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Lost Ark has many activities to keep you busy, and collecting is one of them. There are 8 types of collectibles in The Lost Ark and most of them offer great rewards if you find them. Click or tap on one of the collectibles below to jump to their section and learn more about them.

  • island souls
  • giant hearts
  • All stars
  • A masterpiece
  • Chicken seeds
  • fire tokens
  • leaves of the world tree
  • the grace of the sea


Between the code and the collectibles menu you can find all the collectibles except the Mokoko seeds. you can bringcodex menu with alt + Dicollector menu with alt + L. The collectibles menu also has a list of all the rewards you can get from each collectible.

Island Souls, Giant's Hearts, Omnium Stars and Masterpieces are found in a similar way. This includes (but is not limited to) field bosses, boss rush, normal islands, adventure islands, connection, Una's quest reputation, and the adventurer's notebook.

Meanwhile, Mokoko Seeds, Ignea Tokens, World Tree Leaves, and Sea Bounties are obtained in more exclusive ways.

When looking for islands or places to trade your collectibles, you can search the map. In the upper right corner you can type the name of the island or the role of the NPC and the game will show you where to look. Alternatively, you can go to the collectibles menu with alt+L, navigate to the collectible you want to trade, then press the "Show Location" button and the game will tell you where to go.

island souls

If you've spent some time on the islands, you might notice that you've gained aisland soul. There are numerous ways to collect them (you can check in the collectibles menu with alt + L) and give yourself useful rewards.

Where can you trade island souls?

You'll learn about Island Souls on the way to Vern for the first time on Opher Island (which is east of North Vern). you will have to go back toOpher's swellingwhen you want to claim your Island Souls reward. To "bank" your island souls, you must interact with the Gienah statue. Once you've done that, you can exchange your Island Souls for rewards at Grandpa Opher's.

What Island Souls gives you

  • 5 - Potion for greater condition
  • 10 - Gesture: threatens
  • 15 - Unusual wooden compass
  • 20 - Greater Skill Potion
  • 25 - Carrier: Golden Mossy Tortoise
  • 30 - Masterpiece #3
  • 35 - Emote: Wave Dance
  • 40 - Luminous Aquamarine (Compass Upgrade Material)
  • 45 - Protection of Gienah (report item)
  • 50 - Rune of Epic Protection
  • 55 - Masterpiece #22
  • 60 - Secret ticket (sea prize)
  • 65 - Ocean Aquamarine (Compass Upgrade Material)
  • 70 - Structure: Statue of the Goddess of Harmony
  • 75 - Masterpiece #3
  • 80 - Ship skin: Tortoyk Arong turtle
  • 85 - Secret ticket (naval prize)
  • 90 - Tidal Aquamarine (Compass Upgrade Material)
  • 95 - Structure: Statue of Prokion

These are the most important rewards for collecting island souls:


  • Compass – gives navigation bonuses and island bonuses (+1 knot sailing speed, +4% island movement speed, etc.)
  • Compass Upgrade Materials (Aquamarines)
  • Potion for higher skill points
  • A masterpiece

giant hearts

Giant's Hearts are another collectible that can be obtained in a number of different ways. You can check out all the different shapes available to you from the collectibles menu (alt + L).

Where can you trade giant hearts?

To surrender your giant hearts, you must go to the Isle of Wisdom and talk to Minerva. Wisdom Island is located southwest of Luthera.

What do the hearts of giants give you?

  • 1 - Ability Potion
  • 2 - Potion of wisdom
  • 3 - Resonating Giant's Heart Quest (Start the quest for the island soul of the Island of Wisdom)
  • 4 - Potion for skill points
  • 5 - Rune of Wealth Rare
  • 6 - Potion for skill points
  • 7 - Potion to increase vitality
  • 8 - Transformation: Totoiki
  • 9 - Masterpiece #21
  • 10 - Potion for skill points
  • 11 - Masterpiece #33
  • 12 - Potion for skill points
  • 13 - Rune of Epic Focus
  • 14 - Revitalize the Giant's Heart (Start the quest for the 15th Giant's Heart)
  • 15 - The Giant's Secret Chest (title and structure "Soul Resonance": Giant's Hand statue)

The biggest prizes

(Video) Tears In Heaven EP32 | Shawn Dou, Li Qin,Leon Zhang | Romance | 海上繁花 | KUKAN Drama

  • skill scoring potions
  • A masterpiece

All stars

Omnium Stars are collectibles that are unlocked by being in the Tier 3 item level range (1100+). However, they offer you great rewards for your efforts! A look at the collectibles menu (alt + L) will help you find all the Omnium stars.

Where can you exchange Omnium Stars?

Omnium stars can only be traded with Albion when you reach Nia village in Punika (level 3).


What do Omnium stars give you?

  • 1 - Ability Potion
  • 2 - Greater Skill Potion
  • 3 - Epic Overpowered Rune
  • 4 - Potion for greater condition
  • 5 - Legendarna Runa fortune
  • 6 - Greater Skill Potion

The biggest prizes

  • Potions for higher skill points
  • Legendarna Runa fortune

A masterpiece

Masterpieces can be obtained using very similar methods to the previous collectibles. For example, the adventurer's book, the relationship, the reputation of Una's task, etc.

Where can you trade masterpieces?

After completing Sunflower Island (east of North Vern), you can trade masterpieces with Alfonso.

What do masterpieces give you?

  • 2- 30 Soul Leaf (Experience Card)
  • 4 - Emotikon: Ponosan
  • 6 - 3 packs of rare cards
  • 8- Potion to increase vitality
  • 10 - Sunflower Island Token
  • 12 - 20 Essence of Eternity (experience card)
  • 14 - Potion to increase the characteristic
  • 16 - Rare pack of 3 cards
  • 18 - Struktura: Blue Hill
  • 20 - Artist's Treasure Chest (3000 gold)
  • 22 - 15 Fragment of Creation (Experience Card)
  • 24 - Rune of Epic Belief
  • 26 - Epic Card Pack
  • 28 - Structure: In the night of brightly lit lanterns
  • 30 - Artist's Treasure Chest (5000 Gold)
  • 32 - 10 Thomas of Menelik (Experience card)
  • 34 - Artist's Treasure Chest (8000 gold)
  • 36 - Tarjeta Wei
  • 38 - Artist's Treasure Chest (13000 gold)
  • 40 - Title "Umjetnički hobbyist"
  • 42 - Structure: Divine Protection
  • 44 - Legendarna runa predeške
  • 46 - Guardian Luen Card
  • 48 - Life's greatest masterpiece

The biggest prizes

  • island soul
  • Oro
  • epic rune of conviction
  • Legendarna runa predške
  • Tarjeta Wei

Chicken seeds


Mokoko Seeds are hidden collectibles on almost every map. They are often hidden in plain sight andwill light up and appear on the mapwhen you collect them. Sometimes Mokoko Seeds can be found outside the minimap boundaries, but they are usually placed sporadically around.

Where can Mokoko seeds be replaced?

You can exchange Mokoko seeds for Totoma in Mokoko Village in Tortoyk.

What Mokoko seeds give you

  • 50 - Card Totoma
  • 100 - Potion of goodness
  • 150 - Team Stronghold Request Form: Girl Girl
  • 200 - Potion to increase vitality
  • 250 - Crew Request Form: Cocorico
  • 300 - Potion to increase the characteristic
  • 350 - Boxing card
  • 400 - Paradise Knight License
  • Plane 450 - 15 euros
  • 500 - Stronghold Team Request Form: Mukomuko
  • 550 - 3 shy anemone pollen (link element)
  • 600 - Plan of 20 euros
  • 650 - Crew request form: Poipoi
  • 700 - Title: "The Rooster Hunter"
  • 750 - Structure: Moko seed monument
  • 800 - Transformation: Egg of Creation
  • 850 - Stronghold Team Request Form: Courteous Paruru
  • 900 - Background: Moki Toki
  • 950 - Masterpiece #32
  • 1000 - Ship Model: Blooming Eurus
  • 1050 - Crew Request Form: Narinari
  • 1100 - Title "A pleasant smell"
  • 1150 - Masterpiece #44
  • 1200 - Pendant rooster

Most important rewards (Mokoko seeds aren't too important to pick up right away):

  • crew members
  • A masterpiece

fire tokens

Ignea Tokens are probably the hardest collectibles to get. Ignea Tokens are obtained when you complete 100% of the region in Adventurer's Tome (N key). Your efforts do not go unrewarded as you receive some of the best collectible rewards.

Where can you exchange Ignea tokens?

In any major city, you can exchange your Ignea Tokens at an NPC with an Ignea Token icon.


(Video) Tears In Heaven EP33 | Shawn Dou, Li Qin,Leon Zhang | Romance | 海上繁花 | KUKAN Drama

What do Ignea tokens give you?

  • 1 - Carrier: White Beetle
  • 2 - Bowl for roosters
  • 3 - Light energy
  • 4 - Potion for a greater increase in vitality
  • 5 - Epic Rune of Purification
  • 6 - Zinnvervale card
  • 7 - Potion for greater condition
  • 8 - Greater Skill Potion
  • 9 - Tecla Bifrost
  • 10 - Delain Armen Card
  • 11 - Title "Arkesia Pilgrim"
  • 12 - Structure: Fire
  • 13 - Material: Terpeion Dorado

The most important awards:

  • carriers
  • Zinnervale card
  • Delain Armen Card
  • Potions for higher skill points
  • Bifrost key

leaves of the world tree

Collecting the leaves of the world tree is beautiful and relaxing. Passively obtained by actionlife skills(mining, foraging, logging, etc.).

Where can you trade world tree leaves?

Just like Ingea Tokens, you can trade your World Tree Leaves at World Tree Icon NPCs in any major city.

What gives you the leaves of the trees of the world

  • 6 - XP potion for all skilled skills
  • 12 - Amulet slabe rude
  • 18 - 6 Professional kit for crafts
  • 24 - Masterpiece #11
  • 30 - Transformation: Rabbit
  • 36 - Muted Citrine (mineral amulet enhancement material)
  • 42 - Title: "Master of Life Skills"
  • 48 - Silent Citrine (mineral amulet upgrade material)
  • 54 - Transformation: Collector's
  • 60 - Structure: Leaves of the world tree
  • 66 - Transformation: Fish
  • 72 - Soothing Citrine (Mineral Amulet Enhancement Material)

The biggest prizes

  • Ore Charm – Gives bonuses to life skills (+1 mastery level, etc.)
  • Mineral Charm Upgrades

the grace of the sea


Sea Bounties are a bit unique. They require you to get a card from the activity and then complete the card which completes the reward. You can get these tickets from:

  • navigation and islands
  • the boss drops
  • Tom the adventurer
  • Relationship
  • Collecting souls from the island
  • traveling merchants
  • fortress merchants

Where can you exchange sea prizes?

Peyto is an intersection southeast of North Vern. When you get there, you can go to the deck and talk to Vatius to exchange your Sea Bounties.

What do the benefits of the sea give you?

  • 2 - adventurer's coin chest (100,000 silver)
  • 4 - Crew Request Form: Mikeel
  • 6 - Adventurer's Coin Chest (200,000 silver)
  • 8 - Crew Request Form: Vanderwal
  • 10 - Potion to increase the characteristic
  • 12 - Adventurer's Coin Chest (400,000 silver)
  • 14 - Crew Request Form: Shirley
  • 16 - Adventurer's Coin Chest (400,000 silver)
  • 18 - Crew Request Form: Eungwang
  • 20 - Title "First officer"
  • 22 - Adventurer Coin Chest
  • 24 - Transformation: Seagull
  • 26 - 5 Bloodclaw's Splendid Coin (50,000 Pirate Coins)
  • 28 - Crew Request Form: Edward
  • 30 - Masterpiece #23
  • 32 - Adventurer's Coin Chest (1,000,000 Silver)
  • 34 - Rune of Epic Wealth
  • 36 - Title "West Wind Driver"
  • 38 - Masterpiece #39
  • 40 - Tears of the abyss
  • 42 - The legendary focus is runa
  • 44 - 2 Tears of the abyss

The biggest prizes

  • crew members
  • Plata
  • A masterpiece
  • tears of the abyss
  • epic runa fortune

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What is the most important collectible in Lost Ark? ›

Giant's Hearts are the best Collectible to increase your total skill points.

What do collectibles do in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Collectibles are items for you to collect for rewards around Arkesia. These items will vary in form from unborn Mokoko childern (Mokoko Seeds) to the heart of giants. Additionally, you will only need to collect them once per Roster. So don't need to worry about collecting them more than once with your alts.

How do you get from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in Lost Ark? ›

After you receive all of your 802 gear and have completed the Yorn Quest Line, Make sure you head over to the Honing NPC and Gear Transfer all of your Tier 1 Armor over to your Tier 2 armor. This Should give you a “free” +1 Enchant to all of your armor.

What are the easiest giant hearts to get in Lost Ark? ›

Tips on Collecting Giant's Hearts

The very important rewards end with the fourth skill point potion at the twelfth Giant's Heart, so the easiest twelve to get are Giant's Hearts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

What are the hardest collectibles in Lost Ark? ›

Ignea Tokens are probably the most difficult collectible to obtain. Ignea Tokens are obtained when you 100% a region in the adventurer's tome (N hotkey). Your efforts do not go unrewarded because you get some of the best collectible rewards.

What is the most profitable trade in Lost Ark? ›

The best Trading Skills are the ones you should level up first, and Lost Ark has multiple Trading Skills all offering different materials. The best trade skills In Lost Ark are the ones you should level up first. We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark.

Should I sell items or dismantle Lost Ark? ›

The big question; Lost Ark Dismantle or Sell? Dismantle. At every point of the game you should Dismantle your excess equipment. The amount of silver is equal to selling at low levels, so you are just saving inventory space.

Should I sell junk Lost Ark? ›

A general rule of thumb when deciding. When players are leveling up, it's a good idea for them to dismantle items instead of selling them because they can get rare items this way as well as sell them for gold if they need to. Not every item can be dismantled, which is something players should keep in mind as well.

What should I sell in Lost Ark? ›

Sell your unwanted weapons, armor and items in Lost Ark to make more silver. Spend any amount of time in Lost Ark and you'll have items to sell. Whether you want to sell some weapons, armor, or other gear, finding your nearest merchant and offloading your unwanted goods is a great way to earn some more silver.

What is the level 460 to 600 in Lost Ark? ›

Tier 1: Phase 4 (Level 460-600)

You will reach Rohendel, progress your main quest, and then upgrade your gear with the newly unlocked dungeons. You still have to do the same activities above to gather mats, but you also get access to new raids and dungeons, so continue to do the level appropriate ones.

What item level is Tier 3? ›

Lost Ark Tier 3 gear progression: item level 1302+

Finally, you've reached Tier 3 in Lost Ark! That means it's time to visit another continent: Punika. After completing the quests, continue doing the following to gear up from 1100 to 1370: Chaos Dungeon: run Punika Level 1 (1100+) to get item level 1302 gear.

Can you transfer honing from T1 to T2? ›

you can transfer your T1 +15 gear into your T2 +0 gear, if you get on your T2 gear +1 or more you no longer can transfer T1.

What is the fastest free mount in Lost Ark? ›

Many players cite Cerebrus as being one of the fastest and most efficient mounts obtainable in Lost Ark. It has an impressive mount speed of 500, which will allow players to travel the world in the shortest time possible. The Cerberus mount also has the longest dodge in the game, further boosting its overall speed.

What is the most difficult Lost Ark? ›

Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid Inferno Mode: The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you're among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning the accompanying prestige.

What is the fastest class in Lost Ark? ›

The Deathblade is the complete opposite. It is ranked as one of the fastest classes in the game and is able to stun enemies in multiple ways while applying damage over time.

What is the most unpopular class in Lost Ark? ›

The most played advanced classes in Lost Ark are Sorceress, Berserker, and Shadowhunter, and the least played advanced classes are Wardancer, Scrapper, and Deadeye.

What is the rarest achievement in Lost Ark? ›

Undoubtedly, "Invincible Army" is the hardest achievement to complete in Lost Ark since it relies on other players not dying in a Chaos Gate run. And to make matters worse, every Chaos Gate is randomized, meaning players will have to pray to the RNG gods to get an easy run.

What is the funnest class in Lost Ark? ›

Most Fun Classes That Pump Right Now
  • 1525 Surge DB (5x3)
  • 1475 Bard (5x3)
  • 1472.5 Mayhem Zerker (5x3)
  • 1460 Igniter Sorc (5x3)
  • 1415 (eventually EL) Scouter.
  • 1331.66 EW Deadeye.
Jan 10, 2023

What is the best ship to invest in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Best Ship

Our pick for the best Lost Ark ship is the Estoque. There are a few arguments that could be made for different ships, but the Estoque boasts the best stats. It offers up resistances for all the hazardous water types, meaning you can sail anywhere, and it's also one of the faster ships.

How do you get rich in Lost Ark? ›

We will show you five different way to earn gold quickly in Lost Ark:
  1. Build Rapport with NPCs.
  2. Complete Raids & Dungeons.
  3. Complete Daily & Weekly Challenges.
  4. Complete Gateway Maps.
  5. Regularly sell items on the marketplace.
Aug 11, 2022

What is the transfer success rate in Lost Ark? ›

While level one effects are guaranteed to be transferred over, levels two to four will have chances of failing. Transferring a level two effect has a 30% rate of success, with level three and four having 15% and 5% respectively.

Is crafting worth it in Lost Ark? ›

Crafting | Lost Ark Wiki

Especially pots crafting is very important in Lost Ark since you can´t just buy the pots you use for dungeons etc from an NPC: You can then use them for yourself or sell them in auction house for gold.

Is crafting useful in Lost Ark? ›

Crafting is vital in Lost Ark, but it cannot be done without an appropriately upgraded Stronghold. Once players unlock their Stronghold, they are met with several upgrades and research paths which will allow them to reach new crafting options.

Does item level matter in Lost Ark? ›

You can chose to play any tourment level you want, it's up to you to decide the level of challenge you want. Lost Ark just uses item level to ignite FOMO the latest content, and thus pushes you to spend real money.

Is scrapper any good Lost Ark? ›

Scrapper is one of the most balanced classes when it comes to class-specific engravings. Both of the classes' engravings are very powerful and both are part of very strong end-game builds. These are Shock Training and Taijutsu.

Should I dismantle jewelry Lost Ark? ›

Should you dismantle or sell gear in Lost Ark? In general, you should dismantle your old gear instead of selling it. While selling your gear will reward you with instant gold, there's a decent chance that you may come across more valuable items when you start dismantling your old gear.

Are trade skills worth Lost Ark? ›

Are Trade Skills worth it in Lost Ark? If you need a break from slaying demons, Lost Ark's Trade Skills let you chop trees, search for relics, or go hunting to earn valuable resources. Complete with their own skill trees, Trade Skills require a large time investment, but are well worth the effort.

What is the best item in Ark? ›

The Best Items In Ark: Survival Evolved
  • 3 Best: Vault.
  • 4 Best: Bola. ...
  • 5 Best: Simple Pistol. ...
  • 6 Best: Flak Armor. ...
  • 7 Best: Pike. ...
  • 8 Best: Rocket Launcher. ...
  • 9 Best: Bow. ...
  • 10 Best: Ghillie Armor. There's a lot of different armors players can make in Ark, and each of them has their own special attributes. ...
Jul 9, 2021

What gear do you need to dismantle Lost Ark? ›

Open your inventory by clicking on it in-game or pressing the I key on your keyboard. Locate the hammer button at the bottom of the inventory screen. A new menu opens that allows for the dismantling of items. Drag the items you want to dismantle to the new menu and confirm.

Can you sell items for real money in Lost Ark? ›

Yes, real-life money! One of those is by selling gold. So, where exactly do sellers go to sell Lost Ark Online gold? Whether you want to do a one-time deal or a regular gig, the best place to get money out of your gold is a reliable trading platform!

How many hours does it take to get to level 50 in Lost Ark? ›

Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in around 25 hours. A handful of players dedicated their entire time to leveling up their character. This saw them reach level 50 in around 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

How long does it take to get from level 50 to 60 in Lost Ark? ›

It takes hundreds of hours of gameplay to reach level 60, the maximum level in Lost Ark. The XP requirements to level up from 50 to 60 jump enormously from 1 to 50. There isn't any way to quickly level to 60 in the game, and it isn't worth prioritizing after reaching level 50 either.

What is the best way to level 50 60 in Lost Ark? ›

Completing the main story quests along the way will award you enough experience to reach level 52. From here you will be able to unlock the training camp at your stronghold that you will use to level up alts 50-60. Once you reach Tier 3 content, you will be earning the best experience you can for your main character.

Is Tier 2 better than Tier 3? ›

Tier 3 provides intensive supports for individual students with more significant needs or whose needs are not sufficiently met by Tier 2 supports. There are two reasons for a student to be referred to receive Tier 3 supports: The student is not benefiting sufficiently from Tier 2 interventions.

Is Tier 3 better than Tier 4? ›

As a general rule, the difference between data center tiers is that tier 1 offers no redundancy of any critical system, tier 2 has partial redundancy in their electrical & HVAC systems, tier 3 contains dual redundancy for power & cooling equipment, and tier 4 possesses fully redundant infrastructure.

Is tier 1 better then Tier 3? ›

Tier 3 capital includes a greater variety of debt than tier 1 and tier 2 capital but is of a much lower quality than either of the two.

What to do with old abyss gear Lost Ark? ›

Any Abyss Dungeon gear can be dismantled to get back the exact cost it takes to craft it! If you dropped multiple pieces of the same gear in the dungeon, you can dismantle one to purchase a different piece.

What is the easiest Lost Ark character to play? ›

Shadowhunter or Scouter. Easy to play while it can also be fun. I would recommend Shadowhunter over Scouter though.

What is the best logging zone in Lost Ark? ›

The best logging spot in Lost Ark early in the game is Bilbrin Forest in West Luterra. It is one of the first areas you uncover after learning to craft, and it has wood nodes right across the entire zone.

What is the hardest PvE class in Lost Ark? ›

The Gunslinger is one of the most difficult classes to learn how to play effectively in both PvE and PvP, though the high skill ceiling does come with the reward of high damage output.

What is the most versatile class Lost Ark? ›

Gunslinger is definitely one of the most versatile Lost Ark Classes. She offers great mobility (which compensates for her below-average defense), very competitive DPS, and very solid team synergies (She's one of the most synergistic Classes, actually).

What is the best first class to level Lost Ark? ›

Generally speaking, melee classes and tanks will be easier for those getting used to the mechanics. For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners.

What is the best value pack in Lost Ark? ›

The Gold Founder's Pack gives the most value due to the number of Royal Crystals and other benefits, compared to its price. Essentially, 80% of the pack is refunded in Royal Crystals. Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

What is the most important virtue in Lost Ark? ›

The most important virtue in Lost Ark depends on each player's priorities. For instance, focus on charisma if your goal is to get the Astray ship. This is because Blackfang, which you need to rapport to friendly first, requires 260 charisma. Other NPCs, like Calvasus, need you to focus on courage.

What is worth buying from Lost Ark shop? ›

Skins, Mounts (if you like them), Ship skins (at least the Hedia Song i think its worth it), LEVEL 50 PACK is the best value out of the whole shop. Originally posted by Kintaro: Well the game is P2W or rather Pay To Win less annoyingly, so yes they are worth buying some are even necessary.

What is the hardest token in Lost Ark? ›

What is this? The Isle of Yearning Island Token is one of the rarest collectibles in the game, and one of the harder tokens to find. This is because you need to get through two different stages of RNG to earn it, and the drop rates on both stages are quite low.

Is it better to sell or dismantle in Lost Ark? ›

The big question; Lost Ark Dismantle or Sell? Dismantle. At every point of the game you should Dismantle your excess equipment. The amount of silver is equal to selling at low levels, so you are just saving inventory space.

What is the best all around class in Lost Ark? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE
SBard, Berserker, Destroyer, Gunlancer
AArcanist, Artillerist, Deathblade, Glavier, Gunslinger, Paladin, Reaper, Sorceress, Striker, Wardancer
BScrapper, Shadowhunter, Soulfist
CDeadeye, Machinist, Sharpshooter
Apr 28, 2023

What is the cheapest class build in Lost Ark? ›

Shadowhunter is cheapest class in the game and is not hard to play with . Green barelly heals you since the rework, 65% dmg reduction with 25% max health is an effective HP loss of about 20-25% compared to other classes, so you have less survivalbility.

What character is easy to play in Lost Ark? ›

For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners. They have a fairly straightforward playstyle, and as they are able to tank a lot of damage, they allow new players to make some mistakes without being punished too heavily.

What is a good first character in Lost Ark? ›

Berserker (Warrior)

A solid choice for beginners, he nevertheless won't let you down if you choose to main him until the very end. For everything you need to know about putting together this beefy warrior's best build, have a look at our Lost Ark Berserker build guide.

What is the best first character in Lost Ark? ›

The Gunslinger is an excellent choice for beginners who also want to become top tier in PvP battles. The Gunslinger is an advanced Gunner class. Together, the Gunslinger's abilities are so powerful that it seems like they never stop dealing damage.

Do you sell old gear Lost Ark? ›

Spend any amount of time in Lost Ark and you'll have items to sell. Whether you want to sell some weapons, armor, or other gear, finding your nearest merchant and offloading your unwanted goods is a great way to earn some more silver. The good news is that you can sell items just about anywhere in Lost Ark.

What is the difference between legendary and epic pets in Lost Ark? ›

The amount for both depends on the rarity of the pet. A Rare pet requires 30,000 Expertise and 10 Pet Enhancement Tokens to be upgraded to an Epic. An Epic pet requires 100,000 Expertise and 30 Pet Enhancement Tokens to be upgraded to a Legendary.


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Introduction: My name is Ray Christiansen, I am a fair, good, cute, gentle, vast, glamorous, excited person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.