively. It allows users to create, share, edit and comment on documents and tasks. It also includes features for creating and collaborating on wikis. Users can comment on files and tasks, assign comments, and chat with other teammates for further communication and collaboration.

Task management tools help you stay organized and focused while working on your projects. You can create lists, organize them by folders, and assign due dates to each item. You can also add notes, tags, and attachments to your articles. You can even share your lists with others via email or social media.

Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (7)

Go to the meeting

GoToMeeting is an easy-to-use web platform for teams that lets you create meetings, share your desktop, view presentations, chat, and record audio and video. GoToMeeting is ideal for small groups of people collaborating remotely, and it's free for personal use. You can also use GoToMeeting for team collaboration, including whiteboarding, file sharing, and instant messaging.The platform's other valuable features include messaging, group chat, video calling, screen sharing, file transfer, audio/video conferencing, and a unique meeting scheduling feature that instantly schedules meetings using Google Calendar or Outlook.


TextMagieallows you to send messages to your customers, team members and business partners via SMS, email or web applications. You can also create automated or bulk text messages for your customers, your team and your business partners. With TextMagic, you can keep your entire team on top of all text communications. You can also participate in SMS surveys to collect valuable feedback from your customers and prospects.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to create automated messages, schedule them to be sent at specific times, and track replies. Users can also add images and other media to their messages, making it easier to interact with recipients. Businesses can integrate with third-party services, including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

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Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool that helps companies create and manage complex projects. Includes time tracking, resource scheduling, reporting and CRM integration. Wrike is ideal for managing large projects, especially those involving multiple people and departments.

Users can view reports to see how they are performing against goals and deadlines. You can also use dashboards to get a quick overview of key metrics. Wrike's calendar feature helps users schedule meetings and events.

Wrike's flexible workflow engine enables users to automate repetitive tasks, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Projects can be assigned to different team members, who can then access and modify the project content.

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Tasks are created automatically when someone creates a document in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or OneNote. Tasks can be shared with colleagues and clients via email, Dropbox, Slack, etc.

Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (9)


Acquire Live Chat Software is an online live chat software and customer communication solution. Acquire is a complete customer communications solution that delivers a superior customer experience. Acquire is a feature-rich platform with a full range of toolsets to provide customers with the best customer service including live chat software, chatbot, co-browser, customer profile management, video and voice calls, voice and much more. Some of Acquire's other features are chat history, real-time conversations, intelligent message routing, targeted messages, two-way communication, personalization, analytics and reporting.

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Acquire Live Chat is an online tool that allows businesses to monitor their website traffic and provides real-time analytics. It provides a platform for businesses to interact with their clients and customers through live chat. Businesses can quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact customer experience by monitoring visitor activity.

There are many different live chat software platforms out there. Some are free and others require a monthly subscription fee. There are even some that are completely free. You need to choose a platform that works best for you and your business.


FreshWorks FreshConnect is an internal communication platform that helps teams collaborate effectively. Users can communicate with each other in real time, whether working together on a single task or multiple projects. Teams can also discuss issues within tickets, deals, or even conversations.

Conversational Commerce is an emerging area of ​​technology that enables businesses to engage customers through real-time chat interactions, providing customer service and sales support through text messaging, voice calls, video chat, and other forms of communication. In this way, companies can interact directly with customers and provide them with information, answers and solutions to their problems.

Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (10)

storm board

Stormboard helps you create a plan or project, track your progress, assign tasks to your teams, and set deadlines, goals, and milestones. You can also share information with others through our secure messaging system.

Stormboard is an online collaboration tool and meeting platform that allows you to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files. You can also collaborate with others through chat, voice calls, video calls, and file sharing. There are hundreds of built-in business process templates that compile all the information stored in your storm (the digital workspace) into a report in word, excel, ppt or any other format that you can edit and use as meeting minutes or presentations. .

Examples of Online Collaboration Tools You Shouldn't Ignore (11)

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Teamwork is an online collaboration tool designed to make it easy for teams to quickly share information across time zones and locations. It includes a set of tools: Project Management (Gantt charts), Helpdesk (ticket system), Team Chat (chat rooms), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Spaces (Content Collaboration). It is an online collaboration platform that connects teams across organizations. Teamwork helps them communicate, collaborate and create value together. Teams can connect through chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and other tools. Its goal is to help teams work smarter and faster by providing a central place to share ideas, discuss issues, and get feedback.

What tools do you use?

We recognize that there are many different ways to collaborate online, and the examples of online collaboration tools we've shared only scratch the surface. What types of online collaboration tools and collaboration software are you currently using? We'd love to hear from you! If you have a favorite project management tool for working online,let us knowin the comment section below!


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